Not hungry

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #1

I started 18/6 IF last week and have experienced an extremely reduced appetite, to the point that I may only eat once in my 6 hour window and het maybe 800-900 calories. Should I be worried that I’m not eating enough, or just assume that I’m getting what I need from my own fat stores? TIA.


Try to keep your protein macro. If protein is low for too long, you risk losing lean body mass. Otherwise it sounds fine to me.

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #3

Thank you! I will definitely watch my protein.

(Khara) #4

Ya. Just keep an eye on how you’re feeling. A year ago my appetite reduced quite a bit. I didn’t know anything about fasting at the time. I just thought well I’m not hungry because I’m using my fat stores. Over a couple weeks my appetite just kept getting less and less. I wasn’t fasting and I wasn’t thinking about electrolytes, I was just hypocaloric. Then I had my monthly cycle and I actually ended up slightly anemic. It was noticeable that something was wrong. Very low energy and sick feeling. Intentionally getting a good amount of protein in snapped me out of it. So just pay attention to how you’re feeling. Otherwise, I now intermittent fast daily and my calorie amounts do fluctuate quite a bit with some low days and some high days and I figure that’s fine as long as I feel good.

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #5

I guess I might have spoken prematurely? Appetite came roaring back today. Made sure I got plenty of protein and electrolytes. Thanks for the feedback!

(Khara) #6

:+1:t3: Ya. I think it’s just normal (for some of us) to have a constant up and down with appetite. I just roll with it. This is my August ups and downs for calories.


Just wondering if your protein is a more stable component under that… if it’s not handy don’t worry. :slight_smile:

(Khara) #8

Actually doesn’t look to be anything stable about any of my macros! See below. August 26 has to be disregarded. Lunch was accurately logged but then I went to a wedding and ate whatever. I didn’t attempt to log and just entered 100 grams of carbs as a reminder. August was my first month back on Keto after 5 months or so off of it. So maybe my macros will stabilize as time goes by although this feels very similar to how I ate previously on Keto.