Over 55? Support group for older members

(Mary) #21

You much be thrilled. Someone once told me that as we get older we need to be careful not to try to lose too much body fat as you need to choose between the size of your backside and the wrinkles on your face! So don’t go too low with body fat levels…you are probably very near to being your best weight!

(Doug) #22

1.) Be patient with yourself and the process.

2.) Find what is best for yourself as an individual - there are a variety of approaches, i.e. low-carb or zero-carb, fasting, length of fasts, not fasting at all, etc. We’re all human but there’s still quite a range among us.

3.) Live in the present. May be easier to say than do, but finding satisfaction and happiness wherever you are in the grand scheme of things helps us hold on to those long-term goals.


Hi everyone. I’m new to keto (1 week) and 60 years old. I definitely find it incredibly easy to gain weight and much harder to lose it than a decade or more ago.

I don’t seem to be experiencing the water weight loss that most people do on diets like keto or Atkins. I’m down a couple of pounds after a week but expected the water loss to be more dramatic. I do drink a lot of it! But apart from that it’s going well–I’m less hungry between meals and my mood is improved.

(Robin ) #24

I am 57 and have been on Keto for 17 days. I feel fantastic! Have gone off diabetes meds, antidepressant, and hormones. On the other hand, I have only lost 3 lbs. I feel as if my clothes are fitting better but the scales aren’t showing it.
My husband and I are raising a 3 year old granddaughter and I need all the energy I can get. I will not give up! I know I will eventually see results!

(Renee Slaughter) #25

Here’s a kicker. My hot flashes and night sweats were minimized on keto. Night sweats are gone. I occasionally get a flash but not the intensity as pre Keto. May the keto gods be as favorable to you.

(Renee Slaughter) #26

Words of wisdom esp #3. Thank you Doug


Another oldie but goodie at 67. I’ve been doing keto since January and have lost 25 pounds. My weight fluctuates a lot, and I have to remind myself that it’s water weight and to keep calm and keto on. My grandmother had severe lymphedema and most of her granddaughters have inherited a tendency towards it. You should see our ankles lol. Every doctor I’ve ever been to initially was alarmed at the size of my “cankles” until I explained that they always look that way.

I use every gadget in the book to track ketosis; if I didn’t, I’d become incredibly discouraged and give up. I have a blood ketone meter, a breathalyzer(which I’m currently struggling to understand) and urine strips. And I weigh every day. Constant data reminds me that I’m in ketosis, even when the scale goes wonky.

Everything makes me retain fluid: muscle strain, sunburn, certain foods or just the phase of the moon! Data keeps me sane, although for some people, keeping track of too many things can be discouraging. You do you, as the commercial says.

Good luck to everyone! We’re fighting an uphill battle as we get older. I also deal daily with a sister who has never gained an extra pound in her life and who looks 20 years younger than me. Demoralizing but also inspiring lol.

(Jo) #28

Thanks! I think I have not been long enough in Ketosis to experience a drop in night sweats, or BP for that matter. Just entering week 3. 6 lbs down. Not complaining. Slow and steady is the motto.

(Collene A Reynolds ) #29

Think maybe you are not losing because you are counting calories. If you pay attention to your macros and quit worrying about calories it might help.

(Ruby) #30

Hi Mary, I’ve also been an emotional eater, or maybe worse a food addict, but now virtually zero carbs and some fasting, has changed that. 1, I’m less emotional 2. a desire to eat just isn’t there, at all. Before I could know I wasn’t hungry but eat anyway, now it’s so different, hard to describe, but I have no interest in the fridge at all.

I think that the things we thought were wrong with us “emotional eating”, “food addiction” were just symptoms of more carbs than our bodies can handle. Thank goodness Keto is getting popular and there is a new life of freedom within reach.

Yesterday was unusually stressful, but I didn’t open the fridge once!

Good Luck!


Thanks–yes, I think that’s true. I am now looking at macros and realize that I sometimes consume too much protein.



You are limiting your calories too much. Bump to 1200 and you should see results.

(Paul F. Carter) #33

Yepers - Used to say 55 years old, now I say 55 years young!!!
Today I am celebrating my 90th day of this new life - the life I always wanted. This is my first post on the Ketoforums - just need to celebrate with my story…

I was hit by a car 40 years ago and ended up in a body cast for a number of months. Everything on the left side of my body has been shutting down since - including my will to live.

Watched a short video on Dr Mercola with Dr. Flung on intermittent fasting and this whole “keto thing” @ 5:30am January 19th, 2018. This is the exact time my new life began!

90 days later, down 30+ lbs - with what I call the three legged stool. Balanced Keto diet, very moderate exercise and lots of mindefull Headspace meditation.

