Ok what gives? Suggestions much needed

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When I went keto I lost over sixty pounds without even trying, while taking the same dose of that drug. I don’t believe that it’s the anti-depressant. The first thing to look at is the carbohydrate content of your diet. Take a good, hard look at the nutrition labels on your food, and most especially, take a look at the lists of ingredients. U.S. law permits manufacturers to manipulate the serving size shown on the label, so as to be able to claim 0 g of sugar. But if you look at the list of ingredients, you may be surprised to find sugar (under one of its many aliases) right up there at the top of the list.

Secondly, your carb tolerance depends on how insulin-resistant you are. It is possible that 20 g/day is still too much, for your particular situation. Richard and Carl settled on that recommendation because it works for almost everyone, but people who are significantly insulin-resistant may have to limit their carb intake even further.

Third, the artificial sweetener may be raising your insulin level and thus inhibiting your weight loss. (A further problem is that certain brands of stevia actually blend it with sugar, which is another reason to double-check the labelling.) Switching to a different brand, or to stevia drops instead of a blend, or to a different sweetener altogether may help. Or cutting out sweetening altogether might be an approach that works for you.

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If I had everything going on that you do, I’d be fatigued, too!


Please stick with it. I really believe that once you become fat adapted, you will find you have way less fatigue and much more energy.

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95% of my meal i make from scratch usually just meat and some spices (I learned last month that spices actually have carbs to). Sometimes i do a sauteed dark green with garlic and that’s where most of my carbs come from.
If I cut out the dark leafy greens I can probably get my net carb under 10 a day and the total carb under 20 a day. Actually I really love that suggestion I think you’re right and I might be insulin resistant.
Do you feel that monk fruit is better than stevia? I will include a picture of the stevia that I use.

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Thanks for the support! Sometimes I get so frustrated I say eff it im gonna go eay tacos and margaritas!

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Just make sure you are eating enough - again, with the carbs as low as you can. From the beginning, I took to keto immediately and didn’t have any problems. I believe the secret to that was that I ate a lot (three good meals a day to start), of very rich food with very little carbs (never was a fan of vegetables). This removed all cravings to eat things I shouldn’t, and also removed any hunger. Hunger leads to cravings and those two things make us vulnerable, especially if you get on the scale and don’t lose weight after seemingly doing everything correctly. Although I was eating, I still lost weight steadily and I am an older woman.

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So I started out doing three meals a day and after two months drop down to two meals a day the problem is I still think I’m eating way too many calories and I don’t exercise. I know a lot of people since starting this lifestyle having felt really hungry but I still do


I wrote how it is for me but it’s normal you can’t do that (yet). I started keto with 3 meals myself, it reduced to 2 after fat adaptation, OMAD came way later and it’s surely not for everyone! I just see you have bigger meals too so the number of meals really affect your calorie intake. But it’s just one thing. I can eat less having 2 meals but I need to be even more careful about what I eat (and I just can’t be that careful all the time). Keeping my carbs low is harder with more meals too unless I have a minimalistic, super low-carb meal. I just wrote down things hoping you may find something to try among them. But you need to listen to your own body and experiences.

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Thank you shanita. I do try to listen to my body but listening to it has gotten me up to 2000 calories a day. Im doing ok with TMAD so i will try OMAD and see if i can survive. I did some pork with blue cheese(1162 calories) an hour ago and that will be my only meal for today but I was off of work today. It’s hard when you’re at work and you have a set lunch break depending on what shift you work.

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I did 3 meals a day at the beginning, making sure that I had at least 12 hours between supper and breakfast not having any calories, to help with the insulin levels. Then after a few weeks of that I moved to 16:8 then 18:6 and now I have been doing 20:4 for a long time. It was all gradual though, letting my body adjust to the changes and to become fat adapted first. I switched to TMAD fairly early on, and have had some accidental OMAD’s (where I wasn’t home or I forgot to eat basically) but I prefer TMAD. I have Lunch at 1pm and supper at 4:30 then IF from 5pm to 1pm normally. ATM for November I am doing a Feasting/Fasting protocol (that is on my thread if you want to read about it) but in general I do the 20:4 IF TMAD.

Your body is adjusting to Keto, and I know that it can be frustrating at first, but you are eating healthier, and your body is modifying itself. I know from experience how frustrating it can be when the scale doesn’t move, but if you are patient, you will see results =). I wish you the best in your Keto journey =).

Maybe this sample menu that I made for someone another day might be an interesting guide to give you some ideas, modify the food choices to your likings, but I thought it might help:

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May I recommend that you consider the journey taken by Mikhaila Peterson and see whether there are any aspects of it which would help you.

She has been prolific in her YouTube output, here is one recent offering.

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Thank you susan. I have no patience never have. Im working my butt off to make sure im doing everything right so i expect results. This is the most disciplined and strict I’ve ever been with anything in my entire life. But i have to remember i didnt get like this overnight so im not going to lose it overnight. I needed that reminder! Lol

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I was 293 in February and I am 241 now, I have lost 52 pounds, so I am proud of that and I feel a lot healthier. I still want to lose over 100 pounds, but I have to remain focused on the progress and all the amazing things that Keto has done for me so far. I had a 2.5 month stall and had to eliminate all artificial sweeteners, all nut/peanut products, and atm I am on no dairy, so I have made “sacrifices” in the process of my Keto journey, but my body adjusts each time and I love the benefits so the trade offs are worth it. I know it is hard at first, but you can do this too, I know you can =)).

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I did do carnivore for a few days but i was also on adderall at the time so o thought the enegy was coming from there. It would be nice not to be tired all the time and be able to keep up in my six year old! I can remember the last time I actually had energy without any caffeine or other means

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Love this! Great job susan!. So far the sacrifices I’ve made are giving up alcohol, nuts, snacks and desserts. I have a huge cheese addiction so that’s going to be the worse one to give up. I also can’t seem to kick my artificial sweetener habit but I have yet to find an alternative to put in my tea. I tried time and time again but can’t seem to tolerate black tea and I need caffeine to get through my work day not so much for my days off though. I usually drink 40 oz of tea or more at work and only 10 ounces on my day off.

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What about 2 tea bags --one regular tea for the caffeine and a second one of herbal tea (for flavour).

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Ive tried that actually

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I only do stevia in my eating window. Since im getting a insulin response anways from the food

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Aww, okay, I was just trying to think of different solutions. I really want you to succeed, I hope that you can figure it out soon =).


Yes, listening to it isn’t always enough, I know that. I just meant don’t do things your body (or mind) definitely doesn’t want (like OMAD when you aren’t ready for it)! Try out things that seems safe and realistic enough, something should help.


Here is one resource from Dr. Ede. Well worth a look I think.

It comes from this aggregated resource: