No sugar on keto



To @Kiethenbbundy, you are massively overthinking the Keto plan.
Eat to hit near 20g/30g carbs per day and don’t go above. Everything you do eat has some carbs, unless all fat intake so…just think ‘do Keto Plan’ and don’t go crazy ‘just yet’ LOL

you will be your own worst enemy on this issue truly as you continue to change yourself. You are going overboard on what WILL probably be a detriment to you in the long run, ask me, I know, I went nuclear crazy on it to until I dropped the ick baggage of how I should to eat to ‘fit every number’ and just ATE the plan as described and what I enjoyed…then ya get results we want :slight_smile: best of luck

(Kiethen) #22

Yes! But that’s the thing is that I got the ketoflu now. My skin is so dry, I’m bloating, I have carb cravings, heart palpitations and I’m constipated. I read somewhere and it said it’s because of electrolyte imbalance and your body adjusting to keto. Weird because I didn’t experience this the first 3 weeks. Will increasing sodium help?

Also another thing is low potassium. If I increase sodium will that help my symptoms since it’s an electrolyte problem ? Or do I need to uptake potassium as well?

(Allie) #23

Just add a decent sea salt to your food in plentiful amounts, as much as you can tolerate. Don’t mess with potassium.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #24

Those are all symptoms of not getting enough sodium, so yes. So first, increase your salt intake (ignore the government!), and see how things go from there. It will help keep your other electrolytes in balance, so you may or may not need to supplement with magnesium and/or potassium.

(Kiethen) #25

I have a big 76 OZ water bottle. How much Celtic salt do you think I should add to that?

(Doug) #26

The human body is about 0.4% salt, by weight. This is close to the concentration of salt in seawater - we’re mostly but not all water (obviously) and seawater is ~0.35% salt. If you want the same concentration as seawater, there’s no problem with that, or a higher concentration as in a ‘supplement,’ given that many things we eat and drink don’t have that much salt in them.

76 oz X 0.35% = 0.266 oz or 7.5 grams salt. If you want a higher concentration, then multiples of that will work.

(Kiethen) #27

I just want the amount that will stop the heart palpitations and stop the dry skin and the constant peeing! I’m about 160 lbs, Male, 5’9. And yeah around 72 oz bottle of water a day. Like a big jug that is about that much water in it. Like how many teaspoon would you recommend I put in it? I’m taking under 3g of salt a day.

(Rossi Luo) #28

I don’t take magnesium or potassium at all, I just eat food with salt, and drink lots of water every day. And I often eat salt-cured food (e.g. bacon), I don’t count the salt intake. You’d better trust PauIL, just ignore the recommendation from gov, the amount recommended by gov is not for us ketoers.
And I’m quite well, I was not better than I am.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #29

The PURE study found that people were their healthiest when they consumed 4-6 g of sodium a day, or 10-15 g of sodium chloride. The U.S. government’s recommendation of 2.3 g/day of salt is dangerously low.

(Kiethen) #31

Thank you!!!:pray:t3::pray:t3:

(Allie) #32

Why so much? Drink to thirst only. If you’re drinking too much you’ll flush out the electrolytes you’re trying to replenish. Just drink a pint at a time and add however much salt you can tolerate in it.


If I drink to thirst, I easily drink more than that, it’s not so much… Definitely not in summer or when I exercise.

I would start with one teaspoon then and you will see.
I usually eat about 5g salt a day as this is perfect for me (and I never need to supplement salt, I just salt my food to taste) but I am among the ones who need a lower sodium intake (some people eat significantly less, never using any added salt), most ketoers seemingly need much more. If you need more (and indeed, 3g a day is low, it wouldn’t be enough for even me), add more. Not necessarily very much as eating too much salt can feel awful, I had that when I ate too much cured salted pork… My body noticed so I automatically stopped salting my food but it still wasn’t nice. It’s like so many other things, individual, you need to figure out what works best for you and which is a danger for you, consuming too little or too much… Ideally we just eat the food we like and all is well but sadly, it’s not always that ideal…

(Jane) #34

Dr. Berg :roll_eyes:

Why would you trust a chiropractor who has no training in nutrition for advice on the keto diet?


Because he and his wife demonstrate on Youtube a good keto bread recipe?

(Kiethen) #36

Super weird so I switched over to carnivore, no carbs and heart palpitations went away

(Brian) #37

I don’t know what that bread tastes like but I’m not sure I’d want a lot of it. Almond flour has quite a lot of oxalates. Arrowroot flour is fairly carb heavy.

To each their own…


LOL. I said that with tongue in cheek…

(Peter) #39

I found this to be totally true (more salt) I’m not sure exactly how much salt I need, I just know I needed more.