Okay maybe I'm crazy but I think alcohol affects me more now?


(Jessica K) #1

Seriously… I had 1 single glass of Pino Grigio the other night and I swear… I was beyond tipsy from that one glass. It always took 2-3 before. Something to do with lack of carbs?? Coincidence?? Am I crazy??

(Mike W.) #2

Most definitely true.

(Larry Lustig) #3

Widely considered to be true although I haven’t noticed it myself.

(Richard Beverly ) #4

I’ve noticed the same thing. Before going Keto I would have 2-3 glasses of Pinot Noir and feel fine. Now I have 1 glass and I’m calling Uber. I decided to just give it up.

(Kathy Meyer) #5

Not crazy – my new intolerance for alcohol has turned me into a cheap date (well, maybe not, that ribeye steak is still expensive).

(Meeping up the Science!) #6

I moved this on over to the alcohol forum so peoples what might be able to comment see it. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s because of the keto or because I’m getting older and can’t party as hard as I used to.


People say it’s so, but I haven’t really noticed. I am drinking less, and less often though.

(Derek I. Batting) #9

I was just going to say the same thing about myself! :smiley: It’s true though. There was a time when you could call me a professional drinker (not something I’m proud of), but now? Pfft! 2 and I’m toast.

(Michael Boggs) #10

Seems pretty common, but not for me. I’ve been Keto for 6 months, and drink pretty heavily on the weekends. The only thing I’ve noticed is my hangovers are a bit worse (aka more headache).

(anneedens) #11

I am certainly more affected by alcohol. One serving and I am definitely not going to drive for a while.

(Jessica K) #12

I didn’t know there was an alcohol forum! Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad to see I’m not (too) crazy!

(Elizabeth) #13

I know this is an old topic, but someone may find this useful.
When I started keto I drank the same amount (not knowing any better) and was vomiting in the bathroom like a teenager. I put it down to not eating enough. When it happened the second time, I decided to investigate. What happens to your body when you drink alcohol on keto is explained very well (at around the 1 hour mark) here.


(Doug) #14

Good mention, Liza. Some sobering (pun intended) information there.

I think it’s pretty easy to have alcohol affect us, even without any keto-specific causes. Losing weight and drinking less will have us feeling booze more just on the basis of being smaller and having less tolerance.


Yah this is surely important. So easy to find ourselves in denial abt such a thing - esp it represents a change. Wd sure hate to see someone with a DUI ( or worse!) thanks to all these efforts and just doing what’s been normal !yy


Hangover ?

Last night while out with friends, I drank some brut and then a “ no carb citrus fizzle “ made by the bar owner/tender who was real into low carb when mentioned it. Said she made this one “just for low carb folks” It was great, didn’t look it up or worry / test ketones afterwards.

This wee morning though, around 3 I woke up just not feeling good. Not a pounding headache :face_with_head_bandage: but yah my head hurt a bit - my whole bod. Vaguely nauseated maybe. Not terrible but just not right and cdn’t fall back asleep. Thinking “could this be a hangover?” Cuz I’d drank more than usual w 3 glasses. So slowly downed 3 glasses of water and shook about probly a teaspoon of salt into my hand and lapped it up.

Bingo ! Total cure ! Suddenly felt great and right back to sleep again. This might have been good preventative medicine before I went to bed last night.

(Tammz Place) #17

Wish i read this yesterday oh how i am suffering today… i have just done the exactly same thing as you Liza 2nd time having a few glasses of wine since starting keto 6 weeks ago 2nd wicked hangover once i began to feel human again i decided to investigate ,i can guarantee there will not be a third episode .Thank you for sharing am off to watch it now.

(Del Kronk) #18

Happens to me all the time, kind of embarrassing!

(Monica “Monster Jean” Wendel) #19

Booze absolutely hits me WAY harder and faster now and it’s not because of a body weight change. I haven’t really lost much weight yet.
…afterthought I do not, however get hangovers. I chalk it up to the fact that I can’t handle the volume so I don’t drink as much and I don’t add sugary mixers.

(Sophie) #20

Just consider it more bang for your keto buck!