Oops! Just horrified colleagues

(Sophie) #31

I was very nervous taking my little ziplock baggie through Airport Security last year! :laughing:

(Brian) #32

I’ve wondered about stuff like that, too. Mostly, if I’m “carrying”, I’ll just have some of the little individual packs of Truvia which are labeled as such.

I would guess an officer would probably make some attempt to verify if you said it was stevia, probably with a little taste. (I have no idea what a controlled substance might taste like but I doubt it would taste anything like sugar.) If an officer made a big scene over a container like that of stevia, they’d probably be the butt of a lot of jokes for quite a long time.

(Raj Seth) #33

Yeah. Butt the cavity search that ensued would make a joke of your butt for a while too!! :joy::joy:


This is my first post here and I’m relatively new to keto. Been reading everything I can about this lifestyle for weight loss and health but haven’t hear about eating salt. I bought the hymalaian salt since it’s I. Keto recipes. Can someone explain the benefits of eating it plain, besides it helping with fasting. What I’ve read lately is fasting might not be the best thing for everyone on keto. Thx in advance.


That is the joy of being a woman of a certain age dressed in soccer mom garb, no matter what you do it does not attract attention!

I recently went to pick up something from a major airport by my house and my car got a flat while in the parking lot and the spare was bad. So I decided to have H pick me up and we would get the tire fixed and put it back on the car. The roadside guy who was a young guy gave me and the tire a ride to the terminal where H was picking me up (which I later questioned the wisdom of but hey you take the same risk every time you get into an Uber). There I am in zero degree weather with no luggage lugging a tire through a major airport terminal. No one even questioned it! The closest was a security guy who was holding the door for me and tire (too cold to wait outside) asked and I said if you are still interested when I get inside I will tell you. He was not interested enough!

(Ellen) #36

Hi Jeannie, I’m not very good with this techy stuff so I hope the below links work, helps with your electrolytes etc, also I’m one of those weirdos that actually likes salt. I’m sure if you have a look around you’ll find the actual science bits about it.


Thank you Ellen and all who’ve replied here.

I searched the multiple keto sites I regularly visit as well as the books I’ve purchased.

Couldn’t find any additional salt lick/Keto Diet info discussed in this forum.

Until now I’ve never heard “everyone knows the importance of salt with keto,” as one person posted.

It’s interesting but not for me.

I chose the keto lifestyle for its proven success, health benefits and weight loss. My weight loss stall will be in my rear view with a little patience. Thx again


(Bunny) #38

Call it a “Himalayan Energy Crystal” From the Book “Salt Lick Secrets” (that does not exist yet)!


(Liz ) #39

The importance of salt on keto is that high insulin levels cause your kidneys to retain water and salt in the body. When you lower your insulin by eating in the keto way, your kidneys flush out water and with it, salt. Salt is an electrolyte and a regulator. When you flush out all your salt and don’t replenish it you lose electrolyte balance and can feel bad (lower energy, headache, poor mood, etc). The solution is to ingest more salt than you are used to from before you were Keto. There are lots of ways to add it to your diet, put it in your food, make up an electrolyte drink with magnesium and potassium added, some of us like taking it straight in the form of pink salt crystals.

(Shayne) #40

I love to put it in coffee to smooth out the taste. :smile:

(Liz ) #41

I do too!

(Ellen) #42

Does it make coffee palatable? Love the smell of coffee but can’t stand the taste.

(Liz ) #43

I know you didn’t ask me but I’ll chime in and say I still can’t drink coffee black, even with salt.I still need to emulsify a fat in or add heavy cream.

(Shayne) #44

If you can’t stand it because it’s bitter, then yes, it can help smooth that out.

Like Liz, I still emulsify some fat in mine and I also use coffee to take my inositol supplement, which adds a teeny tiny bit of sweet taste.

But there is nothing out there that says you have to drink coffee.

(Ellen) #45

Thanks @LizinLowell @smsherbert, might try that, want to like coffee, wish it tasted as great as it smells.


I would say if you do not like coffee do not drink it. The caffeine addiction is a problem. There is no way I can go on a water only fast because the coffee headache takes 3 or 4 days to recover. I tried in 2014 pre keto and that was how long it took. I went back a month later so it was a pointless exercise

(Runs on bacon) #47


I have a little baggy of pink Himalayan salt on my desk at work that I take a pinch of occasionally to chase away hunger pains. Nobody ever asked me if they could have any of it though!

(Beth) #48

Rolling on the floor laughing!!!

(Ellen) #49

Yeah I have the caffeine addiction with diet coke, am trying to cut down but hard hard as I know cold turkey would make me the wicked bitch of the West.

(Ellen) #50

Do they know it’s salt? If not maybe one day you too can horrify them.