No sugar on keto

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So I saw a video of a doctor saying to get 0 grams of sugar on keto to be keto adapted. But don’t avocados have sugar in them? And aren’t they good for keto? I’m so confused cause spinach also has sugar in them as well as many vegetables.

My sugar content has been lower than 3 grams. I did some adjustment today and if I only eat 2 avocados it brings it down to 0.8 grams of sugar. If I remove the avocados it brings it down to 0 grams.

Also cutting out avocados will make my potassium content drop 1,200 MG unless there’s better food to supplement that. I’m already taking a teaspoon of cream of tartar everyday. in my water. With avocado my potassium intake is 3,400 MG.

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Not sure exactly what that doctor’s video was getting at, but 0 sugar might mean no “sugar” as opposed to no “carbs” - of which refined table sugar is merely one form.

You’ll get more complete replies from others around here, but keeping your dietary carbs at/below 20 g/day will essentially ensure you enter ketosis and eventually become “fat adapted.” :vulcan_salute:

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The short answer: eat your avocadoes, and don’t worry about it.

There are two types of “sugar” we talk about: one is glucose, the other is table sugar (also called “sucrose”). The glucose is of concern on a ketogenic diet, because our purpose is to lower our insulin to put us into fat-burning mode. This is why it is necessary to limit our carb intake. All carbohydrates are made of glucose arranged in various ways.

Sucrose, on the other hand, consists of a molecule of glucose bonded to a molecule of fructose. You should count the glucose as part of your carb limit. The fructose is handled differently in the body, and too much of it can cause liver damage. So you really want to avoid sucrose, even if the amount of glucose it contains isn’t a concern.

Just to put your mind at ease: too much glucose will keep you from becoming keto-adapted. Which is why there’s a limit. Stay under that limit, and you will be fine. But fructose is irrelevant to that, apart from the liver disease it can cause. I stay away from table sugar entirely, but I do eat a limited amount of carbs, and I stay in ketosis just fine.

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The videos that said it was here at time: 1:40

I’m a bit confused on what he means. It’s been a month and I’m experiencing keto flu now. Didn’t in the first 3 weeks. Maybe I’m just a late bloomer.

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The videos that said it was here at time: 1:40

I’m a bit confused on what he means.

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@Kiethenbbundy Yeah, he likely means refined sugar in this context - like in cookies, chocolate bars, cakes, pastries, etc. The right amount = zero.

High carb foods, like whole grain bread, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, cereal, will very easily put you over the top even though they’re unrefined “sugars” (= carbs, in the venacular) and will keep you from entering and maintaining ketosis. But the trace levels of carbs in avocado and other low-carb foods are not going to get in your way of achieving what’s likely drawing you to go on your keto journey.

Best wishes, and sorry for any confusion Berg may have invited with an inartful snippet of speech.

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Keto “flu” is a symptom of not getting enough sodium. Putting a bit more salt on your food should greatly help.

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Thank you for saving me the extra headache!!

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This is my nutrition facts for the day. Does this look alright to you? Is there anything I can improve on?

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Looks good to me.


Was literally gonna ask which one of the typically morons said that, and then place my bet that it was Berg or Berry… then I scrolled down LOL!

As it’s been said, your avocados are fine, even the 20g number is made up, you just gotta find your balance, and 20g is a safe spot for almost everybody. Don’t overthink it. Keep in mind, self-proclaimed keto expert Dr Berg is a Chiropractor, not a medical doctor, not a nutritionist, not a dietician. Just a click bait producing YouTuber like all of them.

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I think I found the reason why I kept experiencing the keto flu. I went through all the food I ate and I noticed that my sausage in the morning has hidden added sugars in it lol. I switched to a zero sugar sausage right after and I’m feeling more fullness and my skin feels more nourished. And I wasn’t hungry for almost 6 hours. Not sure if it’s placebo or not but positive things so far

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We had a “favorite” sausage from the store for a while. But then, something happened. It was good years before but then sometime in the last year or so, we looked at the ingredients list again. Not only sugar, but soy. My wife doesn’t do well with soy. (And I don’t need to be eatin’ it either.)

We’ve mostly gone to a local butcher shop for the bulk of our sausage now. Very clean. And we know where the animal came from that is in our freezer.

I know not everyone can, but one neighbor of ours raises a few hogs, just for “family” and another neighbor raises a small herd of top notch beef cattle. Yeah, it hurts a little when paying for a large quantity of meat all at once. It’d definitely worth it to us.


What, some people get keto flu from sugar…? I never did.

I always kept my added sugar pretty low on keto but it often wasn’t zero. I don’t think it matters and I really, really try to avoid added sugar but a few per month happened due to some of my items I couldn’t make myself at some point… Though… A few per month may be considered good enough… :wink:
Sugar in general, well that’s way higher, I have very sugary days even on carnivore :slight_smile: But it’s animal sugar and feels okay.

I got fat adapted just fine with very tiny added sugar, “plenty” of sugar, 35-40g net carbs every day and a very high amount of total carbs (maybe 100g? never tracked as I couldn’t care less and still don’t care).
Fat adaptation doesn’t have some super strict conditions, at least not for all of us… Exactly zero table sugar isn’t one of them. Very many ketoers eat a little bit, some even a few grams a day… It doesn’t magically throws them out of ketosis.

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The placebo effect is very real. That’s why it’s so important for researchers to discern whether the placebo effect is causing an observed outcome … because it actually causes real outcomes. :pill:

If I could find a way address any health issue that might arise using a placebo, it would serve as my “go to” cure every time!

Sadly, it is extremely difficult to self-administer a placebo and have it be effective. We need others to pitch in for such a solution. :vulcan_salute:

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This is the big problem with manufactured foods. They get reformulated, and usually not for the better. It always pays to keep checking both the nutrition panel and the list of ingredients.

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Me too, I’m only ten years into it and still waiting for keto flu… honestly stop worrying, keto flu is an electrolyte imbalance, not getting it is a good thing. Just keep your carbs below 20g and you’ll be fine.

Dr Berg… well best not to start that discussion on here again, there’s plenty posted about him already.

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:rofl: So awesome. This should be part of the youtube mission statement.

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Great idea :+1: