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Does anyone count calories anymore? A treeful of avocados have a boatload of calories. Butter,Fat,or any Keto foods to excess will mean weight gain. Calories in should not exceed calories out for weight loss.But that is just a thought. 5.6 blood count


Some count, some don’t. Do a search for CICO. You’ll find some… … … in depth ‘conversations’ about the subject!

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I follow my macros on my Keto app - and posted that I always have calories and fat left over, but max out my protein quickly - I also never do more than 10-12 carbs. Here are my allowed macros:
Calories: 1411
Fat: 120 grams
Protein: 66 grams
Net Carbs: 18 grams


Well, he’s a guy, so what’d you expect? :grin:

I’m curious if Sisson is speaking to people who really don’t have weight to lose, but I’ve seen several sources about eating too much fat while trying to burn the fat on your body. Also, it just seems to be common sense to me. :wink:

Oh, it’s coming, Jane, it’s coming. They just don’t know it. :wink:


I know you can, Jackie! :+1:

(Besides, I got the paddle standing by, if you don’t. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

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You got this!!!

Staying busy is key for me. The only fast I ever quit because I just “couldn’t” was a weekend fast on a business trip and I was cocooning up in my hotel room and thought it would be easy.

It wasn’t. I broke it after 12 hours and went and got something to eat. If I am at work and busy I don’t think about eating much anymore.

Here is a support thread for fasters no matter how long or short. It runs all month and you can jump on any time. Someone will start a new one in December. They ask you blur any mention of food, like when talking about what you will eat to break your fast.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #66

I let my body count the calories and tell me when it’s had enough. Works pretty well. Not only that, but my satiety signaling has gotten much stronger from when it first kicked in 16 months ago.

Dr. Phinney says that most of the participants in his studies, when they ate to satiety, quite naturally limited themselves to the neighborhood of 1500 calories when they had excess stored fat to burn. Of course, as that fat goes away, more and more of the daily energy requirement has to come from dietary calories.

And then you get oddballs like Sam Feltham who ate 5000 calories a day for 30 days and slimmed down a bit. His weight remained stable, because he put on some lean mass while losing a bit more fat. I think Gary Taubes also mentions a study participant who ate 3000 calories a day by eating to satiety, and who lost just as much weight as the other participants. I wouldn’t want to rely on that, but it does show that the human body knows how to take care of itself.

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I’ve been following your thread and hope the fasting works. I personally haven’t made any of these foods because I can’t figure out how I could eat enough of some of these things to fill me up but not put me over my carbs. Avocados have a fair amount of carbs although much of that is fiber so the net carbs are low but I can only have them occasionally.

My body wants me to be fat but if I stick to meat, animal fat, bakers chocolate, some cheese, hwc and the lowest carb plants, I continue to lose. I may eat “too much” protein but it works for me. I have man muscles under this layer of fat. May be you need to switch things up when you are eating again. Good luck.

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Staying busy is helpful. You shouldn’t have any trouble with that part. Good luck you’ll be impressed with the results!

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If you can just skip eating for an entire day you will have a minimum of 36 hours fasted. 40 if you skip breakfast and make it to lunch. But whatever you can manage should be better than what you are doing now (8-hr eating window). If you can only go 24 hours w/o eating then that is basically OMAD (one meal a day). Again - a great start! But I think you will see better results by skipping an entire day.

My husband is not a strong faster and that is all he can manage - he stops eating after dinner, skips the next day and then is up at 5:30 am clawing his way to the kitchen for breakfast. It’s mental because when I ask if he is hungry when he gets up he says “no”. But it is 36 hours and all he has to do is make it to sleep one night on an empty stomach.

Good luck and don’t forget your salt and electrolytes! Salt is helpful for hunger pains and headaches.


This is probably why you’re not losing weight. You’re giving your body 0 reasons to burn it’s own fat.

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How many total calories in a day?

