Ok now I am itchy


I read about it here and this must be the keto rash. Dr Boz says “Stay the course”.
Anybody else scratching?

(Bunny) #2

My hands (back of hands) and arms are the ones that break out with the dreaded keto rash which eventually get little tiny scabs from scratching so much (almost like chicken pox, know how to get rid of those quick also), the best way I found to counteract this is by upping the carbs a little bit more (20, 30, 50,) until it goes away or getting more nutritional yeast and brewers yeast (vitamin B-2 deficiency is what’s actually causing the rash and/or itching) and wheat grass powder in the diet sprinkling them on a salad or placing all ingredients in Cacao chocolate fat bombs along with some Chia seeds.

Dr Berg recommends Ox Bile (which I get from Dr. Ben Lynch’s company…lol) or Edible Bentonite clay which I found ineffective for the keto rash thing but is good for detoxing and helping digest dietary fats.

Vitamin B-2 is usually water soluble so it leaves your body before it can do anything.

If you can find liposomal B-complex vitamins that includes B-2, B-6 that would probably do the trick with that nasty keto rash.


[1] “…Vitamin B6 is part of the vitamin B group of essential nutrients. Its active form, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, serves as a coenzyme in some 100 enzyme reactions in amino acid, glucose, and lipid metabolism. …” …More

(Troy Mitchell) #3

Explains why my hands itched after I started. I just used Mysterium Serum on it and it cleared up.

(Paulene ) #4

I didn’t get any symptoms of itching or rash until over 3 months on keto. Now, I’m incredibly itchy and have had a rather bad rash on my leg for over 4 weeks. It’s driving me crazy. It’s also very visible so I feel like people think I have some contagious infection. It make going swimming at the local pool really awkward. I also have light rash spotting around my neck, chest and back (right where I can’t reach to scratch :roll_eyes:)

I have tried Tea Tree Oil on it, as well as Rawleigh’s Medicated Ointment, fresh Aloe Vera, Rose Hip oil and antihistamines. Nothing has worked to date. In desperation, I plastered it with avocado the other day! (also didn’t work).
I have been doing some wide reading on it and it seem there is no sure-fire solution. What works for some does’t work at all for others.
On an online recommendation, last night I bought a spray can of Tinaderm for the bad rash. It calms the itching sensation, but time will tell if it makes a different to the rash itself. I also bough a magnesium supplement to add to my general mineral supplement. If there is an improvement over the next few days, I won’t be able to tell if it is the Tinaderm or the magnesium, and I really wont care. I’ll just be happy to see an improvement - fingers crossed.

My husband has been quite reluctant to start keto (despite my proselytising) because he has to give up bread. After I found a good low-carb bread recipe, he has started keto. But now he is feeling itchy and is talking about stopping keto. :tired_face:
I am going to solider on, but the whole rash thing does worry me. I want to know why it happens on keto and not on other diets. The whole ‘body releasing toxins from losing fat’ sounds nice and gratifying, but doesn’t quite cut it as I have previously lost more fat on other diets and not got a rash.

(Troy Mitchell) #5

Mysterium Serum works wonders.


Watch out for the magnesium! It makes diarrhoea. Thats how Milk of Magnesia works.
You take too much magnesium and you get the runs. Watch the youtube clip of Dr Boz on the keto rash. She tells her patients to hold the line, and that it eventually subsides. I just can’t go back to eating SAD. It made me too sick. I had the worst IBS and I now think that I was allergic to grains. But yeah- I have an itchy rash on my arms and back and stomach. Dr Boz explains that some patients get it and others don’t.

(Paulene ) #7

Thanks for the tip.
The only place I can find it in Australia is currently out of stock :sob:


Looked up Mysterium serum. Its an aftershave? I should put an aftershave on my arms and back and stomach? How did it work wonders for you?

(Paulene ) #9

Oohh… good to know! So far so good though.
No, I can’t see that would ever go back to SAD. I know too much now. I might go low-carb for a bit to shake this rash though, if it doesn’t clear up soonish.


