Over 55? Support group for older members

(Julia Brindle) #41

Your story is mine exactly. SO glad Im not alone

(Paul F. Carter) #42

Julia - welcome and way to get started!!! Its a funny thing - when I first started - often times when I was Intermitten Fasting or water fasting or turning away from the pasta plate or turning down a beer… I would ask myself what the heck - why am I doing this.

Then the changes started happening, and that snow ball started down the mountain - and the more things changed for the positive, it became exponential for me - the better I felt the more committed I became and so on. YES YES there were hard days - but the change in diet along with mindful Meditaion simultaneously really made all the difference to help me get through tough days.

Then I started sleeping better - and so the story goes.

Now, when I look at a plate of food - all I see is FUEL for the machine. I find myself constantly asking through the day - does the machine need fuel - if so - I get it fuel - The relationship with food does change - just a very different pace for everyone. My dear bride of 20+ years, after 5 months keto, is still working on her relationship with food. Everyone has a different pace and different “keto style”.

Excited for you to begin painting your Keto Landscape!!!

Most warm regards

(Scott) #43

Had a break, had COVID-19, getting back on the KETO - Week 1, down 5 pounds, Week 2 is looking a little rough - I also went back to the gym, so I think there may be some fat loss accompanied with muscle gain affecting my total weight numbers… hope everyone is well out there!

(Jane Srygley) #44

I think it’s definitely harder to lose after 50. I’m almost 58 (next week!). I’m concerned that under 1000 is a bit too low and could be slowing your metabolism. I’m only 5’3" and can lose weight around 1600 calories per day–more if I incorporate some fasting. I do take metformin once a day though, so I’m sure that helps.

(Jane Srygley) #45

Congratulations and HOLY CRAP YOU JUST STARTED 3 MONTHS AGO??? I’m going to try not to be discouraged since I about died when I rode 19 miles at one shot recently. 15 is about my limit but I love it. You look awesome!

(UsedToBeT2D) #46

This is the support club. I am 9 months Keto after 20 years of T2 diabetes and all the medications. I am off statins, cholesterol meds, and insulin. Near normal weight after being obese for 30 years. KCKO.
I will be 55 yo in 1 month.

(Bob M) #47

That is impressive!


I’m 3 weeks in, also menopausal and lost nothing. Really jealous of your8 lbs!


You’re at the point where it starts to get easier. I found after the 3 week point I no longer wanted carbs at all.
The thing is, you want to be in a constant state of ketosis. If you’re not, you might not lose weight. Don’t take a break for even a single moment.
I’m in month 3 and down 30 pounds. Haven’t been out of ketosis once.
Also, you should try to exercise for, at least, 30 minutes a day. It could be a brisk walk, yoga, free weights, yard work, major house cleaning, or the gym. My house and yard has never looked better. LOL I also do the brisk walk and free weights.
Just don’t give up.

(Scott) #50

Into Week 3 - down 10 pounds, feeling okay…

(Bob M) #51

Impressive! Took me 1.5 years to get there.


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