Okay maybe I'm crazy but I think alcohol affects me more now?


(Ann) #21

I used to be a winedrinker before keto and since keto, 2 months now, I drink less but when I drink it’s gin or rhum, sugarfree mojitos or caipirinas… The two or three last times I drank, I never felt drunk (I was though) but got a headache and woke up after two hours of sleep and never could go back to sleep… I don’t want to drink again, but it’s Christmas and I’m gonna try a bit of sparkling wine…If the same thing happens, I’m planning to stop drinking on january 1st 2019. No fun in drinking anymore…:woozy_face:

(Glenn Hirst) #22

Absolutely, 2 months in 1 glass of red and I’m anybodys !!!:rofl::joy:


same. alcohol poisons us into buzzland alot faster than when eating a ton of carbs :slight_smile: not a doubt about that for me.

(Marion) #24

I had one glass of wine and was a bumbling idiot, called a friend weeping. She hung up on me, complaining that I was drunk.She refuses to believe I drank one glass and was in that state.
I decided to give up alcohol…not worth it.