NSV - going dark!

(Murphy Kismet) #1

I am a chocoholic. I used to prepare brownies, and then eat the batter. ALL of it. Same with chocolate chip cookie batter. My chocolate bars were always milk chocolate…Nestle Crisps, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, etc. Anything over 35% was too dark, too bitter. Easter and Halloween were my favourite holidays. And it showed.

So, today at the grocery store, I bought three Theobroma “stick” bars, cuz they were cheap and I wanted to test-taste them. 60% dark (thought they were darker) and WOW they’re sweet. Like niiiiice sweet. Like, I could go darker. This pleases me greatly.

This might not end well lol

(Marianne) #2

Dark chocolate is delicious, especially when you suck on it. I haven’t had any chocolate since I started keto, however, before keto when I was eating all kinds of junk and as much as I wanted, I found that I couldn’t binge on dark chocolate - too rich. If it satisfies your chocolate craving, that’s awesome.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #3

I find a single serving of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate to be highly flavorful and satisfying. It used to be so bitter I couldn’t tolerate it, now it’s fine.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #4

Maybe a change of pace is in order.

(Full Metal Keto) #5

I abandoned chocolate when I started KETO thinking maybe this is too carb heavy and I could easily abuse chocolate. I always thought maybe closer to my goal I could enjoy some, but not now. I have seen this mantra elsewhere on the forum concerning other foods and here I am approaching a weight 15 lbs lower than my original goal still repeating it.

How many of you have changed that, realizing what was a seemingly unattainable perfect goal starting out now makes you feel like you could do so much better because we’re stronger than we thought?

So chocolate is one of those foods I will probably keep passing in the grocery store, thinking maybe next time, and spending more time looking at cheese and meat. I don’t really miss it now like so many other foods I gave up.

:cheese: :cut_of_meat: :cowboy_hat_face:

(PSackmann) #6

I’ve been at 90% for a while, I’ll have to try the Baker’s. I do use 1/4 tsp of 100% cocoa instead of sweetener in my coffee though. Sometimes I splurge and add a drop or two of peppermint extract, ooh the luxury

(Katie Moe) #7

I was a terrible chocoholic before I began this journey. In fact, I didn’t actually start keto, I started wanting to know if I could go cold turkey on chocolate, pasta, bread, and milk. But from there I stumbled into the structure and benefits of keto.

I allow myself cacao powder in water and smoothies but don’t sweeten it. At first, I was like bleck, but now I feel like it fills my chocolate needs and I don’t need anything beyond that. It has not been a gateway for more cravings for me, and I am grateful for that.

(Jeramy Koval) #8

I love 93% or darker but it’s hard to find locally.

(Susan) #9


How do you get the cacao powder to dissolve into the water? You use boiling water?

(Katie Moe) #10

That is the general approach, but I actually prefer to add it to cold water, add a little MCT Oil, and use a little small electric bar drink mixer. Sometimes I’ll add my collagen protein powder as well.

It grew on me. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #11

Okay, thanks =) I will try that sometime, sounds nice. I might actually try doing that with my unsweetened Silk Vanilla milk and the cacao power =).

I mostly only use the milk for little recipes, adding a bit, and sometimes a bit in my tea or coffee. I am on a fast atm but this is something I will try in the near future.


Cocoa is actually an excellent anti-oxidant and mood-modifier, of particular interest to those who may histories of depression/PTSD or may be dealing with social isolation or marginalization, or in a negative or nonexistent domestic partnership. I consider it a medicine of great value due to its PEA , or phenethylamine - when taken in small amounts or with minimal sugar :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:

This chemical occurs in chocolate in small quantities. TMI: it’s also produced organically and peak in the human body in altered natural peak states such as sensual experiences like certain kinds of natural childbirth - and orgasm - to varying degrees depending on extent of emotional connection/oxytocin. It stimulates the nervous system and triggers the release of pleasurable opium-like (or amphetamine-like, depending who you talk to) compounds known as endorphins.

Cocoa demonstrates significant benefits for the cardiovascular system, helping to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of cancer. And, cocoa consumption is associated with reduced cognitive decline in old age - and this goes back to traditional cultures who drank it and continue to drink it, thick and UNSWEETENED!

For example, the Kuna Amerinds, an indigenous Indian tribe off the coast of Panama, have been drinking up to 40 cups of fresh cocoa per week and with incredible health benefits and elderly vitality. I don’t know about the rest of their diet - Cocoa has carbs, after all.

I indulge in small amounts (4g carbs-worth) of european bittersweet chocolate on a weekly basis, usually after an Italian or French dinner involving red wine. It is one of the things I count as a divine blessing in this short life - and my body recomposition indicates it’s working for me.

Phinney/Volek/Westman and the Drs. Eades - key researchers and scholars in the LCHF/keto world, allow for chocolate as long as it doesn’t trigger addiction cravings, and stays within the daily carb limits for whatever phase one is doing in a well-formulated dietary lifestyle.

The key seems to be steering clear from over-indulgence in sweetened chocolate.


(Murphy Kismet) #13

Thank you for your replies. :slight_smile:

I’m no longer a huge choco fan. Avoiding it, actually. Thought I was “safe” with hubby’s dark chocolate, as in I wouldn’t want it.

Oops! Found out its pretty good lol

And then…I started researching
…Read that a “good” keto chocolate should be at least 80%, etc. Went grocery shopping, spotted the “healthy” chocolate, started poking around, and grabbed these ones.

But today, I fast until dinner.