One month in and I'm suddenly bloating


Hello everyone!

I’m reading the forums for a while now, so many nice people here and so many helpful tips. I didn’t have a reason to register before (didn’t have much to say), but now that I got a bit of a problem, I do.

I’m one month into keto (this is my second time doing it), everything went really well at the first few weeks, but now I’m suddenly getting bloated and feeling uncomfortable for the past couple of days. I also gained a bit of wheight back. I can’t blame my menses for it, it’s too faw away.
I’m thinking maybe dehydration causes it, cause I see people saying you have to drink way more water when you’re on keto than you did before. I’m drinking around 1,5 l of water per day, more than this is a struggle. I can force myself up to 2 l of water, but then I feel full all day and it makes it hard to eat.

I’m taking mineral complex and mutlivtiamins, also drink bouillon twice a week to make sure my soidum levels are good.

Last year, when I first did keto, I didn’t have this kind of problem, even tho I’m doing everything the same way.

I feel a bit lost now and confused. Does the low amount of water doing this? In that case, should I stop doing keto? I appreciate every comment/tips that helps to solve this.


I’m following your post for feedback. I’m experiencing the same thing! Over the last week I’ve gotten HUGELY bloated and according to my scale, I’ve gained back a bit of body fat. The only thing I’ve changed in the last week has been adding MCT oil to my tea… wonder if that’s the culprit?

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Are you supplementing with magnesium, potassium, and making sure to get plenty of sodium in your diet? How are your bowels? Are you feeling stressed lately? Have you new veggies or increased fiber? We need a bit more info. 1.5 liters(6 cups) of water is not much at all.


I’m taking multi mineral pills, I also drink boullion twice per week, so minerals shouldn’t be a problem.
My bowels only feel uncomfortable before I have to take a number 2 on the toilet, which happens every 5-6 days since I started keto. It’s not hard work, it’s actually quiet loose, but not close to diarrhea. I eat almost the same things since I started.
My meal plan:
Breakfast: bulletproof coffee or empty black tea, two eggs with cheese melted on them, and bacon or sausage.
Dinner: Two eggs, bacon, broccoli with cheese sauce or roasted cabbages (with cheese on top of it ofc).
OR pork hot dogs (it’s high on real meat, it contains no carb, 50-50% protein and fat), with keto mayo.
I don’t have full meal for lunch, I usually just have some oily seeds/nuts, or cheese with keto mayo.
I don’t count the exact calories, I just make it sure it’s roughly around 1400-1600.

I’m not stressing, even tho I have anxiety disorder, I haven’t been this relaxed for months. (One of the reasons I started keto cause it helps a lot with neural disorders.)
I also don’t exercise, cause I have problems with my knee, but I hope to slowly getting back to some cardio.

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You need around 500mg of magnesium and 4700mg pf potassium a day. You may not be supplementing enough. The only thing I know of that causes bloat is an electrolyte imbalance, or the body adapting to new foods. You are eating high fiber veggies. Only using the bathroom every 5-6 days would def causes bloat for me! How much sodium is in your bouillon cubes?


Lots of different leafy greens/vegetables make me feel bloated. Also diet soda. Good luck!
I suspect it is the cabbage you’re eating.

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mct makes me bloated
coffee makes me bloated. It stops the bile production in some people for some reason.


It only has the macros on the box, so I tried to Google the micros, but no information… Weird. I’m gonna try to drink more of it, and we’ll see if it works.
The rare use of the bathroom haven’t caused anything in the first weeks. Can it change during the diet?


Soda always hurts my stomach, so I only drink water. I guess I’m gonna switch the cabbage for cauliflower or something like that.


That’s an interesting coffee fact. Now I’m really curious what causes that.
What is mct? Sorry, but English is not my native language.

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I borrowed the reply below from another thread

mct is special coconut oil ( medium chain triglycerides)

(Edith) #12

You are also eating a lot of dairy in the form of cheese and cheese sauces. The bloating could be from too much dairy.

MCT oil is made from coconut oil and only contains medium chain triglycerides. Hence the name MCT oil.

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Your gut bacteria needs to adapt to your new way of eating but it will. Try taking a good probiotic. I like biomel (uk) which is coconut milk based. Or kefir is good too.
Try a little sauerkraut or a few non sweetened gerkins.

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Other than eating potassium rich foods such as meat and leafy greens, do not supplement potassium with pills or powders. It’s easy to take too much and it causes heart arrhythmia issues. If you think your electrolytes are off that much have your doctor check your blood. Never take that much of a potassium supplement

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4 weeks of being ketogenic is not enough to even be fat adapted. If you’re only having a bowel movement every 4 to 6 days you’re definitely constipated because that is not normal, and constipation causes bloat. There are several things you can do to relieve the constipation, but the number one reason people get constipated when they’re starting Keto is they’re not eating enough sodium. It is perfectly safe for me to suggest that you eat 3450 mg a day. Start with a teaspoon and a half of salt. It contains 3450 mg of sodium. Do not take it all at once. Take a little bit throughout the day and drink water when you’re thirsty. If you drink a caffeinated beverage drink a cup of water before and after or you will be dehydrated. If these things don’t work it’s possible upping the fat in your diet will start to move your bowels, but the main thing you need to know is, it takes time for your body to adapt. Don’t even expect constant weight loss on the ketogenic diet. The first pounds you lost were inflammation and water weight. A loss of 1/2 pound to 1 pound a week is more normal. And the smaller your body is and the less fat you have to lose, the slower you will lose any body fat.


I had daily a boullion cube in last three days, and now I’m better. I also switched off the cabbage.

Thank you everyone for commenting, I will pay more attention to the micros from now on.


Do you eat things with artificial sweeteners? Diet soda, energy drinks, 5 hour energy bloats me big time.


I don’t use any sweeteners, no soda at all (it hurts my stomach anyway…), and no energy drinks. But a bit more sodium seems like solved my problem now. I’m fine for the last week.