One Good Thing

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #21

I’m heading out to get a massage this AM. And I also have sunny, blue skies. Well I am blessed, I have two good things going and that is just this AM.

(Eric) #22

I just checked out at Wegmans and the women who was checkin g me out was saying that she is cooking for 20. Then she say my turkey legs and said, “Is that all you are having?” I pointed to the 10 lb 4 bone rib roast and she smiled a very large smile. All good.

(Deborah ) #23

OMGosh, Sam is adorable! :slight_smile:

(Margaret Curran) #24

My family will all be together tomorrow! My daughter is home early for Thanksgiving (too bad it was because smoke from fires closed campus), and my son will fly home tomorrow!

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #25

Had a horrible day at work! Ending up staying at the office for over 13 hours. :weary:

On the positive side, it was a great day to be fasting! :grin:

(Allie) #26

I do this every night as part of my daily journal, three things that I’m grateful for that made my day better, every day without fail. Some days it’s so hard but I make sure to come up with something, even if it’s something small like my new toothbrush (this has happened) because not having it would’ve had a negative impact on my day. I also make a point of acknowledging the smaller good things throughout the day, like the lights being green when I get to them so I don’t have to stop. All these things help lift us up and make the day better and acknowledging them regularly has a positive effect longterm.

(Regina) #27

Lunch with my daughter today.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #28

Today is beautiful and we went out for a nice long walk. Geese over head, squirrels frolicking in the trees, tons of sunshine and blue skies with no wind. Doesn’t get much better than that.

(Jane) #29

I am home today on vacation and grateful I have a job to be on vacation from!

(Sophie) #30

I sat down for my morning meditation with my sweet cousin on my mind and the phone rang and it was her! Enjoyed a half hour convo makin plans to see her tomorrow morning. :smile:


The day was beautiful, my pup is feeling healthy and tomorrow is thanksgiving.

(Candy Lind) #32

My dressing came out great, the turkey’s done, the soup is made for the green bean casserole, the Brussels sprouts are ready to roast, and I won’t have to spend all morning in the kitchen tomorrow! I didn’t get the cheesecake made, but I can live without it, or just make us a little microwave dessert to eat while everyone else is ODing on carbs tomorrow. Not feeling like I’ll be running crazy tomorrow is a good thing!

(Janelle) #33

Wish I could share mine with you. This just came out of the oven.

(Laurie) #34

A beautiful, fresh wind from the southwest.

(Sophie) #35

I’ll also share my cheesecake with ya. I adapted my Mile High recipe for pumpkin and although it might not technically be Keto it sure as hell is low carb. :blush:

("Don't call it calories, call it food") #36

Can you share your casserole recipe?

I also cooked today! Made a keto version of a chocolate pecan pie, and a normal one, and cranberry relish. Tomorrow is mashed cheesy cauliflower and maybe Brussels sprouts… And maybe your casserole if I have the ingredients, which I think I do :slight_smile:

I’m going to a friends house that always has enough food to feed 3x our number and enough dessert to feed 6x our number, but I always bring lots because I am a picky foody person and I like Thanksgiving!

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #37

Dang it, Sophie!

Another thread that’s gonna eat up ALL my likes! :heart:

(Sophie) #38


(Candy Lind) #39

I’m actually more a “dump cook” than a recipe follower, but I made the cream of mushroom soup that Brenda Zorn posted somewhere in here to use in the green bean casserole. It’s luscious!! I’ll have to thicken it a bit in the morning. I use fresh green beans, which have been steamed. They’ll be nice & tender but not mushy once it’s all heated through. I still haven’t figured out the French Fried onions (couldn’t get the coating to stick), so I just fried “naked” onions to mix in, and I’m going to use pork rinds to add crunch on top. I’ll let you know if my “experiment” was a success.

I’m also making the Bacon Brussels Gratin from 12tomatoes. Straight-up keto-liscious! :innocent:

(Eric) #40

Cooking for thanksgiving today and making homemade tapenade. I was chopping olives and realized that tapenade is not good for us. Who knew!