Not losing weight. :(

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Hi all,

I’ve been doing keto for about 2 months. There have been only 2 days in my transition that I’ve eaten 1 non-keto meal (usually while out with friends) and I’ve become better at this now.

I’ve lost maybe … 2 pounds? And I’ve stopped … scale is not moving. I feel my belly is bloated everytime I eat. I feel leaner but my belly is just sticking out :frowning:
I’m doing hardly 2 meals a day, full fat. and maybe yougurt with berries and chia in the morning if I’m hungry. On goods day, I fast for about 15hs.
My hubby has lost about 6 pounds and he’s following in waaaay loser than I am.

Any advice on how to get the fat moving ? :S



Hi and welcome M.

The ability to intermittently feed with a long break of many hours between eating windows is an excellent skill in the tool kit. But it may lead to not eating enough nutritious food.

Many newbies take the approach to reach satiety first and feeling regularly and repeatedly not hungry before adding in time restricted feeding. So they focus on getting and staying in nutritional ketosis by eating very low carb as the main lever. So well done on getting there with time restricted feeding within 2 months. For many the adaptation process is longer.

Often young ladies do not feed them-self enough to lose body fat.

That is the key. Losing body fat. Not losing body weight. That makes the body weight scales a poor tool. Unless they have electronic impedance measurement that might give a rough idea of body fat percentage.

I will predict many of the answers from experienced female keto people that appear below this one will be about feeding yourself enough in the context of giving your body enough nutrients and nutrient density to switch on the body fat loss.

There will be questions about more details on what you are actually eating. For example, the yoghurt, do you have the container nutrition label to share? People will ask why you are eating chia seeds as they could be the source of your belly bloating. Which actual berries are you eating and what are the portion sizes?

Unfortunately males seem to lose body fat more easily with a ketogenic diet. This is due to the magnificent complexity of female physiology.

There will be questions about your thyroid hormone status, iron status and how much you exercise, as the keto detectives try to help you sort it out.

Here come the answers…


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We would need more info to advise for sure but the first thing that jumps out at me is the chia as that causes many people issues.

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Sounds like you need more fiber?


Or less?

Chia seeds are a great way to boost your daily fibre intake and an excellent source of high-quality protein for vegans and vegetarians

Fibre-friendly chia

Chia seeds are a great way to boost your daily fibre intake as they have an outstanding fibre content. Chia has around 30% dietary fibre, which is higher than that of flaxseeds (linseed) or sesame seeds, and works out to be about 10g in 2 tablespoons (which would make a significant contribution to the 25–30g Australians are recommended to consume daily).


:exploding_head: :exploding_head:

I wish I had all the answers for us all LOL but I sure don’t but I have to say FB your post was a good one for sure.

and it is true to the original poster, more info is needed. What are you eating and drinking in a day? all of it and any med situations? How much do you want to lose etc?

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Hi all, thank you for all your inputs.

Here’s with some of the things I eat/ supplement with almost daily.

  1. Inositol for hormone support.
  2. 3 drops of Nacient Iodine (2 times a week)
  3. 2 tablespoons of collagen powder with drinks. (1 morning, 1 before bed)
  4. 2 times a week I drink Apple sider vinager diluted in water with some salt and lemon.

Fruit that I eat during the week: blue berries, strawberries (maybe 8 pieces daily)
I eat greek yourgurt and 2 times a week I make something with almond flour. (maybe pizza, or maybe a type of bekab) and bacon.

Eggs for dinner maybe 3 times a week and vegetables: cauliflower, lettuce, asparagus, onions, zuccini and tomatoes.

I avoid snacking but when I do I eat fried pig skins or a couple of almonds.

Lots of water all the time, sometimes I make it into lemonade to spice it up.

And… that’s basically it.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #8

Restricting food intake can be dangerous, because the body will simply adapt to the lowered intake and stop losing weight. And as Franko says, the weight you want to lose is fat, not muscle and bone.

While lowering insulin (by eating as little carbohydrate as we can manage) is essential to the process of losing fat, it is not sufficient. We must also keep our body out of “famine mode” by eating enough, not restricting calories. In famine mode, the body goes on the defence and works to keep all its reserves, including excess stored fat, in order to get us through the famine. When we eat enough food, the body increases the metabolic rate to match, and can even waste energy.

High insulin blocks the hormonal signal to the brain that we have enough energy on board to stop eating for a while, whereas low insulin allows the hormonal signal to be registered and we stop being hungry. Appetite then returns to being a reliable guide to how much to eat, and if there is extra energy available in the form of excess stored fat, the appetite will adjust to allow some of that excess to be metabolised, along with the food we eat. Many people find that it is easier and more effective to trust their body than to rely on an Internet app to decide how much to eat.

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How much are you trying to lose?

Are you tracking all of those fruits and veggies with a scale? They can add up fast. It doesn’t seem to me you get enoiugh fat or protein based on your typical menus.

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Hi Jane,
sorry I was so focused on what to say I do eat I forgot the most important part: the fat :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have mct oil almost daily, avocado, mozarella cheese, and just meat with a lot of fat in it. (beff and pork mostly)

Trying to loose at least 6 more pounds.

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I cant seem to figure out how I can have yogurt and berries without too many carbs in a day, But then again its hard to find a full fat yogurt around here too so maybe thats the difrence the lowest I find is fage I think is 9 carbs without the berries

Besides that dinner with veggies are you sure your low enough in carbs?

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for this important piece of advice. I try to listen to my body and eat whenever I feel hungry so I’m not starving myself. but it its true I try to keep calories down.
Just having some trouble because I often feel full so I don’t eat much, and then I realize I’m not losing weight at all even tho I’m eating much less.
I just can’t make sense of the fact that burguers, cookies, bread is gone and I continue to weight the same.

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Why are they gone?

I eat burger often and lose weight don’t be afraid of good meat

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6 pounds may feel like a lot to you but really isn’t and if you are at a normal weight it can take a while to get it off. And if you are cutting calories and not losing weight then it is likely your metabolism has slowed to match the intake.

How many carbs do you eat in a day?

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Chia seeds are the most slippery substance on earth …lol

This guy should have bought that bottle of psyllium husk while doing keto because he didn’t know about chia seeds…lol



I listened to the Low Carb MD podcast today where they interview Jimmy Moore. they discuss body weight and body weight scales as being a small (sometimes poor) measure of health.

Jimmy recalled Dr. Stephen Phinney noting that a variation of 5 or 6 pounds body weight is normal variation. That is the body weight can vary that much but the base body tissues of skeleton, muscle and fat do not vary.

With that in mind, congratulations!, you are actually at your goal weight :slight_smile:

The more important bio-markers for health are: blood triglycerides and fasting insulin levels, to start, then a number of tests that measure inflammation.

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To me that is not enough “body weight” to be worried about because I have come to the realization all this so called “weight loss” especially on a ketogenic diet is water and glycogen not body fat, glycogen needs a lot of water to store sugar (glycogen) into muscle tissue so hopping on the scale and seeing the body weight go down will make one happier than a Mad Hatter when they are really just playing water sports?

Body builders eat sugar and carbs to get all swolled up looking all monster like and stuff…lol

It either gets stored into your muscle (do you have enough room?) or into your adipose cells (lots of room?)…lol

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Mistery solved: I’m pregnant!!!

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Congrats her as well!