Not losing my gut!

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Hi Midnightmoon,

By chance do you know what your blood glucose is at the start of your fast?



Of course I heard about 1200 kcal all my life, I was thinking about that too.
And then I said I ignored that, losing fat eating only 2000 kcal. Calculators gave me a significantly smaller numbers for maintenance but still higher than the usual “1200 kcal for women” people can’t forget about.


That sounds bad. Though I still think it’s all about calories for me, it is for my SO.
We both gain fat on belly first (and not in a nice way. we totally get fat rolls, not just a wider waist, some people do it better) and lose last, it’s a common thing. My poor SO looks bad with a tiny extra fat (nothing like my 20kg, 2kg is enough to have a noticeable effect though not sooo bad yet), quite slim body with a spare tire, quite unaesthetically.
I lost a significant amount of fat and my belly barely changed, only my pants showed something happened, still 2 big, soft rolls… I lose fat very unevenly. Sadly, it’s a thing many of us must accept. It’s better for the ones who doesn’t stall for a decade on their fat-loss journey I suppose… Patience is needed at fat-loss for most of us. Patience and much more.


Most often it will be upper 90’s. I normally check approx 2 hrs after my last meal and 96-100 is my most common range.

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I was listening to a somewhat recent Keto Woman podcast while mowing the lawn Saturday that mentioned the resistance of lipedema fat to ketosis. Is there any indication that male belly fat is possibly also resistant?

I realize it otherwise has little of the characteristics of lipedema.

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My dream has always been to fly fish, or fish in general. Nothing as elegant as a trout. Problem is, I couldn’t bait (I know you don’t use live bait with fly fishing), and I couldn’t take a fish off of a hook - so, I’m kinda stuck.

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I concur…I lost 30% of my body weight on keto and mild IF (because I just skipped breakfast) alone.
Everybody will be different of course.
My downfall previously was too many fast food takeaways, and potato crisps (or chips if you are US). I’ve now lost MOST of the cravings.
I rarely have takeaway now, and when I eat out in restaurants I find the menu can usually be changed upon request to suit yourself…you know, like steak mushrooms and egg, leaving out the menu carbs for example.
The potato crisps/chips? Well occasionally I scratch that itch (pardon the pun, intended) with salt and vinegar, or chilli flavoured , pork scratchings. There’s a wide selection available on Amazon.
Good luck! Oh, and just recently I hit normal BMI for the first time, despite long periods of ‘plateauing’ under keto. Definitely don’t give up or change path. this works. :slight_smile:

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I also lost 6 inches of my waist size in about 6 or 7 months following keto.

Good job I kept the slimmer jeans from before! Now got a load of 36 and 37 inch jeans heading to charity…because I am not getting like that again, no siree!

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Whereas I lost 80 pounds of fat while eating three meals a day. So everyone is different.

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Do certain ways of eating and certain foods makes us more sensitive to stressful situation.

I noticed sometime When I get exposed to stressful situations I can handle the situation very calmly, while in other cases with much less dramatic stressful situation, I feel like I wish I am dead.

So in the case of this thread, it could be the stress, but it also could be the food amplifying and dramatizing the stress.

I would say lacking things more than ingesting the wrong thing.

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Hi Alpha,

With me, sometimes the same thing does and does not stress me out that much. I see it as a stress “rain barrel”, when it fill too far and does not have a chance to drain out, fill up and starts to overflow, the the smallest of annoyances get really amplified.

I look at stress as “fight or flight” and you can’t do either. I have to get away from it for a while to let the rain barrel drain down a bit. Fly fishing, walks in nature, and classic music do help. But it takes some doing to get a chance to do those things.

I hear camomile tea help. I’ve tried it. I can’t stand it, so who knows it is helped me or not.


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I don’t think lesser calories would hurt. What I am going to try next is to eat my mid-day meal as another piece of meat. I did that today with a steak in the afternoon and I was completely fine until dinner. Up until now, I have been eating my husband’s keto pizza, along with additional cheese, and it’s delicious and great mouth feel, but it doesn’t satiate. I definitely get more satiety out of meat. We have meat in the freezer from Covid that is two years old that I want to use up. Honest, most of tastes perfectly fine.


