One year - slow loss but results

(Jennibc) #1

This morning a photo popped up in my FB feed having been posted exactly a year ago. I was pretty psyched when I posted it at the time, because I’d given up sugar 15 weeks prior and was down 17 pounds! Just a couple of weeks prior I’d given up fruit too which essentially put me on a keto diet. Of course my rate of loss slowed way down after that and since then (the following year) I’ve only taken off another 32 pounds. I just made my son take a photo of me and I have them side by side. Thirty two pounds doesn’t seem like a lot on the scale, but I am down two sizes and my hair and skin look much better too! As I like to say, the next year is going to get here whether you do anything or not so don’t get discouraged, because being down 32 pounds is better than being exactly where you were the previous year


Nice work! I really love that smile on your face (and the hairdo). The results are what matter.

When it comes off slowly it is a good thing, as that kind of loss tends to stay with you. Happy first year.


Fantastic. You look so joyful!

(Ilana Rose) #4

Oh wow! Fantastic change. You look gorgeous.

(Tony Campbell) #5

Great result! Even your posture has changed to a ‘look at me now’ stance. Well done you.

(Jennibc) #6

Probably the spine surgery! :laughing:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #7

You look great and should be proud!

(PSackmann) #8

Wow, wonderful results, and after spine surgery too. You look much younger!

(Elizabeth ) #9

Nice work! You look fantastic!

(Susan) #10

You look great, and are glowing, congrats on the changes for a healthier you! You have a radiant, happy smile, and look very fit and your legs look more toned too.

(Jennibc) #11

Thanks! I have always exercised daily, so there were toned legs under all that extra adipose tissue just waiting to show themselves.

(Carol) #12

Only 32 pounds? That’s three 10lb sacks of potatoes and a small roast. :slight_smile: And your stomach is gone - mine loves me and refuses to leave. lol You look terrific!

(Jennibc) #13

Thanks! It’s a total of 117 from start to yesterday (over the course of several years of effort, but only can attribute about 49 of that to this way of eating). But my point is that it took an entire year for those 32 pounds and I regularly see people lamenting their slow rate of loss on this page so I am posting to remind folks that a slow rate of loss still means something over time! That 32 pounds coming toward the end of the loss meant two to three sizes. I was a 12 last summer and now I am down to an 8 in most things and a 6 in a few. Of course, these are the 'new’s sizes. Can barely squeeze into the 10s of 1980s (I still am carrying those clothes around, I will not accept that I won’t wear them again!)

(Karen) #14

Improvements all around. Flatter stomach, thinner legs, stronger looking arms, and that radiant smile

(BostonterrierLvr) #15

Congrats on a great job!!:smiley:

(Polly) #16

Lovely photos. Congratulations on your loss of weight and improved health.

(Wendy) #17

Great reminder and congrats on your loss over all! And the loss of the waist size is probably the most important as it means you have most likely lost visceral fat, the stuff that really kills us.
You look great too!

(hottie turned hag) #18

You look pretty AND pretty fit even in the before photo! :cherry_blossom:
Congrats and thanks for the “slow losses” example.

You strongly resemble the actress Laura Dern by the way.

(Jennibc) #19

Thanks! On Laura Dern, when Jurassic Park came out, I waited tables at a Denny’s down the street from a movie theater and nightly I’d hear that. This was pre -weight gain. I started getting the comparison’s again about three years ago after dropping a substantial amount of weight. My teen son is an actor and his agent keeps saying that some day he will end up playing her son in something.

(MyLove MyLife) #20

Great Work, You Looking Pretty!! Nice Pics :slight_smile: