Not hungry on carnivore


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No way I’m suffering like this for 6 weeks let alone half a fucking year I’d rather blow my brains out. If I’m not hungry then why should I eat? My body just doesn’t want to I guess.

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Well if you going to reject all the advice from all the people why post here if not to troll

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Job, I didn’t notice anyone commenting that you just started Saturday. I totally understand and believe what your experiencing is just carb withdrawal and cravings. Going from a fast food diet straight into Carnivore is a drastic transition in my opinion. I would recommend a more gradual shift starting with very low carb keto. Get your body used to being low carb before transitioning to an all beef experiment with Carnivore. I lost weight fast on Carnivore but some don’t. I don’t know why that’s so variable of an experience. But you might do better with a gradual transition.

And if you want to stay with carnivore now I don’t see any problem starting a bit dirty if it helps you stay with it. Certainly the bad ingredients of bacon and sausage are nothing compared to your previous way of eating junk food. Just try to get lower carb varieties. I will eat sausages with 1-2g of carbs myself but I’m not eating Carnivore at the moment. I included them doing dirty carnivore. As you go just over a month or however much time you need start phasing them out and try your all beef thing. Until then some spices might make things easier for you to comply with a Carnivore WOE. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Appreciate your kind words but I really need to stick to this diet cause I need to get a job soon and my anxiety is terrible and this is the only thing I have left to try to fix it. Will I be okay if I don’t eat for a couple of days or something, will this keep happening where I’m not hungry for 33 hours now or is it just cause its my first week?

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Sorry Job, I can’t answer you there. But if weight loss is your main goal I would say regular KETO might get it done faster and bring back your appetite some. I do not recommend lots of fasting starting KETO. You may down-regulate your metabolic rate especially if it’s already slow now, it isn’t the best time for fasting. It could very much slow weight loss now. Since it’s job related I’m guessing it’s a weight issue. :cowboy_hat_face:


Because your body needs food even if you aren’t hungry. You can fast for some days if you want but you need to eat eventually. Some people don’t get hungry, not after one day, not after two, not after 3… They still eat because they have to.
Hunger isn’t always reliable for everyone. If I waited until real, not just very very subtle hunger, I would get weak first sometimes… Hunger just don’t necessarily arrives in a day or two or 4… No matter my diet or fat adaptation. I had that on high-carb too. Rarely but happened.
When I first tried carnivore for a little while, that was surreal, I couldn’t eat anywhere around my normal amount. Drastic changes are able to do more strange things.
But something doesn’t change: our body needs its nutrients. Whatever our hunger and appetite does.

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Great answer, and if OP is looking for healing from anxiety there are neurochemical and hormone issues that may not be able to balance without the proper nutrients amino acids essential fatty acids and energy that meat provides


Since you are newer you are going thru adaption. Carb withdrawl truly and yea it can feel absolutely horrible. And as your body is detoxing from the old nasty food many changes are happening in your body.

for some it means they lost their appetite a bit and meat/seafood is hard to eat. Have you tried fish/seafood as a backup against red meat etc? or a big old pile of chicken wings? In other words, can you find ANY and ALL meat/seafood you think you can handle and just eat all you can without forcing anything?

You have specific reason, like correct stress and anxiety from being carnivore in a short time? I think you are expecting some fast miracle from zc that isn’t gonna happen. In fact you have to adapt first into this plan so your first few weeks or longer easily can be nastier than one thinks depending on our personal healing changes happening to us so??

AND IT IS OK NOT TO EAT on this plan but thing is it is scaring you and you feel you need to eat something. Then find something to eat. Get a naked baconater from Wendys. Seafood, fish options. There is I am sure some form of meat/seafood/fish out there you can and will eat but you have to find it ya know. And even if you eat only a little that is fine. I feel like you are truly expecting too much from zc too fast while you are in some stress with your job and more and it is kinda monkeying with you big time. ZC plan takes a big focus when we change to this plan. Maybe now is not the right time? but all that is for you to decide and I am wishing you the best of luck thru it all!

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I am 5’7 and I believe around 256 age 38 female. I have no appetite as well. I was wondering why too. It’s kinda nice right now though as most of my life I’ve felt hungry, I am wondering if my body is encouraging me to fast on its own. Maybe it’s toxins the body wants to work to expell or just weight it wants to get off. I don’t feel dizzy but little nauous though. My lower intestines don’t hurt very much which is a very new thing for me.

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Welcome to the forums!

It appears that you have a significant amount of extra fat to shed, so you can go a certain amount of time without hunger. A high-carbohydrate diet keeps insulin elevated for most of the time, which means constant hunger, since insulin is telling our cells to store energy rather than use it. This works fine for bears eating berries to put on weight for the winter, but it doesn’t work so well in a human environment in which fruits and other carbohydrate sources are available year-round.

