Omega 3 vs Omega 6

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I’ve just started using Cron-O-Meter to track my food. It has a section on Omega 3 vs Omega 6 ratio - and tells me I am eating too much Omega 3 compared to the amount of Omega 6. I thought that was difficult and unlikely - but then I do try to get my Omega 3s. Does it matter that I have more Omega 3s?

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Is it giving you a ratio?

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It appears that you have some leeway.

Omega ratios

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I guess they are saying that my ratio is 23:1 in favour of omega 3.

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Actually, now that I look at it again - maybe they are saying that I have too much Omega 6. That would make more sense. It was just pointing the Omega 3 direction but if I think about the ratio…LOL. OK, I’ll work on getting more Omega 3.

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Do you have any idea where your Omega-6’s are coming from? I was under the impression that they mostly came from grains and grain-derived oils…

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@Carla. Apparently, today, my omega 6s are mostly from pistachio nuts, eggs, avocado and almond flour. I’m slowly understanding how to use this app. That is good info. I hadn’t realized that there were omega 6s in any of that.


I don’t think it’s possible to eat too much omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

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Carb alert. 28% carbs by weight, 18% net of fiber, 8% sugar.


I found Cronometer to be a very useful tool when I was tracking all my food. It’s also great for seeing what your electrolytes and other micronutrient status is. It does take a little time to dig into the features, but one you get it figured out it is light years ahead of MFP. Also love the ability to track glucose and multiple ketone types with it.

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Also meat and meat fat that have been fed a grain based diet. Hence the preference for grass and pasture raised products.

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I added a tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil today and that seems to have had a good effect for my omega6:omega3 ratio.