November 2018 check in Chat


Idk if you can fast for a week at a time when you don’t have any more fat to lose. I think our bodies need like 10-15% to stay healthy but idk haven’t gotten that far to worry about it yet

(Julie ) #22

So far doing good this month. Dropped a little more weight which addes more distance from what would be a scream weight. Still enjoying the food and recipes that I get to cook. Plus, love the way I feel and all the good side effects.

(Karen Parrott) #23

I have to early time restrict eat/fast

I have to early time restrict eat/fast

I have to early time restrict eat/fast

Imagine Bart Simpson writing this on a chalk board. Just posting for a sanity check and lower weights come December. KCKO.

(Pete A) #24

On the offensive! Cooking at my Mom’s on Thursday bringing bacon, eggs, cheeses, a small turkey, things for my family (carbs/desserts) and treats for me!


I was happy to see pre-holiday Maintenance postings! My son is out-of-town for the week, so I could have been in trouble. However, others were gracious. But three invites to three different dinners for tomorrow = no control over what is prepared, expected of me, etc. So I politely declined one (good friend who understands and who I will see on Friday) and asked the other two (family) if instead I could stop by before the formal dinners for hugs and short visits. I will bring my go-to appetizers with me to the short visits: small bite-size pieces of great sausages. They always disappear! And then will happily and thankfully take myself home to make a great steak!

Please keep posting ideas - I love the Bart Simpson method and the prep,prep,prep method, too!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #26

Proactive, I like that idea. You and @katyq02 seem to have come up with good plans.

So glad I am not putting up with others this Thanksgiving. DH and I are staying at home and having lamb shank one of my favorite things in the culinary world. For that I am very thankful.

These days I prefer to have an activity to do with friends if I know they are carbers. Trip to botanical gardens instead of lunch that sort of thing. Maybe I should start a thread about alternatives to eating outings.

(Jane) #27

I am more or less in maintenance mode and just found this part of the forum. Nice to have ongoing support!

I love the idea of scream weight - I am trying to maintain a 5-lb window so I guess my scream weight would be the upper limit. Haven’t hit it yet, thank goodness.

We are doing Thanksgiving just the two of us, so easy to stay keto or choose what we want to splurge on w/o being pressured by anyone else. Our friends who were going to join us had to cancel but they are also keto so wouldn’t have been an issue.

We turned down an invite by our neighbors because of keto. They are huge carb and dessert people and it would have been tough to manage and we woudln’t have enjoyed it. We told them we were cooking but would walk down to their place and visit with them after they ate.

(Pete A) #28

How’d y’all do? Happy Thanksgiving! I think I ate 1.5 pounds of meat today, other than that all is well. I watched my family dig into those side dishes head first, what a spectacle. :grinning: No one raised an eyebrow or said a word to me about my only turkey and ham plate.

Glad to be back home!


Okay, I had to wait until I got back below scream weight to check in - but today is the day, thank goodness. Let’s just say the holiday was ‘not optimal’ and -darn it- my poorest choices came when I was alone so I cannot blame anyone else!

Thank goodness keto always welcomes me back. I am reflecting on the issues so that I can avoid them/ plan for them around the end of December. I have a work trip to Puerto Rico coming up this weekend - and no control over food for the four days I am there - so I am making my plan for that as well. Once back I have a clear calendar of two+ weeks to take care of myself 100%!

Sorry for the babble, it seems I am working things out as I type! :slight_smile: Best to all in the Maintenance Crew!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #30

Katyq02 isn’t it nice to learn things about ourselves? I consider that true progress when I have those ahha moments, like nope, can’t blame anyone else, it was ALL me.

Good that you are planning. In Puerto Rico stick with the great fish dishes and roasted pig when at all possible.
But enjoy the expience as much as you can, don’t stress out, you can always come home to bacon and eggs for a couple of days to repair any damages done there.

I did great Thanksgiving week, not seeing the small bounce over goal weight that had been happening. At least my clothes still all fit properly, so it was just a mind game between myself and the scale.

That is why I am going to be trying to nudge my weight down a few more lbs., still holding a 3 lb. range. I have been trying out alternate fasting days. Feast/fast/feast/fast protocol. So far it is going well. Very tiny movements on the scale.

This is a tough time of year to stay on plan, so here’s hoping everyone of the Maintenance Crew is doing well.

(Karen Parrott) #31

Oh yeah. We always have 100% choices. Glad you rocked them!! I never put something in my mouth to please others. Good job.