Not hungry on carnivore


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I am 5"7 male 210 pounds. I’ve been on the carnivore diet since Saturday night and I started eating 3 meals a day (steak, ground beef and eggs) for some of the days but since tuesday morning something changed. I only ate one single steak at like 4 AM on tuesday morning and didn’t feel hungry enough to eat until like 6 AM the next day. Now its 12:00 on thursday (30 hours since I’ve eaten) and I still don’t feel the urge to eat, my stomach feels hungry I guess but I don’t feel like eating, its strange. Those times I ate with the big gaps all I had were a good sized steak with butter and celtic sea salt (two teaspoons.)

Whats wrong? I’ve lost 11 pounds over the course of 5 days. Am I not going to be able to get enough fat eating so rarely? Is it because I’m eating to much steak that I’m not hungry or something? Ground beef makes me nauseous and I don’t know what else to eat to get fat in. If you need anymore details just ask thanks.

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There’s something wrong with not being hungry? I think that’s what we all strive for. :wink:

Did you not want to lose weight?

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Well I actually feel like I’m starving at this point and my body is heating up and I even feel a little bit dizzy or something when I move my head fast and stuff. I don’t crave meat at all, its like I said in my post I feel hungry and not hungry, I’m sweating and almost feel starving but don’t want to eat at all at the same time right now. Its kind of scaring me. I mean, how long can I go without eating before something bad happens? Its been 30 hours for Christs sake.

I also feel kind of nauseous after drinking some water just now. Starting to get low energy too.

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So eat some eggs bacon or something and see if that helps

if your starving you should be able to eat eggs and bacon at least

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I would go to the store and buy some of your favorite exotic meats whether that’s filet mignon or smoked salmon something that might tempt your appetite. You’re wise to understand that you have to eat.

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Eggs make me nauseous and bacon has sugar in it and I can’t find any bacon without sugar in it.

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I don’t feel like eating any of that stuff though, I am a heavy fast food addict. If I were rich I’d literally weigh 500 pounds because I am obsessed with Wendy’s Baconators, 7/11 slushies and snacks, baskin and robbins recees sundays, etc. I can’t stand this fucking diet. Hopefully I’ll eat before I die though. Am I messing up the diet by not eating though?

Tons of my relatives are alcoholics and I think I just have that addiction gene. I also went cold turkey from drinking 4-5 diet cokes a day to 0 and this shit is just torture.

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so then go strait Keto or another diet you are more suited too

To be honest I am suspecting this is just some type of trolling

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Why do you think I’m trolling? I don’t want to quit the diet I’m just saying maybe I’m not eating because I fucking hate just eating meat and straight hamburger meat makes me nauseous and I feel like I’m gonna vomit if I eat it again. I don’t know why I don’t want to eat its strange. I guess if I keep drinking water I won’t starve since I know you can go without eating for like a week or something and I’m sure my appetite will kick up by then. I haven’t taken a crap since last Friday or Saturday, could my body just be unable to take in any more food? I haven’t seen many people posting that they aren’t eating for 24+ hours twice in a row.


30 hours is a very short time if it happens rarely.
Obviously you need to eat properly longer term and you shows signs that you aren’t okay.
If you are sure it’s the amount of food… Well you don’t need hunger to eat. I usually eat without it or only with the tiniest one as I don’t get hungry easily. I can feel the need to get fuel though.

Different food items satiate us differenty, it’s individual too. If steak satiates you too much, try some other food… There are options. You mentioned eggs, that’s a nice option, I can eat them even when I dislike them in general, they are very versatile (maybe it’s just me. once I hated eggs for a week and still could eat them in their most tempting form, maybe hidden). And so great mixed with meat/fish/tendon, that’s what my fried flatbreads are…
I don’t eat bacon, I eat smoked pork from directly from a farm, surely no sugar - I would feel, I am quite sensitive to it - but I don’t know what is available there. Some quality sausages? Those are so nice! And dense.

I know the feeling when you just can’t eat after some meaty meal but not the one when your body is starving while feeling that… I am not even sure you can starve without feeling hunger if you just have such a short fast…

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Maybe go to chick fila and get some grilled chicken nuggets I like to throw some tabasco sauce on it,( not sure if tobasco is allowed on Carno, Ill need to find out as I am considering the switch)

But just find something if your new and suspect you need to eat why mess with it so early on

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I don’t want to eat outside red meat for the first 2-4 weeks since I’ve read that’s what you should do. Also I can’t eat eggs they make me nauseous (found out the hard way). I would like sausages but I don’t know if I can eat them since reddit says most of them have bad ingredients.

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Tabasco has peppers in it so no not carnivore and I chic fil a grilled nuggets have tons of stuff in them (veggies, sugar) you can’t have on the carnivore diet.

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yeah this isn’t a weight loss diet and if you hate what you’re doing you need to find another way to lose weight if that’s your only goal

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Have you been keto before this or did you go strait carno

I am currently meat heavy keto 85% on the way to carno, But when I started Keto I had prepared made sure I knew what I can eat in an emergency and made sure I had it on hand

Surely there is something you know you can eat that you can get fairly quickly

Eat something

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Well I mean isn’t a 30 hour fast perfectly fine? If I don’t eat for like 2-3 days I’ll force feed for sure. Maybe my body just wants this.


I wouldn’t eat most sausages either. That’s why I eat good quality ones from local farms I trust.

Buy some other red meat then if you can. I am not into beef but I love mutton. And it’s fattier.

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I’m also worried if I’m going backwards or staying in the same place by not eating. As in, people say this diet takes 1-2 weeks to start making you feel good but do no food days count in that timeline? I hope so…

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You got to eat like it’s your job man take your medicine It can take 6 weeks to 6 months to properly adapt and that’s not going to happen if you’re not eating