OCT 2021 Maintenance Check-in


New month, new thread.

How are you all doing?

I got my booster shot yesterday and am looking forward to being able to do at least some local traveling around.

I am slowly losing the lbs. I put on since Jan. 6, just 4 more to go. Yeah! Doing a mix of page 4 protocal days, 36+ hr fasts and OMAD, followed by 2MAD.

SEPT. 2021 Maintenance Check-in

Yay! I am about the same since November but today I was a bit less, 74.5kg. It seems my body feels ready for carnivore-ish OMAD days and if I don’t lose with this (while choosing my food well), I probably never will :smiley: It’s my ultimate method (I still can’t do EF but even if I could, it would be very rare and short, not that useful for fat-loss). I have workouts (and I am getting stronger! yay! I had some breakthrough and now I improve way more quickly than before, well before it was at a snail’s pace and that’s pathetic at my still beginner level) so I hope that if I don’t lose fat, I gain a tiny bit muscle at least :wink:

(Robin) #3

Maintenance is a good word. That’s where I seem to be. I was at 165 for several weeks, now at 160 for several more. I am cool if I stay anywhere in this range. If I ever get into the 150s, I will be shocked. My original goal was 180. Crazy. I am not “working” at any of it. Been on autopilot for quite a while now.

(Laurie) #4

I lost 40 pounds in the first 6 months. In the past 9 months I’ve lost about 3 more pounds. Am I in maintenance, or just stalled? 5’6", 160 pounds (168 cm, 73 kg).

Anyway, I keep on going, eating more or less as I’ve been doing for the past 15 months. Carnivore with some dairy and condiments.

(Robin) #5

I think we are on the same train, Laurie. I eat the same and have experienced the same pace. I never know if I have “reached the station” or if this is just a stop along the way. I personally don’t believe in the word “stall” unless I have gotten off the keto track. I think it’s all maintenance… our body pausing to find balance and trust. And this is the first time in my adult life that I can truly trust my body. Incredible feeling, eh?

(Robin) #6

Shindigs….Shinita! (Did you know that autocorrect changes your name to Shindigs??) I too just added some more exercise on a regular basis… not for weight loss, but strength. It may actually slow down my weight loss, I dunno. But I’m at a point where I can relax and just tweak some things. What a journey, right?


Nope but I won’t be surprised then if someone calls me Shindigs :smiley: It could be worse (at least with my less than perfect English I see nothing bad in it)!
Oh lucky folks who can have a slowed down weight loss! My weight just went up since years (almost nothing except the sudden mysterious stress gain but still :frowning: ). Oh well, I see something that I am sure is the light at the end of a very long tunnel! I have the method, I just need to do it!

My long stalling made me more patient, I needed that. Not regarding my weight, I have found my 300g/week fat-loss pace just perfect when I still had that. I never understood the people demanding a waaaay bigger one and just because they are low-carb or did IF. My low-carb IF was pretty great for maintenance but losing? That always was harder.

(Laurie) #8

I exercise for 1.5 hours daily. Exercise saved me from being literally crippled. It has improved my posture, and other things as well. Plus, it gives me something to do in these strange times.

I get tired of the exercise denial/bashing around here. In my 40s, I did lose weight through exercise alone. But I’ll be 70 next year, and I’m too old to exercise that much/that intensely. So it’s not for weight loss now.


This forum was the first one where I saw people kind of discouraged from exercise. I get it, if someone gets super hungry from a little exercise, it may be counterproductive from the fat-loss viewpoint alone… I never had that problem, exercise always uses more energy than what the potential extra eating may bring - and I say this without having any idea about the energy usage of my exercise but I still know it’s right. I need to exercise very much to trigger bigger meals. But it doesn’t matter anyway, exercise is basic. I never have much energy anyway but without exercise I would be some miserable zombie all the time. And muscles and everything :slight_smile: I need exercise.
I even believe many people lose fat because they exercise more (and apparently their eating is okay enough, at least energy wise and whatever is important for their fat-loss. I never noticed my carb intake ALONE has any effect, carbs making me hungry and indisciplined, on the other hand, that’s significant so I never lost fat on high-carb). It’s probably not typical, I never could do this even with focus on my low-carb woe but exercise is bound to help a tiny bit. But I don’t do it primarily for that.

I am all for exercise. I find it very important for me to lift, walk and run a bit too :slight_smile: I want all the benefits from all type of exercise. I never could do much cardio but a little is something too, right?

(Robin) #10

@Shinita @islandlight… I always identify with both of your posts. We tend to think along the same lines. I’m 67 and have arthritis in my knees and hips. So staying flexible and moving is important to me. And works! To me, exercise is a necessary element of a healthy mindset. Since covid, I was using a rowing machine at home. But I’m back in the gym now and try to fit it all in… for cardio, muscle and strength. I’ve said many times that my main objective is to get myself up from the floor. I’ve known too many “elderly” women who were very thin but had zero muscle. No bueno.

(Laurie) #11

I’m happy with my exercise program, but I still have extra fat at the tops of my hips. I think my options are doing more floor exercises (hate 'em) or walking backards on the treadmill at the gym.

