Not reached ketosis


(Veronica) #41

No, I don’t think lazy is the word to describe you :slight_smile: I too used to be a bit of a perfectionist, so if I was doing workouts I had to do so and so much to call myself fit, but that was when I was a lot younger. I don’t have that same energy, but I realise perhaps my medication is leeching a bit of energy from me as well. I understand how one feels during keto and what one achieves might also be affected by age, various medical conditions, meds etc, and so what one will get out of the diet varies for everyone. I didn’t start doing keto for weightloss as I am already slim, but I saw it as a potential cure for my lipoedema, and now that I am also generally feeling a lot better from giving up the carbs I am further motivated. I don’t see keto as a fad diet, but as a lifestyle choice for me personally, but I will listen to my body always and never neglect its very important voice again.


I am totally lazy. It’s a virtue of a programmer. Not like I am much of a programmer nowadays but there was a time… And I still like shortcuts and avoiding unnecessary things :wink: Laziness isn’t all bad at all.

I don’t even understand what does it matter if something is a fad or not…? It only matters if it’s good and healthy for the one in question.

(Jane) #43

Maybe a little bit more energy but not dramatic. No, I don’t do any additional exercising - just what I get normally going up and down the hill to the meadow to take care of the chickens and gardening.

(Veronica) #44

No it doesn’t really matter, poor choice of words on my part, but I just meant, it’s not going to be a transient thing for me. I often see the keto diet described as a fad diet, and I suppose I see that word a bit negatively, but yes, I agree, so long as a diet, any diet, is making somone better then that is all that matters. But the word fad translates to something of the moment to me, something transient, something popular, not sustainable etc. so the word has a negative connotation to me. But I understand it’s all individual, we’re all on different journeys doing things for different reasons, and I am loving the positivity I have found in this forum seeing how people share their time to lend support, offer opinion and advice and reassurances. As I believe positivity is the ultimate tool to both happiness and success.

(Veronica) #45

Sounds lovely :slight_smile: I imagine one can keep quite in shape gardening. I don’t do much exercise at all really, besides a daily brisk walk with my partner. I do it for the enjoyment as much to get into shape, just breathing in the countryside’s fresh air really gets me ready for the day. And my mantra is every little bit helps :slight_smile: