November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME

(KCKO, KCFO) #319

Was 12 hrs. into a 36 hr. fast. Forgot and put cream in my coffee, so will have to do a fast for autophagy next round. Was the whole point of starting a fast last night. So I’ll eat later today and begin another 36 hr. fast after dinner tonight. Hopefully, I won’t go all autopilot and grab the cream with tomorrow’s coffee.

(Jane) #320

In the US you find it in the pharmacy section in a liquid bottle. It’s main use it to clean you out for a colonoscopy but you drink the whole bottle (or two) for that.

The last time I bought it the checker gave me a sad look and said “you poor thing” and went on about how horrible it was. I just nodded and smiled.

(Alex ) #321

Yeah, I heard about those type of one-shot products, sounds similar to Milk of Magnesia avail here a few years ago. I find Epsom Salt great in the bath for relaxation and great when I am moderately/chronically without BMs, which is regularly when eating a lot of meat and less than average fibre etc. It tastes like Satan when going down, so I always cut it with something tangy/citrus when its needed!


This :point_up: … Starting back maybe 10 to 15 years ago?, I would drink one of these little bottles if I found I was having any stomach issues that lasting for a couple days or so. And yes, is does indeed clean you out completely. (And usually helped my stomach get back to normal) I also always made sure to be around the house when I did this, but usually does it’s job in the few hours that followed. So I was accustomed to this stuff way before going Keto. … But the 1/2 tbsp I use daily, or twice, does not effect me in any way.

(Alex ) #323

Yeah, it’s a pretty gross topic really, but at the minute, or whenever I’m reducing certain food groups and concentrating on proteins and fats, 1 BM every 3 days is good for me, and I’m the type of guy that would definitely prefer 1 a day! If there’s a way to balance that out, and also got a shot of medicinal magnesium in there too to help with this plan, all the better.

(Alex ) #324

Should point out - an effective dose for me is circa 1-3 tablespoons of sulphate… backed up with around 2 litres of water… that’s done its job within 3-4 hours.

Excuse my pile of dead fairies
(Alex ) #325

Right!! I have officially managed 24 hours !

Feel good!

Had a shower, warmed me up immensely. Without doubt being warm is a maker or breaker for me, if my mood is good, and I’m warm, and hydrated, I am unfussed about food cravings.

Not sure about this autophagy malarky, but if I continue feeling this bouncy, and the scales have positive favourable readings, I might try this more regularly!

Just so I’m clear on this, is my body just switching to body fat burning by default due to me being keto already? Or is it just basic caloric deficit?

(Allie) #326


The cold feeling is make or break for me too. I can’t function when I feel cold.

(Alex ) #327

Thank you Allie, are you getting sick of my elementary questions yet?!!

(Allie) #328

Ask away :blush:

(Alex ) #329

What’s the longest you’ve gone for and what were the benefits you saw / felt? Definitely intrigued by the effects on the mind / mood…

(Running from stupidity) #330

Just don’t get obsessed with this - like measured ketone levels, it’s not an arms race, and everyone is very different.

(Jane) #331

Ok. just started my Vora timer after having a rum and diet coke as a nitecap.

Tomorrow is salted coffee with no creamy goodness and ketoaide. But I have a lot to get done on my “to do” list so will stay busyl

Kid coming to visit in 2 weeks so I need to get the fresh sheets on the bed, sweep/mop the basement, clean the guest bath and make some goat’s milk soap with my new mold that arrived today. Gotta stay busy !!!

(Jane) #332

Oh - and I will be in Houston for the next 2 weeks so if I don’t get the guest room ready before I leave it won’t be ready for when they get there!


Every time I get past the 48 hour mark I wonder why I ever eat because I feel so effing good. However, like clockwork 70 hours rolls around and I dream up some stoneresque variation of an omelette that cannot be ignored.

(Allie) #334

Longest I’ve gone is 120 hours. First four days I felt like crap then suddenly felt amazing on the fifth day which scared me so I had food :joy:

Mental clarity during fasting, yes. Number on the scale goes down but only temporarily. Ketone levels go way up to over 7mmol and blood glucose drops to below 3mmol, but beyond these effects I don’t notice any differences so just hope the autophagy is doing it’s thing. I do like the freedom and convenience of not having to waste time on food though.

(Alex ) #335

Haha @Kris86 I literally woke up thinking about omelettes! I was musing 5 eggs, butter, chorizo, Mozzarella, Portobello mushrooms all folded into a lovely eggy pocket!

I’ve reached the 36 hour mark. The scales have dropped by a kilo, I am officially my lowest weight of 2017/2018 though.

I did an Epsom Salt flush at the start of yesterday to cleanse myself prior to this so assume food waste is most of that loss figure.

I feel “ok” just a bit wierd really. My extremities are like ice though. I was getting cross examined by my father on this yesterday, if I’m to make it to 48, I need to be left alone really.

He was voicing his concern towards me doing this last night at 8pm whilst making himself a massive pile of sandwiches - the irony.

@Shortstuff - it’s interesting what you say about the weight loss being temporary, surely if glycogen is depleted already from being keto, if you introduce keto foods again post fast, water weight gain wouldn’t be a thing would it?

(Jane) #336

12 hrs and don’t really count it yet even though I started my Vora app last night. I say that because I haven’t gone past my normal eating window yet.

That’s the upside to these short fasts - I only have to skip 2 meals and really fast for 8 hours - noon to 8 pm. I usually am ready for bed by 8 when fasting.

(Allie) #337

I’m ready for bed by 8 every night :joy:

(Jane) #338

104 hours for me, so 4.3 days. Could have easily gone more and would definitely extended to a full 5 days if I hadn’t had a party to go to that Friday evening and a 4-hr drive there starting at noon.

So… didn’t want any break-fast accidents on the road or at the party so I broke it at breakfast that Fri morning. No issues but wanted to be sure.

As for benefits… I love the mental clarity I get from fasting. Also doing it for autophagy since I am not young and have some loose skin I would like to loose and it seems to be working. It is a slow process and may take a couple of years but that’s ok.