I’ll need to have a good look at my budget. I spent all my savings on traveling/moving and on winterizing my car. Time to start saving again, but maybe I can afford the gym. It will get me out of the house too. As I mentioned elsewhere, after 18 months of restrictions, I am finally missing human interaction (even though I’m an introvert).


I wrote it a few times in different threads… I am 45 and want to break the Guiness Record for long living (it’s 132 years now? but it will surely change in the next several decades though that women was good… the male 116 surely will go up in no time. my SO often says scientists said the first human living until 150 has probably born already) and I want to do it in a good enough shape… I can’t afford not giving my ALL… Good lifestyle is a must.

But even if someone lives a short life, like, 80 years, I sooo don’t get when they just stop being care about the state of their bodies. They are married and have kids, who cares about health (makes zero sense, the kids need healthy parents IMO) and especially body shape but when they get old, well they are old, of course they don’t move… There are such people galore.
I say that everyone should be active (if they are in good enough condition for that, not injured or very sick people. but even folks without some limbs exercise, it’s no excuse) BUT young ones can get away with being inactive for a while as they are young and not very damaged yet. But when I am 40? I need to start to get into shape, if I don’t get muscles now, when? I am already kinda late but better late than even later or never :wink:

But as I wrote, my energy level is connected with exercise. My mood is connected with it. My pride.
And I met 20 years olds who were whining all the time on a few hundreds meters journey because they just weren’t used to such activities like walking for some minutes. Wow.

Mom always said if one doesn’t really use their legs, they shouldn’t be surprised when poor limbs stop to work eventually.

Elderly ones keeping them in shape are my heros :smiley: Well 67 isn’t elderly in my world yet - but it depends on the one in question. Some are old and frail and it’s often not some inevitable sickness… They didn’t take care for their bodies. Most people seem not wanting good heath as they do nothing for it and a lot of things against… I think I always was health-conscious but it’s common sense to me.

I am not just introvert, I am a hermit, perfectly fine with never seeing people (with minimal exceptions) and while I could go to a gym, it’s only 25km away, not a big distance by bike - but I don’t like the idea. I build my own press bench, I have weights, they aren’t that expensive when one is weak as a kitten :smiley: I have 42kg and the bars and I don’t even use two 5kg weights, hopefully I will soon.
(It would be different if I ever would do leg exercises but I dislike them and don’t need them anyway.)

Should I be sorry here… Or is it good to make this thread livelier? It’s not like there is some big discussed topic so I don’t think it’s a problem.

My SO wants a stationary bike. Hard to get one, I must say… Or we have our typical lameness at buying stuff. We aren’t choosy but it can’t be too huge or ugly…
Poor one doesn’t dare to cycle in the dark and he is right, he had enough accidents that way but he badly needs his activity to avoid gaining fat. He runs a lot nowadays but there are rainy or too cold weeks… I would love to use a stationary bike too, I don’t like to go cycling alone, there aren’t so many good places nearby for it anyway and I need to push the bike up to my hill and I prefer walking… But I can walk all year (except in summer when it’s too hot for it. I still walk but very very little).

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Wow, that is a great result from your efforts. You are rockin’ maintenance.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

:I’m 72 and do walk for 20-30 mins. a minimum of twice daily. I also attend Zumba Gold dance class and strength training class, Body Flex, once a week. But I focus on eating lc mostly and that seems to be why I am still at maintenance. I did gain almost 10 lbs. within days of Jan. 6, but getting back to the basics of keto, Dr. Westman’s pg 4 protocol has me within 3 lbs of my goal weight again.

I am a very happy camper, I got my booster shot over the weekend. I do feel like a free range person again.

(Central Florida Bob ) #15

Hi everybody. Just checking in to say hi. I’m trying only one fast this week and maybe next week, too, to see where my weight is when I’m not fasting three or four days a week. Since I started this “drop about 10 or 12 pounds” effort to make clothes feel better, I should go to the store and try on some new pants to see if that worked. This might sound funny, but since I’m retired and don’t need to look “professional” for work, I have only one pair of pants that aren’t hiking shorts. Every other pair of pants I had were donated to Goodwill or something years ago because they were my old size.

(Pete A) #16

I get tired of the bashing too. Exercise (yoga, hiking, lifting) daily changed my life.

It seems a wish of many is to eat as much as you want and not move.

I’m glad I have a different view!

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

Bob, one of the true joys of retirement, is no more “business dressing” required.

I no longer possess a dress that fits me. Probably never will again.

(Robin) #18

Not needing all those work clothes is very freeing, especially if they’re too big for you now!

(Central Florida Bob ) #19

One of those things about living in Florida is that shorts and Tee shirt are widely accepted. I put on my one pair of long pants for a few hours once a week. Maybe twice. I live in shorts and a Tee the other 90% of the week. My wife has regular and dress flip flops for shoes.

For the first time in … I can’t remember, I need my suit for next weekend. My niece is celebrating getting married and they want suits for the reception. I don’t remember when I bought that, but it was apparently not at my very largest. It’s loose but I don’t think I look like too ridiculous. I have some old work shirts I never got rid of, and they’ll be the same way. First time I’ve “dressed up” in at least six years. My wife will wear actual shoes.

(Robin) #20

You are a lucky man! My brother in San Diego never considers the weather. And he just retired…. So flip flops and shorts every day. I live in Kansas. Different story. But I do love our seasons.