Without elevated insulin messing with our appetite hormones, many of us find that our appetite drops to a level that allows the body to metabolise both the fat we eat and the fat we can now release from storage. The only risk of not eating enough is the possibility of signaling to the body that a famine is going on, in which case, it tends to hang on to its resources in an attempt to get us through to more abundant times. If you are listening to your body and not wanting to eat, that’s one thing; just do not deliberately restrict your caloric intake.

If you think you may need food, but aren’t sure whether you are hungry, cook a meal and try to eat some. If you need the food, this should stimulate your appetite (this is the underlying concept of the appetiser), but if you find you don’t really need the food, put it away for later.

The “little nauseous” feeling is likely to mean that you simply don’t need the food at the moment. (If it were real nausea, you would know the difference!) If you were feeling dizzy, I’d suggest eating a bit of salt and drinking some water. The fact that your lower intestines don’t hurt very much is likely a sign that the β-hydroxybutyrate being produced by your liver is working to heal your intestinal problems.

The OP in this thread was having a real difficulty adjusting to a carnivore diet. There is nothing to say that you have to eat carnivore, I presume, so if you are simply doing it to lose fat, don’t be afraid to start eating carbohydrate again, if you need to. Many people have lost a considerable amount of fat eating a low-carbohydrate/ketogenic diet, without needing to cut out plant foods altogether.

A lot of people come to a carnivore way of eating because they have health problems that even a ketogenic diet did not resolve. Dr. Georgia Ede, a long-term carnivore, has stated that she actually likes vegetables and would eat them if she could, but only a plant-free diet keeps her medical problems in check. (An example of the opposite extreme is a doctor whom Gary Taubes interviewed for his latest book, and who eats a meat-free ketogenic diet—again, not because she wants to, but because of the health problems she experiences from eating meat.)

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Many of us carnivores began this journey with keto. It’s a nice natural way to eventually slide into carni. You need to be careful to get enough calories, or your body will rebel.
I yo-yo dieted for so many years, that my success depended on feeding my body enough food and staying balanced and steady under 20 carb grams a day. I only counted calories at first to make sure I had enough. It’s easy to eat so little that we stall out. You have to trust the process.

And when you aren’t hungry, go ahead and make yourself eat. Your appetite will eventually catch up with you, but cravings can disappear.
Hang in there.
You got this!

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I think if your body is not hungry while you are adapting, don’t force yourself to eat. You will most likely find your appetite starts to increase after a while. But, I will also add that hunger on carnivore is different. When I did my carnivore trial, I did not get hunger pangs. I would just feel like crud: a little nauseous, maybe headachy. When that started to happen I was a little past due for meal time.


Smoked salmon. That’s what I forgot to buy today, and crave!



Not strictly true about the bacon!

I buy this- admittedly it is more expensive, and I promise you I’m not biased (as much as one can be- I’m not affiliated) because it is produced in Northern ireland where I’m from.

Here’s the breakdown. The company/producer is called Finnebrogue Artisan. Based in Northern Ireland (no bias- these are leading).
They make the ‘non carcinogenic containing nitrate/nitrite’ version of bacon.
I eat it regualrly- but it is about a 3rd more expensive…for now.

Their website is Home - Finnebrogue Artisan


That doesn’t seem much carbs to me, plus you have the extra benefits.


Limited amounts of berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries for example…not grapes etc.) I have found are absolutely fine, and do not interfere with ketogenisis, when taken in sensible quantities. I think a lot would agree.

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Yes, even Dr. Lustig, who is pretty much pro-fruit (because of the fibre), says that grapes are just “little bags of sugar.” :grin:

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Hi Voteforpedro,

You don’t have to only eat red meat on carni or when starting carni. You will find people saying all sorts of things on the internet. Just because someone says it doesn’t make it true. Going cold turkey from a standard and/or junk diet into carni can be tough on our bodies and emotions, same for keto. There are all sorts of things happening in our bodies initially that can make some people feel terrible.

Only you can decide but I, personally, think you need to eat something. If you are determined to eat carni find SOME animal based food and eat 1-2 bites of it. Then wait. Then eat 1-2 bites more. You may find the nausea starts to subside and some hunger kick in. You can eat dairy on carni unless you already know you react very badly to it, so maybe you can tolerate some very low carb greek yoghurt right now. Later on you can ditch dairy if you want to, but right now be very gentle with yourself and watch your “shoulds” and high expectations.

Make SURE you are having electrolytes. You will lose a lot of them when shedding all the water weight when you ditch carbs, and your electrolytes being wonky could be a big part of why you are feeling so horrid.

One thing you haven’t talked about is why you want to try the carnivore way of eating, rather than a different way of eating like keto or low carb or vegetarian or… Knowing our why can be helpful. It clarifies our goals, helps us to see if our expectations are reasonable, gives us some markers to track our progress etc.

Hang in there, we’re listening and ready to encourage you and share our thinking.


I may be wrong but given that his/her original post was two years ago, we may not hear answers to this… :man_shrugging:

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I always forget to look at the date. I didn’t start carnivore but decided to give it a 30 day trial, that was almost three years ago. I decided I liked it.

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