Old-Fashioned Whoopie Pies!

(Dudes) #1

Originally published at: http://blog.2keto.com/recipe/old-fashioned-whoopie-pies/

Amazingly moist and delicate whoopee pie! If you’re a fan of some my keto recipes, like my Keto Clam Chowda, you’ll know I’m from New England: Connecticut, to be precise. Here in the Northeast we have a traditional summer dessert: whoopie pie. It’s essentially a vanilla cream sandwiched between two chocolate cakes. I know it…

(Marcos Ocasio) #2

Tried these yesterday, they are awesome!!! I was able to make 4 caps (2 pies) with the amounts in the recipe. Maybe my muffin top pan makes smaller portions than Carl’s.

(Marcos Ocasio) #3

Here’s a pic…

(Michelle) #4

bookmarked!!! I’m going to try these too.


I certainly will try this one. @carl, this recipe should be referenced as the recipe from the podcast in which you describe it.

(Loraine Hansen) #6

These are amazing! Here is my picture of these yummy pies I made and DEVOURED. But I can’t find any nutritional info @carl. Did I miss it? (Carb count would be sufficient)
I’m also going to make these with homemade ice cream (fat boys anyone?) and try it with coconut cream too


(Louise ) #7

Inspired by @carl’s recippppe for Whoopie pies, I bought a special pie pan to make these delicious things! It even got the thumbs up :+1: from the (non-keto) teen boys!

(Lee) #8

What an incredible recipe, delicious :smiley: I quadrupled the cake mix and baked it in muffin trays, got 12 nice muffins and topped with some whipped cream, first keto desert I’ve made that was kid approved :grin: it’s a winner all round, thanks Carl

(Jessica) #9

So looking forward to bringing these to our family gathering!
I’ve tested one… really really good! Thanks for the recipe.

(Stephanie Hanson) #10

I made these last week. I sextupled (sp) the recipe. We never got to the pie making stage. The cakes are so dang good. They’re even better the next day. I had to freeze some so I wouldn’t overindulge.

I’m on a modified Fast right now. But, I’m planning your clam chowda as my first real meal afterwards.

(Ekaterina Egorova) #11

I made them yestarday… So good and easy to make!

(Brian) #12

You are definitely speaking my language!! I grew up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania with whoopie pies in abundance most everywhere you went.

FWIW, they come in numerous sizes and flavors. Pumpkin with a cream cheese type filling is popular. Red velvet cake with a white cream filling is popular. Chocolate with a peanut butter filling is popular. Lots of possibilities. And I would imagine most all of them could be keto friendly.


(Vladaar Malane) #13

Whoopsie, tried to make with baking soda less amount than baking powder cause didnt have baking powder… Ended up with crumbly cake mess.

Also guess I dont understand the whip cream part it stayed a soupy mess.

(Clarissa Smith) #14

What’s the measurements on the ingredients? I can’t find them… I’m new to this and very confused…

(Christy Frizzell) #15

Oh…my…gosh!! I am in heaven!! Well almost…made my first batch for my husband and myself and we loved them! (I forgot to add the butter to the batter so the cake was actually kind of crispy like a cookie) I have been suspecting for a little bit that swerve is not my digestive friend, however, this time the stress on my digestive system was not as bad…not so the case with my husband…he is now calling me poisoning Polly and Husband Killer :rofl::rofl:

(Robert) #16

I want to make these but need the ingredients list and measurements. Anyone have them?

EDIT: I found them. They are here: http://blog.2keto.com/recipe/old-fashioned-whoopie-pies/

(Robert) #17

Has anyone made these without any sweetener at all?