November 2018 check in Chat

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Because of all the members that are already in November, I have started this month’s chat thread.

Hope everyone is seeing good results with your maintenance protocols.

October 2018 check in here
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I have decided I would like to drop down my goal weight about 5 lbs. Mostly to just see if I even can do it. I am well into maintenance and so far, staying at my current goal range ( stay within 3 lbs. of my original goal) has been pretty easy. Just want to see if I can move down a tad bit.

Should be interesting to see if I can do that, I’d like to be there by the New Year, no rush, just curious to see if I can do it. Especially now because of all the feasting holidays coming up. I’m doing this because lately I have had a number of bounce ups, hit my scream weight one day which is what got me thinking about trying to lower everything.

Current goal weight: 141
Current scream weight: 143
Target goal weight: 136
Target scream weight:139
Today’s weight: 137.6 (just ended a 44 hr. fast last night)

Tweaks I am going to use to do this:
IF all 7 days
Eating window of 6 hrs. daily, making sure I don’t eat within 3 hrs. of going to bed.
Mix up 36 and 48 hr. target fasts 2x a week
Do the monthly Zornfast aiming from Wed. dinner to Sunday noon.
I am also going to cut back on nuts. They are so easy to consume at the wrong time of day.
Limit dairy to once a day, except for hwc in coffee.

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Scream weight haha

No scale changes here. A few pounds below my scream weight :grinning:

Other than adding fish regularly I don’t have any other thoughts to change things up.

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By hook and crook and IF and utilizing scream weight and lots of ZC days in between life events , I am holding steady here! I still love that I can type that - it was never the case before! I know I had talked about losing more before the new year, but knowing myself, I think my goal is to hit January 1st at the same weight.

I have signed up for some kettle bell instruction, but I’m not sure when that will start. I look forward to some body/shape and strength changes when I learn how to do it correctly!

I’m only 7.5 months from retiring from my job, so I’m getting excited about that. A big part of my Keto journey is to be able to the rest of my life in as good of health and ability as I can - so the motivation is definitely there! (I am in the final throes of converting an ambulance to a tiny home on wheels. I will take off on my journeys next August!).

SO many thanks to all of you who contribute to my ability to maintain! I love this and the other maintenance threads! Peace!

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Katyq02k, glad you are holding steady. And realize when it is time to alter your course. Holding steady weight through the feasting holidays is a good goal at any stage, especially maintenance.

You are going to love being retired. The conversion sounds like a very interesting project. Will you be living in it or just taking seasonal trips to places you didn’t have time to visit before retiring?

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Let me know how the mix up goes 36 and 48. Yessss! Cut back the nuts and I’ll bet this will have an effect. Best wishes this month.

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Really happy to hear from you @katyq02 @Pete_A @collaroygal

I am sitting steady within my 113-125 weight.

Nov 2018 goal is to bust through the 120-122 plateau and get back into the teens consistently (I’m super short so the extra 4-7 pounds is noticeable.

Progress: last weekend my favorite jeans were tight, this weekend, less tight.

I’m prioritizing protein and swapping a few protein grams for a few fat grams. Seems to yield better satiety signals, too.

Onward into the last two months of the year. If I could have a solid week of teens by Dec 2018, that would be my next 7-8 week goal.

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I’ve also swapped some fat grams for protein (running now 65% fat, 30ish protein). I predict negligible results but have started enjoying some leaner cuts of meats.

I look forward to hearing if you think it has an effect.


Hi, I’m new to world of weight maintenance. Just introduced myself in the maintenance introduction thread last month and want to learn more about the topic. Thanks so much for this thread!

My weight has been staying around 182 lbs (plus or minus 3 lbs) for about 3 months but recently has been creeping up. This morning it was a few ounces shy of 190. Ugh! I think the reason is I quit doing IF and expanded my eating window. I also discovered my weakness is clotted cream and Keto ice cream and have been eating more and more of it.

My maintenance strategy this month:
-No HWC in any form.
-Going back to IF with 6-8 hour eating window with no eating 3 hours before bedtime.
-Just started a 3-day fast. Will fast more this month as needed.
-I never had a target weight before and not sure how to determine it but this month I will set it at 182 since body seems to like it with a scream weight of 185.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Thanks for sharing your experiences because I learn a lot from them.

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Dave, that look likes a good plan to me.

IFing and an occasional longer fast, like the Zornfast, seem to keep me on a fairly even keel. I am going to try and drop a few more lbs. not a lot, just to get well within the normal weight range for my height. I also want that buffer between me and the scream weight.


Hello Maintainers! :grinning:

Looks like everyone is doing pretty well!

I had a good month in October. I’m down about 4lbs.

It was weird how i just sort of flipped into OMAD. That coupled with some exercise (jogging) has really had a big impact on my weight, energy and blood sugars.

Still plenty of tweaking and experimenting to do- but glad to be headed in the right direction again.

Like your post Dave- sounds like a good maintenance strategy!! Good luck this month! :grinning:


Best of luck to you. I am retiring in 44 days. I can hardly wait.


Love your post!! Way to outline it. I stole your format and have written down my own “scream” weight. LOVE that term!!


Just noticed you don’t have my of a buffer between your weight and scream weight, I can gain 2 pounds a day while fasting just from water


Oh! I am excited for you! I hope your last days at work are great (and fun with the holidays, etc)! Enjoy your retirement!

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Congrats, what a great time to retire too, you can really enjoy all the festivities around the end of year and beginning of the new one.

Retirement is great. You can do all the things you never had time for before.

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Yeah, as a former yoyoer for over 35 yrs., I am not giving myself too much breathing room. Mostly on keto/lchf, my 3 lbs. range has been really easy to maintain. It was only this summer after a little over a year of maintenance, I saw the bigger bounces. They made me decide to try and lose a tad more. I have just been so happy and content where I am at now, it is time for a little challenge. I’m retired and keto seems to be a hobby for me now, along with fasting of course :joy:

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I believe I am ready to enter maintenance… though 10 more pounds wouldn’t hurt.
I’ve read through many of the threads here but I am still really unsure as to where to start. For some reason I believed that may body would stop losing on its on naturally. However that thought seems to lack logic… esp since I am still losing.

I currently IF daily 16/8 sometimes more, randomly I fast 24 hours. I eat 2 meals a day typically.
I steer away from nuts and cheese when I can because I tend to overeat them.

I work with weights and resistance bands at home in attempts to build more muscle and hopefully tighten and tone.

I have no strategy at this time. I will be researching more but it appears that maintenance is more of an experiment than losing is. I do not want to back track.


I’ve been so focused on losing weight never thought about the day when I will have to start to maintain it. Maybe I’ll just gain 20 pounds so I can keep fasting

(Dee) #20

Lol! No, do not do that. I don’t want to give up fasting either… I don’t think we’ll have to.