Nope! KETO doesn’t work 😂. Pics don’t lie!

(Dee Nice) #41

Ron, you truly are a great example of what dedication to a better life & better eating looks like. I need to get strict with what I eat like in the beginning. 6month & only down 38lbs. Your picture inspires me. Thank you for posting this!!

(Ron D. Garrett) #42

I know, right?

(Ron D. Garrett) #43

Thank you!!!

(Ron D. Garrett) #44

Thank you for sure?

(Ron D. Garrett) #45

Thank you for those kind words!

(Candii) #46

Wow!! Great results!!

(Consensus is Politics) #47

Keep on keeping on! If this is failing, I will continue to lose too!

And since I cant give more than one like to a post, here, take some of these!!!



(Ron D. Garrett) #48

Thank you so much!!

(Ron D. Garrett) #49

Yes yes yes!!!


You look great !!

(Ron D. Garrett) #51

:pray: very much

(BuckRimfire) #52

Man, what a failure! :rofl:

Dude, that kicks ass! :metal:

(Jane) #53

Nice to see your smiling face again! I’ve missed you!

(Ron D. Garrett) #54

Thank you!

(Jules ) #55

You look absolutely sensational! Are you sure you just haven’t google searched up some older, overweight random guy pic and posted it? You seriously do not look like that person at all.

Congrats! Hope the ‘deprivation’ and ‘unsustainability’ of keto has not been too terrible for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Ron D. Garrett) #56

:joy: :joy:. Thank you!!!

(Susan Bryant) #57

I’m so impressed!

(Ron D. Garrett) #58

Thank you!!

(PK) #59

Incredible! Wow!! You look fantastic! Thanks so much for the pics, quite an inspiration!!! This really motivates me; I am a few months into Keto, and just hope I can make that kind of a transition, after a year more of this! Eating primarily food I already love to eat, but doing a LOT more baking for myself, to control the contents of everything. Down 16 lbs right now; so far so good!

(Ron D. Garrett) #60

Thank you!!! Your journey sounds awesome as well!