North West Meat-Up #2 - 17th November 2018?

(Vijay Bhakta) #1

I mentioned this in the UK Picnic thread but then thought I’d better make a post so that it is not hidden away.

A few of us (me, @jimdoesketo and @MmmBacon) have been talking offline and chose a few fridays from now to meet up. @MmmBacon suggested Solita which had a fair few options which we can Ketofy (I will talk to them in advance to warn them of our requirements - we can be worse than Vegans at times :smile:)

Anyone else up for it ? The restaurant is in the town centre, less than a 10 min walk from the train station and just a few minutes more from the bus station.

Just let me know here so I have an idea on numbers.



Looking forward to meeting more ketonians :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rob) #3

Yep, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Let's see who is where in the UK!
(Vijay Bhakta) #4

Just a little bump to see if anyone else is interested. I did get in touch with Solita asking about making changes on the day to ketofy the menu and they responded with…

“Yes we cook everything fresh here so making changes and swaps is totally fine with us.”

So, I will confirm the table on the 16th, so far there is myself, Jim and Rob - any others ?


(Richard Morris) #5

I’ll be mentioning it on the podcast this week :slight_smile:

(Anthony Mckechnie) #6

Gutted I thought this was on Saturday! Would have loved to come along.

(Ellen) #7

Have fun guys, would have come but not up North this month.

(Vijay Bhakta) #8

No worries. I am sure we will have more.

@AnthonyMac - Are you local to these parts then ?

@Elle79 - Let me know when you are next up North and if the timings align, we can sort something out for then

(Anthony Mckechnie) #9

I’m from Liverpool so not too far too travel

(Ellen) #10

Will do @Vijay, likely next month then Nov.

(Louise ) #11

Please do! I would love to come!

(Louise ) #12

Hi Vijay, definitely be interested next time! Please let me know.

(Vijay Bhakta) #13

@LouiseReynolds Profile says you are in Adelaide ?

It will be @MmmBacon Ketoversary soon, so the plan is to get together again soonish, Sept/Oct - just need to find a date which suits all. @Elle79 - will wait for you to let us know when you are in the area and work from there,

Onto the Lunch, nice place, I was the only one not driving so had a few large Gin and Tonics :slight_smile:

Staff were happy to discard the buns, and Rob and I opted for a fried egg instead, Jim asked for his “Protein Style” - they had no idea, so he said. wrapped in lettuce please.

Food was cooked very well and we all had the haloumi fries which I thought were pretty damn good. Going back with the family next week for more.

So. pics…

What caught the eye, and imagination, was their signature steak special, at £5.50 per 100g, they have several sized cuts, starting at 425g but I think the larger one was around 600g. a 40 day dry aged ribeye…

So, chances are we will be back, for a more leisurely lunch with a bottle of wine.

(Louise ) #14

Ohhh I need to update that. I’m living and working in Chelmsford, Essex at the moment. I saw on that there is a London based keto group that meets once a month (on a weeknight). But happy to come and travel the UK as much as I can!

(Vijay Bhakta) #15

Great, will definitely keep you posted then.


It was very enjoyable to talk low carb with like-minded folks for a couple of hours. Solita was a stellar suggestion from @MmmBacon - looking forward to the next meat up !

(Ellen) #17

@Vijay I’ll be going up 8/9 then 17/11.

(Vijay Bhakta) #18

@Elle79 Would you believe that those are 2 weekends I am not in the NW. 8th Sept in London as its my daughters 21st and 17th Nov at an old boys re-union in Dublin.

Will mention to Jim and Rob if either date suits them to arrange a meatup anyway.


(Vijay Bhakta) #19

Had a quick chat with the guys. Jim is away 8th Sept too, but November 17th is free. I double checked and I am actually flying back from Dublin at lunchtime, so if we look for an evening bash, then I will be there too.

So thats 3 so far…

@Elle79 @AnthonyMac @LouiseReynolds Are you guys up for the 17th Nov ? Is it close enough to Xmas to call it a Keto Christmas Do ? :smile:

We can discuss the Where once we have a better idea on who is available and where in the NW they will be.


Hi, am new to the forum but would be really interested in meeting up with others in the North West area to discuss keto.