Yep. I can’t lose eating 2 meals a day anymore… And I can eat 4-5 meals in a 5 hour long eating window in the afternoon… Small meals can’t satiate me for long.

I never even had 80lbs extra fat on me ever, that matters too :smiley:

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Calorie restriction has a nasty side effect. It will reduce your base metabolism rate. And that will affect your quality of life.

If your satiation switch is not kicking in, it usually means you are not off the carbs yet (they are addictive). There is no satiation switch for carbs, only protein and fat. Keto’s mostly lose weight when they are fasting. The initial weight loss from Keto (5 to 15 lobs) is water weight as Keto is the most anti-inflammatory diet out there. And SAD is the most.


Isn’t that for too big deficits? Small deficits work like a charm in my family (and for many others. quite a few people realized they need to go below maintenance calories to lose fat). I usually can’t eat little enough to have a deficit though so I just don’t lose fat.
I have read on this forum that the body compensates, be it more or less calories. And I have read and my family members experienced it isn’t the case. It may be for some, I have the compensation when I overeat so it’s quite hard and very slow for me to gain fat even eating sugars and fat galore every day (not like I can do it anymore). I don’t have it when I eat at a deficit, I lose fat then. And definitely not without it. As it’s very logical, why would the body throw out the precious energy reserves?

Carbs can be perfectly satiating, it depends on the person. My SO can’t get satiated with low-carb food nearly as well, he says, not like he tried it often, he feels bad from the fat without carbs after overeating fat due to lack of satiation… I am totally different, that’s why I do keto and not him :smiley: Non-animal carbs mess with me so I avoid vegs too and it’s way better now.

Each to their own.

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Actually you can eat carbs till you puke. There is no off switch. Fat and protein will shut you down and you can’t force it down. Dr Ken Berry has a whole series on this.

Perhaps you mistook “satiate” for “happy”. Carbs do make you happy and we are programmed to seek them. Just not at the insane high glycemic levels that do no exist in nature that we have hybridized plants for. We are our own worst enemies by doing that.

And the “happy” part is also very addicting. I went through a two week withdrawal myself. My skin felt like things were crawling on me and emotionally I freaked out about starving to death whilst I was surrounded by tons of food I could eat. (I have a physiologist for a customer and described it to her, she said it indeed was withdrawal.)

Still hungry, eat more fat. Look up “Fat Bombs”. They will shut you off in a hurry. I like mine with mixed walnuts and macadamia nuts. Both have zero Glycemic Load for a whole cup. One chunk has about 1/4 cups at the most. I can’t force more down. Let me know if you’d like my recipe.

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It is proportional.


When you say your ‘gut’, do you mean your abdominal circumference when measured with a tape measure?

It’s no clear in the discussion if you are concerned about persistent subcutaneous fat on your abdomen, or a protrusion of the belly area from presumed visceral fat inside the abdominal wall.


In reference to myself, in addition to what I noted above:

  1. The ‘nasty side-effect’ of slowing metabolism from calorie restriction depends on the severity of the restriction and the time it’s sustained. If you’re not in ketosis and into ‘Biggest Loser’ territory, then yes, you will slow your metabolism. The 6+ years follow-up study demonstrated that quite clearly. If, on the other hand, you’re in continuous ketosis and have body fat to draw upon, then not. That’s one of the Great Features™ of losing weight with keto. I eat more or less within a ‘caloric window’ of 350-400 kcals per day and have maintained both overall weight and body comp for 5 years. I could stay in the low end of that ‘window’ for months and not slow my metabolism.

  2. I have not experienced hunger or satiety since day 3 of the 4-day fast that initiated ketosis. Carbs have nothing to do with it. I often describe ‘keto hunger’ as the accountant announcing during the monthly board meeting that outgo exceeded income during the previous month and the difference had to be made up from the current account. This is a very different experience from my pre-keto lifetime. It’s about the same with ‘satiety’. I could eat anytime, but I don’t simply because I know I don’t need to. My metabolism switches energy sources seamlessly between ingested and onboard stored fat.

  3. I lost my 35 pounds excess eating 3 meals per day, although I was eating an overall caloric deficit. I never felt the slightest hunger doing so.

  4. I agree that the initial ‘weight loss’ on any diet is water.

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Gut, paunch, beer belly, potbelly, spare tyre, middle age spread, happy belly, etc.