Ok now I am itchy


Fingers crossed for you. Everything is dead in Italy.The Trevi fountain, the Square in Venice. No people. They showed it on the news. The government has called for a lockdown and if you are caught in the streets without a permit issued by the police explaining why you are out, you can go to jail or get fined 200 Euros. I honestly dont see how your travel agent can even send you there! My friend in Spain said they are all holed up at home -but I think that is more precautionary and self-imposed. I am glad not to go there now ( would have flown there on the 13th) because who wants to sit at home every day? I had insurance and rebooked for a later date. When cancelling I HAD to rebook. But who knows when we get the all clear?


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I just wanted to let you know that I dont itch anymore and put away the ACV and the olive oil. I still have the rash- or the remnants of it, on my body. It’s ugly but fading slowly. But I dont have to scratch all day long anymore thankfully and what I feel now is very minor to nothing. And I am taking glutathione and chlorella daily and will continue to do so until the bottles are empty. Of course I dont know if the healing is due to these pills, or if the rash had run its course anyway. But I just feel so much better!
Paulene- will you get a refund for your Italian trip? I had rescheduled my trip to Spain for the 1st of May and doubt if I will be going even then.


Are you consuming nuts?

Many nuts are contaminated with mycotoxins.

Having a humidifier installed on a furnace can also lead to mold growth in the HVAC ducts and the production of mycotoxins by these molds. I doubt this is the case but I thought I would write it here since I’ve noticed first hand what mycotoxins from infested ducts did to a family member.

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My rash has almost gone as well - still there but fading and no longer hot and itchy. I’m not sure what made the difference in the end but I’m thinking it was the calcium supplement helping bind oxalates. Now that I’m back on keto I’ll be interested to see if the rash gets worse again.
@Consistency yes, I do eat nuts and have done all my life. I eat fewer on keto than I did previously. I also was a legume fan, and love brocolli. All of these contain oxalates. I think what happened is when I cut back on these, I started leaching oxalates into my system resulting in the rash. Fortunately, I didn’t get an other symptoms of oxalate dumping.


What bothers me is that it is all supposition and conjecture. Who knows why our rashes are really healing??

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Dunno. But I’m really glad they are. I just hope it stays that way for a while.


Will you get your money back for Italy? I wonder if I am going to see any money on my flight to Spain in May.
I wanted to tell you that I dont itch any more. But the pigmentosa part of it? That is still there. Just a bit faded but I still look a bit like a leopard. How is yours?

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Hi Chantarella,
I’m very fortunate that my insurance does cover cancellation due to an epidemic and also cancellation due to a Do Not Travel order being placed on the destination, and that I purchase my insurance well before COVID-19 was a foreseeable event. So, yes, I should get a refund through my insurance.

The travel agent (Trip-A-Deal in Byron Bay, Australia) is actually refusing to officially cancel the trip, because under Australian consumer law they would have to give us a refund. They sent a load of tourists to Italy while the Lombardy region was in lockdown - just changed the itinerary to avoid Lombardy - and 3 days before all of Italy was closed. They then redirected the group of about 25 people to Madrid and abandoned them there. According to one person on the trip, they were confined to their hotel in Madrid for 4 day with no communication from the travel agency, then they had to find their own way home - including paying for their own flights - but not a cent refund has been given to them as yet. Appallingly unethical behaviour.

Re: the rash - mostly gone but still the shadows on the skin and when my ketones are high, a little bit of itching. I am in and out of ketosis at present as I do not want a occurrence of that rash. I’m still taking the calcium +Vit D supplements, which I think help.
3 months of scratching and itching and ugly red rash in a highly visible place is not something I want to do again. If it does reoccur, I’m done with full bore keto and just going low carb.
My weight loss has slowed but still heading in the right direction.


Sending people to a destination with a deadly epidemic is CRIMINAL. That is an abomination. And then followed by all the rest? They should be taken to court for such criminal behaviour and distain for the lives of these people!
Did you try glutathione pills? That and chlorella? I dont know if it is working for me or it was spontaneous - but ketosis isn’t a problem anymore.