Nope! KETO doesn’t work 😂. Pics don’t lie!

(Jonathan Smith) #21

Awesome great job like a champ

(Bacon is the new bacon) #22

And it will kill us. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


(Drew Schmidt) #23

Dude…I’m right there with you. Down 85 pounds. On Keto since March 1st, 2018. Weight hasn’t changed since January but I’m just putting on more and more muscle. I was in 38" pants in January and now without any weight loss I’m trying out 36". I don’t look as good as you! Yet!

Also, Type 2 Diabetes gone. Blood work all looks good!

My Instragram page…I need to post an update picture. The on in the blue shirt was back in January!

(Deborah ) #24

Awesome job! Congratulations! Keep following that “unsustainable, fad” diet you’re on… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Marianne) #25

Wow; you look fit and fabulous!


Preach! You look fantastic!

(hottie turned hag) #27

That photo gave me eye joy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Jane - not feeling hungry anymore!) #28

Congratulations on your spectacular success! KCKO

(Ron D. Garrett) #29

Thank you!

(Ron D. Garrett) #30

Yeah I know. I got promoted and I actually have to work again. I’m supposed to be retired :joy:

(Ron D. Garrett) #31

Thank you so much!

(Ron D. Garrett) #32

Amen bro. Love it

(Ron D. Garrett) #33

I will and thank you

(Ron D. Garrett) #34


(Ron D. Garrett) #35

Love it!! :joy:

(Ron D. Garrett) #36

Exactly! Smh at those clowns who try to beat us down

(Ann) #37

Such an inspiration. Just yesterday, I told my secretary on the 22nd hour of my 24 hour fast that I will be aiming for a 72 hour fast in the near future. She looked horrified and said, “Oh no, that doesn’t sound healthy”…Did I mentioned she said this in disgust while she was eating her daily morning maple bar doughnut? Things that makes you go ummmm…

(Jami Theresa Williams) #38

Simply amazing. WOW!!!


OMG! You look fantastic, Ron!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!


Way to go!