November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(Jane) #350

20 hrs in and good grief I got a lot done today!

Helped hubbie put up a tile border in my bathroom, smoked a turkey breast, walked to the mailbox and back (little over half a mile so a nice stroll), printed labels for my handmade soap and lotion, cleaned the guest bath, changed the sheets on the guest bed, vacuumed the basement stairs, washed and put away 2 loads of laundry and all before 3:30 pm. Still need to fill up another 6 hours!

I guess I’ll go make another batch of cold process soap to try out my new mold I got yesterday. Thankfully my college team football game will be on at 6:30 which will kill 3 of those hours.

(Justin Jordan) #351

Starting a somewhat indefinite fast tomorrow - it’ll definitely go no longer than Thursday, as I have social stuff, but I’m going to play it by ear whether I get TO Thursday.

The issue isn’t really physical or even mental - it’s the social aspect of it. My will to fast is often weaker than my annoyance at being asked about eating. And no, I don’t tell people I’m fasting, but they do eventually notice and I am not keen on lying to people.

So we’ll see.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #352

Really cold right hand (only) and I’m only about 18 hours in. Weird.

(Jane) #353

25 hrs in and a bit hungry but nothing I can’t ignore.

(Jane) #354

Broke this morning at 36 hours as planned.

I don’t normally have access to a scale when I fast but I did this time. I was up 2 lbs from my morning weight at bedtime and only had water and coffee so I figured it might be a long night… and I was right. I think I made 4 or 5 trips to the bathroom to pee. I down 3.5 lbs from that this morning - that’s a lot of water.

So overall down 1.5 from my fast start weight which I expect to gain back on refeeding. 36 hours is too short to affect my weight significantly and was only doing it for autophagy.

(Bob M) #355

For #2, I just drink it in some water. Add the amount you want, mix in water, chug. But I’ve taken many different powders like this over my life, and it’s easy for me to do.


Plan to start fasting after a nice meal, which will take place here shortly. :slight_smile: Probably go all week…

(Allie) #357

I’m not well so have decided to fast, currently at 17 hours and not at all inclined to eat anyway. First day back at work after a week off and feel awful.

(Candy Lind) #358

That would make ME feel bad too! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Your swan needs you! :wink:

(Justin Jordan) #359

Currently at 38 hours. Maybe 39. I know I ate somewhat later on Saturday, but I can’t recall if it was 8 or 9. Ah well.

Keeping rolling for the time being, but we’ll see about this afternoon/evening.

(Allie) #360

@CandyLindTX I’m looking after four of them at the moment, and all got fed this morning even though I feel awful :heart:

I’m actually feeling worse as the day goes on, leave work in ten mins and I think it’ll be straight to bed after I’ve sorted the animals out.


Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Hopefully you start feeling better soon. :slight_smile:

I’m presently just in past 18 hrs. myself, and also just returning to work today, after being off the past week. But feeling great other then having to be working! :smile: … Actually think I will head out early, since I do need to go by the eye doctor’s, since my glasses I recently got are not correct.

Happy Fasting Folks!

(Susan) #362

I started a fast 24 hours ago and ate cookies and chocolate chips at work 10 hours ago. I checked my ketone level with Keto Mojo and it is 1.8 . So I guess I will try continuing the fast. I suspect it will be harder than usual, and i still have those temptations at work. I think I was weak cause I had Chinese Food on Saturday. Tried to keep it keto but sauces were probably loaded with sugar. Sorry for all the blurs. This is going to be a big test for me. I work the next 3 nights with temptation and then I am on Vacation for 2 weeks so lots of fasting going on I hope.

(Allie) #363

1840 and I’m in bed with a new book to start on. Fasted 27 hours without even noticing as I feel so ill. This isn’t normal for me at all, it’s extremely rare that I get sick :slightly_frowning_face:


@Shortstuff Allie, I hope you feel better!

This is generally a thread that I read even if I’m not fasting but I haven’t caught to everyone’s posts over the last week or so. Will read more tonight.
I’m posting now because I’m finally doing my monthly fast. Am only 19 hours in and feeling fine but I definitely need some accountability (was supposed to start yesterday and then I just… didn’t :expressionless:). Aiming for 5 days but will break if I’m not feeling good.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #365

It’s more “restarting” rather than “continuing” after eating and driving up the insulin response like that.

A time traveller! Going back nearly 200 yearsI Reading by candlelight!

Oh wait, you’re in the UK. Same thing. Carry on.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #366

Hope you are better soon and can fast when you want, sounds like your ill body just decided for you today.

Get well soon.

(Laurie) #367

Hi, as I mentioned previously, even small amounts of salt give me diarrhea. I take it in water along with my magnesium powder and a couple of other powdery things. 1/4 teaspoon of salt the other day caused quite a diarrhea incident, and last night’s 1/16 teaspoon (or so) had some effect. I appreciate @Hardrock_keto_chick’s idea of not worrying about salt intake too much, and to try salt under the tongue. I have NO apparent problems with fasting or with too little salt–no headaches, etc., etc.

So, will salt under the tongue not result in diarrhea (because the salt doesn’t go through the digestive system)?

Meanwhile, I’ve read that potassium can irritate the mouth. So I guess that means no potassium under the tongue?

I’ve already made a 50:50 blend of sodium chloride (salt) and potassium chloride (Nu Salt). I can use this up very gradually in foods; it seems to me that taking salt in food doesn’t have the same effect on me as salt in water. (I don’t think I could ever get “enough” salt by putting it on my food. I eat basically 2 meals a day, and I’m sure not going to have a teaspoon of salt with each meal. I really hate the taste.)

So what do you think? Salt under the tongue, and potassium in water? Any other ideas? Thank you.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #368

When you test it, do so on a day when you are home and with easy toilet access :slight_smile:

(Justin Jordan) #369

End the fast after…does math…forty five hours.