Long list, but its absolutly what happened within the first 45 days of starting… The following are COMPLETELY GONE - Severe sleep apnea, chronic insomnia (averaged 3 hours a night max), 3 to 5 panic attacks a week, left leg Achilles insertinal tendenidus, left knee chronic pain, left upper thigh completely numb, left CI joint (pelvic to pine joint) chronic pain, mid left back numb and painful all the time, left shoulder chronic pain —- all gone within the first 45 days and still gone today!!

My left thigh was almost 2” larger than my right and left calf almost 1” larger than my right, they are now EXACTLY the same size.

High carb diet put a heavy wet blanket over my mind, emotions, soul and spirit - I believe mostly in the form of soft tissue inflammation. Its like my body is regenerating itself - including my mind. Relationship with my dear bride of 25 years was kinda ok - well now it is AMAZING.

Had my first physical in more than 10 years - 60 days into Keto. Found a Keto Dr. Who has lost over 100lbs in the last 18 months. What a blessing to find her. Anyhow she commented on all my labs as “absolutly perfect”

HBA1C 4.3, Trig/HDL 1.4, remnant Cholestoral 14… and on and on with great bio markers.

Well, seemed way to good to be true, cant live a life like I did for 40 years and not have SOME thing wrong… asked for a heart scan - and you guessed it. The STRESS monkey got to my right coronary artery - with a single score of 329 - all others are well under 100.

Cant tell you how excited I am to stop that total calcium score in its tracks by keeping VERY VERY calm and KETO’ING ON!!!

My bride and I have found our Keto - tweaking it here and there - and it feels like we have come to the “promised land” of our marriage.

Hang in there my Keto friends -

(Doug) #34

Welcome, Paul. :slightly_smiling_face: Great post!

(Mary) #35

What amazing results Paul. Your story is really inspirational and who would ever have thought you could get such incredible life changes in such a short time. I have just started and I plan to keep coming back to read your story and others that have such dramatic changes as this is what I am hoping for in my Keto journey. Congratulations!

(Artemis) #36

Hi Emiliana, How are you doing? Have you found Keto to be what you hoped for? I’m in my 60’s and have found it very difficult to lose weight whatever diet I’ve tried in the past 10 years. The only one I had success with was the Divorce Diet! :wink:

(Pamela) #37

Hi ladies, I’m 55 and have been doing Keto since May this year. Whilst I’ve only lost 7 pounds, my body is much leaner across the shoulders etc. It’s definitely harder to lose weight as you get older, so I’m concentrating on body shape and enjoying my clothes feeling looser on me than what the scales say! Good luck to you all!


Hi everyone,
I’m 59, have been Keto since Jan 1, lost 30 lbs and 6 inches around my waist. I’d love to lose another 10 lbs (that would get me within 10 lbs of what I weighed in college, which was 145 lbs). I am very active - walk lots in hilly woods of Vermont, x-country ski, mountain bike, etc. I always have and I’ve always been a “healthy” eater - no soda, little junk, etc. Still, as I got older, I just kept packing on the weight. I did Atkins 5 or 6 years ago and lost weight, but I didn’t focus on increasing fat, and gradually went back to old patterns. I gained lots more weight, and this year decided to pursue Keto full-bore. I feel world’s better - it is so amazing how much better so many people feel when they go off most carbs.
I also do intermittent fasting at least 5 days a week, with 17-18 hours of fasting time, and was doing water-only fasts for us to 3 days until I started to feel unwell fasting. I will try again, however. I’m a big fan of Valter Longo and his research on health span, so I want to do at least one 7 day fast/ year, maybe a few 4-5 day fasts/year.
Thanks for this forum and all of you. It helps to have such a great group of people to check in with.


Congratulations Paul! What an inspiring story. You are an inspiring person. Thank you for posting, and I wish you all the best on your continuing Keto journey!

(Paul F. Carter) #40

Thank you KNHVT!!! And it keeps getting better and better and MUCH better! (6) months in to my new life now. Started bicycling 3 months ago. Last weekend completed the Milwauke Scenic Shores 150 ride for Lukemia - 150 miles in two days in horrible head winds and torrential down pours. It’s hard to not get on the bike every day now. Trained over 1200 miles for the ride.

Im hill training now - next stop in 3 weeks is to bicycle up Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs -

The medical community wanted me to go under care of cardiologist (I politely declined) - to put me on statins and blood stuff… (I politely declined). All I needed to be put on was a BICYCLE!!

Picture worth a thousand words… before was late January this year - after… well last week -

My dear bride, now my daughter and within the last month my niece have all turned the corner with there diet to Keto and doing fabulous.

What an amazing ride this has been (pun intended) and continues to be…

Oh, an aside note, I have have an advanced calcium score as I noted in previous post… in the 700’s. Thought it was interesting a couple weeks ago was getting routine scheduled exam - and was on a continuous BP and HR monitor for a while. Nurse kept looking at it, and looking at it - She adjusted some things, I finally asked if there was a problem. She asked with a confused look if I was an athlete - my BP was 120/62 and my HR was 52… thank you for the BICYCLE perscription :wink:

My warmest regards to all who happen past this post