November 2018 IF / EF Chat ALL WELCOME


Started fasting at 9:45pm last night after Halloween. Hoping to fast until Nov 9th.

Majority will be water
Minority (when needed) bone broth, coffee with small amount of hwc, hot tea

:upside_down_face: I can do it :slightly_smiling_face: I can do it :upside_down_face: I can do it
Longest I have gone was 48 hours.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #24

YES YOU CAN :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I have the opposite issue! I cannot look at pictures of food at all but I can cook for my family :thinking::thinking:

(Doug) #26

Once the food has gone through the stomach and small intestine, and glycogen stores are depleted, the body will start burning fat. Being ‘fat-adapted’ greatly aids the process, and coming from a ketogenic diet helps, too, but a few parts of the body have to have glucose, and the body will start producing it in the liver, pretty much no matter what, usually using fat.

Most people will lose about a half pound of fat (200g +) per day. Bigger people and people with more fat can lose more. Most times, starting a fast causes some fluid loss, and this can alter what the scale says a lot more than the fat loss. So can other electrolyte considerations, like how much salt one is getting, or hormonal issues. But if you’re not eating, you’ll be losing weight in the long run, one way or another.

(Jane) #27

I could too! And the other sugar candy… I think it is my “fasting senses” - especially smell - that are heightened during fasting. :upside_down_face:

(Jane) #28

That’s a big leap from 2 days to 9 days!!!

But I know you can do it if you set your mind to it. Once you get past the first 2 days everything in your gut just goes to sleep so to speak. Then it is just a mental battle of missing eating, thinking of food, missing food, etc. Just have to set those thoughts aside and keep yourself busy.

(Jane) #29

86 hours in and coasting along. I feel good so I don’t anticipate any issues making it to tomorrow morning.

Treating myself to a 30-minute infrared sauna tonight at a local yoga studio… hopefully will sweat out some toxins and relax me. I will have my double bottle of ketoaid in the sauna with me! If I start to feel bad I will stop or take a quick shower and get back in or turn down the thermostat. Lots of options.


This sounds great! Also it’s so nice to treat yourself in a way that doesn’t involve food and that will even further the effects of the fast!



Yes, you can do it - but that’s a big stretch up from 48! As long as you’re really listening to your body, this sounds terrific, and I’m looking forward to seeing your updates.


This :point_up_2: … No other problems seem to arise, such as headaches, fatigue, etc. Hell, I almost wish I did get hungry sometimes. At least I would then know my body IS talking to me, as far as giving any indicators?

If that makes sense… :thinking:


Great stuff Jane. Keep going.


I’m only 15 hours into to a planned 36/40-hr fast but checking in because I might be needing the accountability soon. (I’m not hungry at all! I just like to eat :slight_smile:)


Please share your favorite hours and times for intermittent fasting for example you stop at 8:00 p.m. and eat again at 2:00 p.m. I’d like to hear what other people do Thanks so much

(Allie) #36

I eat whenever I’m hungry in the morning but prefer not to eat after 1pm. This morning I ate at 730am which is strangely early, and I wasn’t hungry again until the afternoon so I’ll hold out until morning now as it’s after 7pm here.

(Jane) #37

Me TOO! (the like to eat part)

I just tell my brain and tummy when they miss eating that I’ve gone xx hours and giving up now I won’t gain the benefits and it was “all for nothing”. It doesn’t like that answer but usually grudgingly slinks off and quiets down.

(Jane) #38

Weather was pretty nice for a walk today so I got in a 2-mile walk over the lunch hour. My husband can only go 36-hours fasting and he was amazed I could do that after 4 days.

pffffttt… it was just a walk! Not like I did a HIIT workout.

(Jane) #39

OK, I have my Vora and Annova app in the same group - Vora has a big “V” for the icon and Annova has a big inverted “V”. I keep opening my Annova app and it starts looking for my device that is over 400 miles away!

Gotta move one or the other to a different folder!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just passed 92 hours and in another hour I can head out and get my car washed, stop by the grocery and enjoy my sauna. :sunglasses:

(Running from stupidity) #40

Much better that way, though.

(Kristin) #41

I made keto lasagna tonight - with thin sliced zucchini instead of pasta. My plan is to eat leftovers for a late lunch tomorrow then later get in some hwc and MCT oil to prepare for a fast until a BBQ I have planned for lunch on Sunday. For the BBQ I have planned lettuce wrapped burgers, bunless hotdogs with bacon and cubed beef and veggie skewers.


Just decided to switch it up this week, and actually start Fasting now, and go through to sometime next week. I believe this will be my first time fasting on the weekend, opposed to during the week? (I believe it is anyway?)

Just figured I usually get more activity in on weekends, and I plan to do quite a few things over this weekend. Stuff like cleaning the Chimney Stack, Splitting wood, cutting grass and leaf collection and finally doing a bunch of stuff in my basement. … The wife wants me to move all my exercise equipment, and place some new carpet, since she wants to start trying to work out with me. :slight_smile: … So this should keep me busy, and it will be nice to do all this while fasting. (Especially since I’ve been under the weather this week.) So starting November off great!