November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(Brennan) #250

On my first EF ~62 hours in and feeling amazing!

I’ve been thinking of experimenting with IF and I’m trying to decide on an eating window. I’m having a problem as I love my morning bpc and would hate to skip that. Also the evening is the only time I have time to cook properly and try out all of the amazing keto recipes!

I think I’ve come to a solution that will let me have the best of both worlds and i would appreciate any feedback on length of fasting and/or has anyone here tried this before?

I’m thinking if I fast 24 hours and then have an eating window for 5 hours over three days I would be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on a rotating cycle.

Day 1 (breakfast day) - eggs & bacon at home and bpc at work over the morning ~10:00 AM start fast.
Day 2 (lunch day) - my super salad for lunch at work plus snacks (peprrettes, nuts, cheese etc…)- eating window 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Day 3 (supper day) - home cooked dinner - eating window 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM


(Justin Jordan) #251

Just went over 42 hours.


Still just doing OMAD, as I usually do. But since the wife wants to go out with an old friend this Sunday for lunch, I’m not sure if I will get in any additional Fasting until after Thanksgiving? I don’t personally have an issue with Fasting throughout the whole week, but I know she won’t like me to, especially since we’re going over our friend’s house as we do each year. And I’m sure she would rather I eat with her. … So I might just get some good meals in this week, and start back in on Fasting afterwards.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #253

Mixing it up is always a plus.


Yes sir, that it is. :slight_smile:

(Justin Jordan) #255

Going to continue ADF this week, as opposed to an extended fast, because…I have food in the fridge that I need to eat and I’ve run out of freezer space.

First worldiest of problems.

(Kristin) #256

I just bought a bunch of groceries today and have a lot of great meals planned. ADF might be good for me to try this week too.

(Justin Jordan) #257

Fasted today.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #258

About 46 hours in. Day two has been fine, and day one wasn’t TOO bad, really, despite my wife being here and cooking/eating, and I got to clean up…

(Claudia) #259

I want to fast so badly but keep self sabotaging…
I am not at my best mentally but i know day 2 of fasting will dramatically change that and I hope that posting here will keep me motivated to see it through.

I will be busy all week so that would definitely help as well.
I have no chance to go do my workout routine though which is sort of a bummer…

(Claudia) #260

reaching 16h. I feel fine so far.
72h would be awesome.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #261

I did the Zornfast with two fasting segments. After my one meal of refeeding, I did 40 hrs. with just water, salt and black coffee, no HWC. I had never done that before. I have to do it more often because autophagy is a good thing. About the only things the drs. who support fasting agree on is black coffee probably doesn’t block it.

I then refed on Sunday and plan to do so today but within a 4 hr. window. Tomorrow I’ll do an 18 hr. window, Wed. a 16 hr. window and full on feasting mode for Thursday, as that is Thanksgiving Day here. November has been a month of mixing things up for me. I am at goal weight for well over a year now, and my weight had started to bounce up higher than I wanted it to, so I hope to push it down a tad bit lower, so I don’t bounce over my original goal weight again. I am looking for my Phinney weight, and hoping it isn’t at my current level. Mind you, it is a good level and I have really enjoyed this past year or so, but I just want a bit more wiggle room.


(Justin Jordan) #262

Ended my fast after 40 hours.

Not bad. Blood sugar was cruising along at 95 - 100 last night, and was 105 this morning. Given that I usually get a pretty good rise from dawn phenomenon, this was pleasing.

(Claudia) #263

I actually found it a lot easier to fast without hwc.
But for me it might be the hormonal thing due to my pcos.

I switched back to coconut oil in my coffe in case of emergencies, but barely ever need it. (but yes for mixing purposes hwc is definitely more convenient)

(Allie) #264

Fasting is much easier for me without anything in my coffee (still on decaf) except the lite salt I add to it. Any fats at all stir up hunger for me, and I’m still dairy free so cream isn’t an option at the moment anyway.

(Claudia) #265

Passed 24h. Slight headache even after salt. slight stomach growling. Had a long day. Goint to bed now hoping all will be better tomorow.

All fasting strengh to you beautiful keto people!

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #266

60 hours or so in. Would like to keep this going until clock-lunch tomorrow (84 hours or so), but also want to try making a recipe :slight_smile:

Have been having hunger waves, but hey, they pass! Who knew?

(Claudia) #267

Just passed 32h still my head is a bit weird but other than that I feel fine.
The steak with the candle next to my name indicates that came to the forums a year ago! Thank you all guys for the support and company :hugs::hugs:

(Laurie) #268

Hi, I figured I might as well check in. I’d always resisted the idea of fasting, because (a) I’ve been a “big eater” for most of my life (including when I lost weight on Atkins), and (b) anyone I knew who fasted seemed to be suffering. But I did a 46-hour fast on Friday/Saturday and it was fine.

I’m currently doing another one. For now I’m going to do a 44-hour fast twice a week, and see what happens.

I can’t seem to handle salt. The amount of salt in canned or processed foods is (usually) okay, but shaking/grinding even a “normal” amount of salt on my food make it taste almost inedible. A while ago I tried taking 1 gram of salt (less than 1/4 teaspoon) in water; I was able to drink it, but it gave me diarrhea. I can’t imagine having the recommended-on-keto amount. I don’t experience keto flu, headaches, or any of the other symptoms of not enough salt. . . . By the way, I’m almost 66 and basically don’t sweat any more. When I have my blood pressure checked it tends to be in the low-normal range. Are there people who don’t need extra salt?

I have a few other questions and comments, but that’s enough for now! Thank you for the thread.

(Claudia) #269

ISalt in water has that effect on my gut too.
I love to just let it dissolve under my tongue. I always craved salty stuff and I never have any trouble getting enough in though.

But I personally do believe that your body would crave it more if you’d need more. Do you feel any ill effects of fasting that point to an electrolyte deficiency?