Non-chalky chocolate milkshake?


I’m wanting to create a keto-friendly, non-chalky tasting chocolate milk shake. It seems every recipe I see out there uses cocoa powder, or cacao powder. EVerytime I attempt with these ingredients, the end product tastes more like chalk, than chocolate. Are there receipes out there to get what I’m looking for? Typically recipes I’m seeing involve:

nut milk, coconut milk, and/or heavy cream
Some flavoring like cocoa powder, cacao powder, and sometimes nut butter

Blend in food processor/blender, and good to go. Would be interested in someone could pass along something they’ve had success with. Thanks

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Try cacao BUTTER.


Since its the cocoa powder giving it the chalkiness, have you considered adding melted chocolate instead? It’s easy to melt chocolate in the microwave, with just a little butter or coconut oil. I’ve done it with the Lily’s chocolate chips and with unsweetened Baker’s chocolate when making my own chocolate sweets:

You only need about a teaspoon of fat per cup of chocolate. Then microwave it 20 seconds at a time, whisking it in between, until you get a smooth mixture.

A milkshake could just be a mousse with additional liquid?

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I usually do a protein shake with a couple of scoops of whey protein and a bit of heavy cream for creaminess. I shake it with ice but you could blend it as well. If you get a good protein brand it’s not chalky at all.


I make a Chocolate Custard / Smoothie. - Depends ho thick I make it…

1 large Avocado
1 large heaped tbl spoon of raw peanut butter
1 tbl spoon of coconut oil
1-2 tbl spoons of Cacao powder or choc Protein powered (this is how I make it runnier or thicker)
400mls of unsweetened Almond milk ( or any other liquid you fancy that’s unsweetened)

Whizz in a Nutri Ninja. and Enjoy