One year - slow loss but results

(Sue McDaniel) #21

This is SO inspiring…thank you for sharing!

A little creepy but…
If you block your head, your “before” body is my body today. It’s so exciting to block your head and see my “after” body a year from now!!!

(Jennibc) #22

It’s not creepy! Whatever it takes, right? But that first body was really an ‘after’ body too! That was AFTER losing over 85 pounds if you can believe it. But it was mostly done before Keto/LCHF and ever so slowly.

That picture of me on the right is the closest thing I have to a full body before shot. Even then, I think I still had 10 more pounds I’d gain. And that’s my sweet husband on the left, who never stopped loving me even though I’d put on 120 pounds since we’d met.

(Susan) #23

Such an amazing change, that is really fantastic, you have done so well. You are an inspiration to me; as I am only down 36 pounds, and have 120 or more to go.

(Jennibc) #24

You can do it! Just stay the course.

(Susan) #25

I will =). It is just very inspiring to see other forum members who have done it already and it is very encouraging to me, so thank you for that, and best wishes for your continued Keto successes!

(Michele) #26

That’s point isn’t it, being in a better place than last year or the year before because we made the decisions we made - the time is going to pass regardless. I might want to have lost more but the 20+kg (44+lbs) I’ve lost is a good place to be in compared with 2 years ago. The NSV are very much worth having too.

(Eleanor ) #27

Congratulations for what you have done so far. I don’t own scales so all I know is since Jan 2019 I have gone down at least two sizes.

(Jennibc) #28

It feels great to purge the closet, doesn’t it!?!?!?

(LJ) #29

Thank you for this inspiring thread! It helps me dig up more patience.

(cheryl) #30

You are a great encouragement !!

(Eleanor ) #31

I go to the Drs on next Tuesday and I will find out how much I have lost since last October

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #32

Awesome share, Jennibc! You look fantastic.

(Susan) #33

That is great, Eleanor, I hope that you are happy with the results =), your doctor will be impressed too no doubt! =)

(Andi loves space, bacon and fasting. ) #34

Ooh your skin looks amazing!! You look younger too! Congrats on a terrific year!

You really do!!

(Ilana Rose) #35

This is so worth constant reminding. I get really frustrated with people who only have 10 to 15 pounds to lose lamenting slow losses of “only a pound a week”. It took me a year to take off and stabalize my last six pounds of losses from 112 to 106ish pounds. It also took a lot of dialing things in. It never would have happened on a basic keto diet.

Right now I’m ranging over a full seven sizes. I was a little horrified the other day when I slipped on a size 0 Banana Republic skirt. I thought “Oh, oh, am I getting too thin and can’t see it somehow?”. But I’m still wearing my size 7 jeans. The 7’s are a bit loose and the 0 was a bit tight but that’s still a crazy range.

(Jennibc) #36

Nothing like a DXA scan to help you figure out whether you are getting too thin or not. I have had a couple of people suggest I am getting too thin. I thought that’s crazy because I still don’t fit back into my old size 10s and I wasn’t too thin then. Sure enough, DXA on Wednesday, and I am barely in acceptable fat range for my age which means I need to lose another 15 pounds of body fat until I reach “lean” which is a whole category above “underweight”. I think because overweight is the norm, what people are used to seeing now, those of us that are in an healthy weight range appear too slim to many.

(Eleanor ) #37

I had to get a new primary care Dr and it turns out he is on Keto too. I was so surprised. So far I have dropped 32 lbs. I CAN SEE MY TOES!!!

(Susan) #38

This is fantastic, Eleanor!! Congrats, you are doing great.