OCT 2021 Maintenance Check-in


I was a programmer. My elegant clothing meant my favorite black t-shirt with a skull on it :smiley: Never dressed up for a job interview let alone a normal day… Our secretary dressed up nicely, the other folks wore whatever they pleased, between sane limits.

I am a hermit now. I have certain standards but I always wear comfy practical clothes.

(Pete A) #22

147.4 this morning!

(Jane) #23

We call them “bird women” and no thanks. I’ll take a bit of extra padding (fills out the wrinkles! LOL) along with muscle tone. I can’t life the 80-lb bag of cement mix like my husband can, but I can lift and carry 40-50 lbs.

As for maintenance - still 7-8 lbs above my stable weight and grrr… seems to be my new “setpoint” after COVID lifestyle changes. Oh well, I am not fat anymore, in great shape and lots of energy.

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

That pretty much describes me as well.


My mom totally lifted the 50kg cement bag… :smiley: I was 40 years younger (not a kid) and admired her as I couldn’t do the same :smiley: The bag is hard to grab and it’s a serious weight for someone not used to physical work…

But 40-50lbs is quite light. I chest press with it (more like 40 than 50 ;)) and I am super weak. Not elderly, though, I hope I will be loads stronger then… Until some point, at least.

I always liked to carry weights just not to a long distance, that’s tiring, not so fun. I showed off with grain bags as a kid :smiley:

I am envious. Low-ish energy (except when totally low), maybe 40lbs extra since many years… I still couldn’t figure out how to eat little, it’s not my style. Theoretically I know how, just things happen. Oh well.

I stubbornly hope in carnivore OMAD and at least a single longer fast per month… And exercise! I am getting stronger and it’s very good news.
My SO is worried that he won’t be able to lift my weighs. But if he would start, he could get stronger in no time, I am very weak, still a beginner and he is male and younger too :smiley: But I want muscles more :wink:
He only has muscular legs, his arms are as tiny as mine, just longer :stuck_out_tongue: