Not hungry on modified keto diet

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Not necessarily. If you have body fat and you don’t have fasting insulin levels at 14 or above you should be able to use that fat without feeling like you are starving. As long as he’s getting adequate protein, he can do this for as long as he feels good.

Ted Naiman would disagree.

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To be fair, he did say it was “modified keto”.

Not really. Atkins wasn’t “high protein”, it just didn’t limit protein. Also, Atkins diets didn’t fail; they worked really well. What failed is that people gradually went back to eating they way they did before. The people who followed the protocol and only added the amount of carbs they could personally tolerate did fine.

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You don’t have to eat fat to burn fat.

The “fat” on a keto diet can come from your plate or your body. But initially, once starting out on the keto diet you should eat large qty of fat to re-teach your body that fat is its fuel source. Once you are fat adapted then you can eat a low fat as the other fat needed comes from the body.

Dr Stephen Phinney talks about this right at the beginning of this youtube video.

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That’s not Keto. That’s like saying I’m gonna go on a modified vegan diet and eat only cows.

There is a big problem eating high protein. Kidney function could suffer. Actual damage can occur.

Not being hungry would be normal if eating low carb. A Hugh carb diet will make you hungry. We are all pretty much used to that way of feeling. Eat until full, and less than an hour later hungry again. That’s carbs.

Now as by the time I get my reply out, I’m pretty sure several others will have chimed in about fat. Low fat? Wow. To do Keto you need fat. That’s how Ketosis works. Ketones are created by breaking down fat. I think you are bound to have a problem ever getting into Ketosis as excess protein will get converted into glucose. Hindering the ability to get your body to kick into Ketosis.

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He’s 5 days in…

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Sure. But to be more fair if somebody is eating SAD, but calling it “modified keto”, does not mean they’re doing keto.


You will probably do well in the beginning, but after a while you may hit a wall. I would seriously consider “real” Keto because frankly it’s awesome! Lean proteins are higher on the “insulin scale” too. Dr Berg has some videos on it. I’m not at home to link it. Good luck!

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It def sounds like you’re following more of PSMF vs keto. Go check out Lyle McDonald’s RFL book. Super effective but is only recommended for 6-12 weeks (depending on your size). There’s a specific protocol to follow though (diet breaks, cheat meal, re feed etc) so I would highly suggest you check his book out. Otherwise add more fats- less protein and voila you’re on the ketogenic path. I personally go back and forth between the two. It’s just how I like to operate. I am never hungry after three to four days on PSMF so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re not hungry after 5 days.

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Also is a little bit of vodka ok on this diet?

(Lonnie Hedley) #30

Depends on your goals. Alcohol will pause ketosis while the liver processes the vodka.

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“That’s not keto.”

Ketosis mostly requires cutting carbs. At 20 grams he’s probably there, unless his protein is high enough to stop it.

So yeah, that’s keto.

It may not be keto you agree with, but saying it’s not keto is dogmatism.

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My protein is not that high either

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I’m testing out to see what if any effect it has on my blood sugar (ala the Newcastle Diet, although the composition of diet is different) - it’s not meant to be a long term thing.

Surprisingly, actual hunger hasn’t been an issue. Wanting to eat was for the first few days, but for the most part I haven’t been hungry, even on actual fast periods I threw in.

It’s hard to say what the blood sugar results are, although I have learned that protein does actually elevate them and that I need a lot less protein than most formulas would indicate. I’ve gotten stronger this month (and I’ve been lifting for, good lord, close to 30 years).

(Justin Jordan) #34

No real cardio, I do try and walk every day but the Pa winter has not been super accommodating.

I lift three days a week, and that’s gone really well. Made some progress on all lifts, plus a PR. And I’m not new to lifting.

(Todd Allen) #35

The “well formulated ketogenic diet” that is low carb, moderate protein and high fat is a long term sustainable diet. A high protein 1000 calorie per day diet isn’t sustainable. But it will undoubtedly get you quicker results in improved body composition. Fasts also aren’t sustainable but they can be super useful, especially for those struggling to lose weight.

If it’s working for you, keep doing it. Just be ready to switch things up when it becomes hard or progress drops off.

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Fake news.

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I respect your right to have an opinion, but I also respectfully disagree with the point you are trying to make.

There may not be a rule book, but there are most definitely guidelines. Low carb, moderate protein, high fat. Calling low carb, low fat, low calorie, high protein Keto is incorrect. Adding “modified” does not make it any more correct. He’s simply doing a low carb low calorie diet.

P.S. Nice modified dog in your profile pic.

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This is not a ketogenic diet.

This doesn’t even appear healthy or safe.

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #40

Lost 7 pounds since Saturday. Checked this morning. I was 20.7 on Saturday. Exactly 20 stone today.