(Michael King) #73

You would benefit from prolonged water fasting and when you eat do not eat much.
5’4" 125lbs is possible for you.again although that does not sound like your goal. Keto eating only without fasting is an unnecessarily slow way to lose weight. Without fasti,g you will only lise some weight and gain it back. I had a similar experience. I was eating too much food even clos3 to zero carb. Too much exogenous calories from keto eating. You will drop a ton of weight if you focus on not eating and doing at least 48-72 hour water fasting cycles until you lose to your goal. Snake diet. You will lose 4lbs a week regularly and your body will transform. Backing off fasting is a ruinous decision. With that said I wish you well.

(Jane) #74

@JackieBlue - how did your first day of fasting go???

(Bob M) #75

I did this for a while, then I got increasingly cold when I fasted. I know Dr. Fung says that’s not supposed to happen, but it did. It got to the point where my hands would be freezing if it was 16 hours into a fast. I couldn’t make it 22 hours. As soon as I ate, I felt better. It’s been a few months since I tried to fast because of that. I may try a 4.5 day fast next week, though.

(Jackie Blue) #76

I made it through my 1st 24 hr fast. It wasn’t that hard, really. What gets me is the burning belly sensation with hunger. I can let normal hunger be my friend, it makes me feel clean and sharp and somehow predatory. But once the burning starts I’m a meowing kitten that wants my mommy. So I drank the juice of 2 fresh lemons and puckered that burn right outta there. I also had about 12 oz of PLAIN bone broth when the fam ate dinner - no oils, no butter, just added salt - and then a cup of licorice tea with nothing added, about an hr before the finish line.

I broke my fast at 11pm with pickles and cheese and a piece of pumpkin pie and whipped cream and went to sleep. I am going to weigh every other day, - post fasting - . I started today and appear to be down a pound, which was a surprise after eating so late at night. I’m not getting my hopes up, as a pound is nothing - but I am at 162 and have not dipped below that once since I started Keto, so if I get below that over this next week of ADF, I may start to feel little funny in my pants.

So, here’s my question and I REALLY hope someone can answer it b/c i have asked several times in several forums and have never gotten clear answers: I blood tested at 22 hrs into my fast. I got a reading of 0.8. the highest reading I have ever gotten on Keto was 1.8 and that was between meals, no eating restrictions whatsoever. Since starting my Compressed Eating Window a month ago (restricted eating to 8 hrs only), I have never gotten a reading again above 0.8.

Shouldn’t it have been higher at 22 hrs into a 24 hr fast? I did it at 9pm, if that matters. If I was utilizing ketones so well I don’t have many left in my blood, I should be losing weight. Unless I really am recomposing. Has any body else had low blood test response but been fat adapted and lost weight just fine? at what point in the 24 hr fast is it optimal to test my blood?

Tonight I start my next 24 hr fast at 6pm, so I’m not doing it at the exact same time around the clock every time. Thanks for checking in and any tips!!


Ketone levels are what they are - some people read higher & some read lower. People can be showing high ketones & not lose weight or show low ketones & be losing.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #78

Alas, there is no real way to determine how much we are producing and using in the way of ketone bodies. All these measurments really tell us is that we are at least producing ketones. But if we are not eating carbohydrate and are not dead, then we knew that already . . . . :bacon:

(Michael King) #79

Fasting will fix your body temp problem too. You back away from that which can heal you. Try wearing gloves. I wear a coat at work. I look ridiculous. I do not care. I am not a fatty anymore. You have to toughen up and stop being so scared. Incredible results will follow but most will find a reason why they are the one in a million that cannot fast. You either change your thinking or your food addiction will eventually kill you slowly and subtly. With that said I wish you well🙏

(Jane) #80

Great start!

By next week of your 2-week experiment you should be able to skip an entire day w/o eating and extend your fast to 36 hours. It is true that fasting is like a muscle you have to build up and it gets easier the more you do it.

Good job - you are doing fine…