Yeah- I have heard that if you up the carbs it makes the rash go away. But if I up carbs, then I dont lose the weight- and it is slow going anyway! I take supplements every day- I looked at the bottle and it contains B6. Also a lot of minerals. Sigh! I wonder if my dermatologist would even know what to make of this. I am pretty sure I might be his only patient who is on keto.

(Wendy) #11

Magnesium oxide does but if you get a good chelated magnesium glyconate, which you’re body can actually absorb, you won’t have diarrhea.

(Wendy) #12

I did have some itchy rashes at some point doing Keto. I have a history of pretty bad eczema but I haven’t had really any issues in several months. I do take magnesium though I couldn’t tell you if it makes a difference for a rash or not. I also do not really know how many carbs I eat as I don’t count anymore. I just avoid grains, sugar, carby veggies, most fruit, and eat mostly meat and healthy fats.
Have you tried hydrocortisone? It’s not a long term solution but can give you relief from the rash while you’re body works it out. Feeling itchy is definetly not fun and scratching a rash can lead to infections. Wishing you all the best!


I made an appointment with my dermatologist ( end of March- boy is he busy) and I am guessing he will prescribe some kind of cortisone. They always do. Dermatology is oftentimes a guessing game. It is bearable. I did have 2 lesions in my face but they disappeared. They looked like I had wounded myself- just tiny red crusty spots. I am hoping by the time I go to the dermatologist it will have gone away and I can cancel the appointment!
But we still have not heard from the “Mysterium Serum” experience? What happened there?

(Troy Mitchell) #14

It is a scentless aftershave balm. In other words it’s lotion. The stuff got rid of warts on my wife’s hands, it knocks out any dry skin issues. It truly is good stuff. My wife makes me keep plenty on hand. Trust me you will give up your expensive moisturizer.


Not sold my area sadly- I checked.

(Greg) #16

So I’ve had it on/off for over a year, and the best thing that helps me is Black Seed Oil. It’s borderline a cure.

The active ingredient in Thymoquinone, a researched compound that actually treated psoriasis in rats, according to one study.

I’ve found SciZenna, a cream that uses black seed oil. It’s literally the only thing that helped me.


Well I got some black seed oil and smeared just a tiny bit of it on my chest where I itch a LOT- and I hope I am not imagining things, but the itchy feeling simply went away. Like almost immediately. I am hoping this is the cure! Finally no more itching and scratching.I think I have to buy more.

(Greg) #18

I expected the inflammation to go away, but I didn’t expect the itchiness to go away that fast. That’s some fantastic news =D

Did you try SciZenna? Or just straight black seed oil?

Keep us posted!


I live in Europe so I cannot buy scizenna. I tried a few online shops with ANY kind of cream which contained black seed oil. Don’t ship to Europe. So finally I called my pharmacy and they said they sell capsules to swallow, and oil. So I said “I`ll take the oil and see what happens”. It doesn’t smell like roses but its ok. I would prefer cream for many reasons- I have to be careful I don’t get it on other things- like my sofa. I am wearing a big old tent of a flannel nightgown which doesnt matter much if I get some oil on it. So what I am wondering - would like your take on it or anybody else’s - would it work orally- as capsules? If so, it might even get to more areas of the body? I even had 2 itchy bumps on my forehead between my eyebrows , which is my FACE, and that really got me worried! Which is why I was desperate to find some cure now. That, and the itchiness was slowly driving me crazy.

(Greg) #20

So, as I understand, research indicates that the active ingredient “thymoquinone” directly interrupts the inflammation cycle. The issue is how to get the TQ to the inflammation site. As of right now, I assume that the most direct contact you can get to the site of inflammation, the better.

Now there are a whole bunch of reported benefits of consuming black seed oil orally, but I’m not expert in that specifically, nor have I done enough research towards seeing how long TQ lasts inside the body before being broken down.

Also, does SciZenna tell you that it can’t sell to Europe?