On the edge of failure

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Cool - making your own yogurt. I love yogurt but there are no good store-bought options.

I’ve been down the road you’re talking about. I stayed keto for several months (this was years ago), felt great and steadily dropped weight. But gradually I fell off. I never fully went back to daily SAD - continued trying to eat healthy every day. But rare were the days I was actually in ketosis. And there were times when I’d order from McD’s.

This weekend, I’ll break the fast with bone broth and go back to eating as you describe: pastured chicken, grassfed beef, avocados and MCT to supplement. Also going to start with OMAD. Time restricted feeding is one thing I’ve not done before.

Today, 64 hours in: ketones at 1.5, glucose at 99, GKI of 3.7. Got in a good bit of cardio today. And tanned in the sun 20 minutes. (Being pale as wild-caught sea bass, 20 is about my max. But also walked outdoors later on.)

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That’s fine; just order the burger and salad, no fries or bun. And, of course, no soda.

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Yeeeeaaahh… You know that’s not how I would order, right?

Actually, some days it was. A bunch of dry burgers, pickles only. But then there were the days it wasn’t that way.


Sometimes things get escalated, I know that very well…

Why do you want to do OMAD? If you never even did IF (or you did just automatically, without wanting to? I was there), wouldn’t be better to start with a bigger eating window…?

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I don’t have a problem with skipping meals. Physical hunger is no big deal. And, yes, there are times when I naturally have eaten only once a day.

I do want it to be easy to stick to, though. So if I find 18/6 would be better I’d be ok switching to that.


I am not sure where you are getting your information about intermittent fasting. Jason Fung, MD, a kidney specialist from Toronto, Canada who treats almost exclusively diabetics, has some excellent suggestions.

He has at least 2 books out and is all over YouTube as a superb lecturer. The books are The Diabetic Code and The Obesity Code. It is important during a fast to hydrate and take vitamins and every time there is a sense of hunger to put in the palm of your hand a quarter-sized thin slab of salt, such as a dirty salt like Redmond, which comes from a dry lake in Utah, and is available in many US stores. It contains a variety of additional beneficial salts like magnesium. Put the whole slab of salt directly on top of the tongue and let it just slowly melt away and then wash it down when the flavor gets too strong. It will immediately squelch any sense of hunger or feeling badly.

The second point is that you need to lead up to an intermittent fasting session by eating well. Once your metabolism is moving along nicely in response to the food load, then you pull the rug out from under it by doing an intermittent fast. Your metabolism will continue in the original intensity for at least 3 days and therein lies the value of the fast. At that 3 day point the intensity of the metabolism will catch on to the fact that you have not been eating for 3 days and then the value of the fasting drops. So, to go beyond 3 days with an intermittent fast is not particularly helpful. At that point, then, resume the brisk eating cycle for 3 days or more and then do the fast again.

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Interesting. Points I hadn’t considered.

I’ve watched several of Jason Fung’s videos but that was a few years ago. I’ll have to review. Maybe get one of his books.

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THIS. Stop fasting, and just eat bacon and eggs…. Again and again and again. When you’re tired of bacon and eggs, have a steak. Then another, then another. Then go back to bacon and eggs. Continue until you no longer crave food. See how long you can go. 90 days would be a good start. If you can do this for 90 days, you will be 99% cured from food addiction.


If you put pressure on yourself but don’t achieve your goal it can be quite hard to recover from. Why not give yourself a simple, achievable goal that you can easily measure and is realistic.

People are more likely to achieve goals when they are thought through like this.

As it is your fasting, sleeping in a foreign bed, pressuring yourself to work and away from friends and family.

Are you sure you want to keep fasting? Why not go on holiday somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to achieve your fast? Treat yourself and it could be much easier. Put yourself first.

If you do break don’t use it as an excuse to stop. Maybe think about what’s the worse effect? Most people can’t even fast for a day and you’re doing three to five times as much. You’re good at this!!!if I think it’s a huge victory irrespective of what the scale points out or whatever the tape measures. You’re doing well, you have my respect so give it to yourself.



The alternative depends on your goals, but either way there nothing you could be trying to achieve with a fast that you couldn’t otherwise, whether it be fat loss, reversing diabetes etc.

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Doing well still. All good days (until yesterday) - some 18/6, some just 12/12. Two 23/1 days. And all keeping carbs well below 50. Eating eggs, bacon, chicken and cheese wrapped in romaine, steak and broccoli.

Yesterday was my first rough patch since getting back home. Ended up pigging out in the evening. First time I’ve eaten past 5pm. But the food was still ultra low carb - my chicken wraps, plus some leftover bacon.

Was down 20 lbs and GKI consistently between 3 and 5. Last night put me back up 4 lbs and GKI up to 13. Lbs are whatever - goes up, goes down - so long as they trend correctly. But the GKI is a warning to me - don’t do that again.

But today no breakfast until noon. Getting things back under control.

One of my triggers is watching TV in the evening. Watch TV : Must eat. Which is what happened last night.

Won’t be doing that this night.

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You aren’t alone. Night time mindless eating was a way of life for many years.
I still, after almost 3 yrs, need to have a stern talk with myself some nights. The best reminder is suffering the consequences when we falter.
You got this!