Not losing weight after starting a new workout

(A bella) #1

So I started 7 weeks ago and lost 13 pounds during the first 4 weeks. All went fine and when I stalled for a couple of days, I added some more fat.

However, three weeks ago I started a 30 mins HIIT training 4 times a week and the scales have completely stopped moving. I didn’t really change my eating routines and I’ve been testing with keto sticks, which keep their darkest color. I’m 211 lbs and 5 ft 4 tall, so I really could lose some of that weight. I check my macros often enough, but I do admit I might eat a bit less fat than I should and my calories stay around 1200-1500 per day.

I know HIIT might not be the most perfect thing for keto but I totally love it so I wouldn’t want to ditch it all together. I would really appreciate any advice as I don’t want to give up on keto!

(Prancing Pony) #2

Hello! Welcome. You are most likely putting on muscle which is hiding weight loss. I would recommend waist measurements instead while you exercise. I recently gained 4kg or 8lb due to heavy weightlifting but my waist is smaller by a cm.


Try measuring instead of weighing. You might be pleasantly surprised.

(charlie3) #4

I agree that exercise doesn’t translate directly to fat loss but it can be used to help do that. After 2 years of keto and exercise I’ve tweaked things to the point where I feel very satiated all day except for a few hours in the morning. that makes it easy to reduce calories a bit to get some weight loss. Lately that’s working so well I’m too full to eat maintenance, by a few hundred calories. I’d rather be eating a small surplus to try for some more muscle mass.

(A bella) #5

Thank you so much, guys! It’s true clothes have become more lose on me, so guess that makes sense. I was worried the exercise was too tense for keto. I was ready for some slowing but it really hasn’t moved even a 0.1 lbs on the scale. I’m relieved to hear that it’s normal since I really didn’t wanna drop it. With all the winter darkness I feel like I have so much more energy while on keto.

So just a follow-up question, at some point does the weight start dropping again? Since I do have quite too much weight, I don’t think I can turn it all into muscle!


If you eat fat and stay below 20 carbs, it will drop. Your body needs to learn to use fat as fuel, it can’t do that very easily if you don’t give it fat to learn with.

(Anthony) #7

You must control your fat intake for keeping yourself fit, otherwise you must do exercises to burn fats.

(PJ) #8

I don’t have an answer for you, but I just wanted to mention that over the last many years, I’ve seen a lot of before/afters of people (always women who worked out) who look drastically different – but are only like 3 pounds different. I mean it seems totally impossible, but apparently their fat loss combined with muscle gain made a bare diff on the scale, but boy it sure did in their size and fitness. I expect you eventually will show more loss on the scale, but focusing on fitness and eating for nutrition not just carb count is probably a good path.

(Bob M) #9

I had three DEXA scans done in a year. This was after shoulder surgery, and I was trying to figure out why I was gaining (scale) weight. I gained about 4 pounds of fat free mass and lost about 6 pounds of fat mass. In a year.

I am way stronger now than I was then. My weight actually went up due to the croissant diet, unfortunately. But I know I’ve gained muscle mass too and in many ways, I look better.

The scale is a poor indicator of health.