Nope! KETO doesn’t work 😂. Pics don’t lie!

(Dee Nice) #41

Ron, you truly are a great example of what dedication to a better life & better eating looks like. I need to get strict with what I eat like in the beginning. 6month & only down 38lbs. Your picture inspires me. Thank you for posting this!!

(Ron D. Garrett) #42

I know, right?

(Ron D. Garrett) #43

Thank you!!!

(Ron D. Garrett) #44

Thank you for sure?

(Ron D. Garrett) #45

Thank you for those kind words!

(Candii) #46

Wow!! Great results!!

(Consensus is Politics) #47

Keep on keeping on! If this is failing, I will continue to lose too!

And since I cant give more than one like to a post, here, take some of these!!!



(Ron D. Garrett) #48

Thank you so much!!

(Ron D. Garrett) #49

Yes yes yes!!!


You look great !!