Not hungry on modified keto diet

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #1

Hey guys,
Just started a modified version of keto diet. High protein, low carbs, max 20g a day and very low fat. Max 1000 call a day.
Also doing an HR cardio every morning on empty stomach.
I started this diet 5 days ago. First few days I was always hungry etc. Now day 5 my hunger is gone…don’t feel like eating anything…is this normal?

(Mike W.) #2

Why very low fat and so few calories? You’re basically starving yourself…

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #3

I am just trying it out. But today, day 5 I don’t feel hungry at all

(Mike W.) #4

But why? Keto is low carb, moderate protein, and high fat. You won’t burn any fat if you’re not eating fat.

(Renee Slaughter) #5

That’s not keto. As the others noted keto is high fat moderate protein. You need more calories and lots of fat.

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #6

So I will not notice any weight loss with what I am doing now?

(Dan Dan) #7

IF/EF KETO WOE is not about loosing weight its about attaining a healthy fat to muscle body composition by changing your body’s primary energy source to fat rather than carbohydrates

This is accomplished by a Diet high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates (net)

Restricting Calories is not recommended or necessary for a change in body composition.

If a quick change in body composition is desired IF/EF is the preferred method as it spares muscle and has numerous health benefits.

If you want to track your progress a body composition scale and a cloth tape measure will help.

If you want to Track ketosis a Blood ketone meter or a keto breathalyzer are prefered (urine keto strips rarely work and are not recommended)

To learn about IF/EF Keto WOE youtube is a great place to start:

I like DR. Berg he explains it in a simple way (for a simple person like me) :smiley:

“May the Force (fat adaption) be with you”

IF/EF Keto WOE is Self-Discovery :wink:

Good luck and much success in your journey in IF/EF Keto WOE :grin:

(Chris W) #8

As others have pointed out, What you are doing would not be described as Keto. It would be more accurately described as a Protein Sparing Modified Fast. You may or may not be in ketosis at any given time when following this diet. It can be very effective for rapid fat loss, but will likely become very difficult to maintain for long and it may not contribute to overall health and well being in the manner that a Keto diet can. Hunger gone after 5 days is very similar to other forms of Fasting.

(Justin Jordan) #9

You absolutely will.

(Justin Jordan) #10

I’ve dropped 17 pounds this month doing something fairly similar. 243 to 226. My actual diet ends up being like 70% fat or thereabouts.

(Chris W) #11

The OP stated that he was high protein and very low fat. If he is hitting 20g carbs and staying under 1000 cals, he may be as high as 80% protein and closer to 10% fat. This is PSMF territory.

It’s generally safe in people with plenty of body fat, but can be quite challenging to maintain. In people with low body fat, there is a risk of rabbit starvation.

It’s also possible that the OP is generically referring to meat as protein, not realizing that most meat has a lot of fat calories, and could actually be closer to being Keto than PSMF. :slight_smile:

(Olivia) #12

If you are not hungry, feeling great and losing weight, continue and be happy. However, should your weight loss stall for a longer period of time (3-4 weeks) you might want to tweak your macros towards lower protein and more fat.

(Mike W.) #13

How is that anything like what the OP described? He said he is taking in very little fat and low calories.

(Justin Jordan) #14

In that I’m only taking a 1000 calories a day and essentially zero carbs.

It’s relatively high fat, but the high fat here is relative - about eighty grams. Far less fat than probably most people doing keto or, for that matter, the average person’s diet.

I’m curious about the really low fat part of the diet on the OP’s part, for that matter.

(Mike W.) #15

Ah gotcha. Why so few calories? Aren’t you hungry?

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #16

My diet is,
Egg whites, white fish, protein powder, broccoli, mushrooms, coffee, and condiments like salt, garlic powder, 1 Cal srpay oil etc

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #17

And I am over weight by the way. 20st and 4 pounds today

(Punit Maximus Mannari) #18

Justin 17 pounds…that’s excellent. Are you doing any cardio? I am doing an HR cardio on the cross trainer first thing in the morning on empty stomach

(Lonnie Hedley) #19

That’s not Keto, that’s something else.

(Allan L) #20

The atkins diet was high protein and this failed. Whilst people lose weight initially protein still causes a insulin response so long term people returned to their original weight.

The keto diet is moderate protein and high fat. This is why this diet produces long term and lasting weight loss. Keeping protein as well as carbs in check!