No prep, no cooking! Share your ideas

(Laurie) #1

This is for people who don’t know how to cook, who don’t have cooking facilities, or who just want to spend less time in the kitchen. Also for people who are away from home and unable to cook their usual meals.

Here are a few ideas. Please add your own!

-Canned sardines. Very portable; pack a spoon or fork.

-Canned salmon, tuna, etc.

-Canned mackerel, tastes okay with hot sauce.

-Processed meats such as salami and pepperoni. Slices are convenient. Check label for zero or 1 carb.

-Precooked rotisserie chicken or chicken legs.

-Many varieties of cheese; also shredded cheese and individual packages of cheese (e.g., string cheese or Babybel). If I’m away from home with no food, sometimes I buy cheese from the nearest grocery store and just break some off with my bare hands.

-Cream cheese can hit the spot when you want a taste of something nice and rich. (Instead of dessert.)

-Roasted soybeans. Walmart has them for very cheap. Amazon has roasted black soybeans, which are lower in carbs.

-Canned Eden organic black soybeans. Rinse the liquid off and eat straight from the can.

-Protein bars. Costco’s protein bars are okay for the occasional sweet treat, but it’s better not to eat a lot of these. (Any other recommendations?)

-Pork rinds. (Any ideas for a no-prep dip?)

-Mayonnaise to add extra flavor and fat to canned fish, meats, and raw vegetables.

-Huy Fong chili garlic sauce (Vietnamese sauce) to make mackerel and other things taste better.

-Precut vegetables and small vegetables are available in some stores, e.g., celery sticks, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes. Or you can eat a whole cucumber or bell pepper right out of your hand, no slicing necessary. Keep it simple; buy one (or maybe two) kinds of vegetables and eat those up before you buy more.

Is anyone else exhausted from cooking?
Quick recipes/snacks
(Sarah Bruhn) #2

Love this idea! So many people struggle with Keto at work or on holiday or just hate cooking!

  • olives
  • pickles
  • nut butters
  • nuts and seeds
  • avacardo
  • pate
  • cream
  • frozen berries
  • dark chocolate
  • tzatziki
  • olive oil, coconut oil, butter on everything/anything
  • beef jerky
  • mission salsa

(Mary Jo Koplos) #3

Pre-made guacamole is a great dip for pork rinds.

(Susan) #4

I had a dressed crab today as I didn’t feel like cooking. I just added a dash of salt and vinegar.

I had a couple of slices of corned beef (no sugar added), too.


I tend to make a lot of quick and easy microwave dishes, which just requires having all of the ingredients available:

  • Eggs made with this. Takes 2 minutes @ 80% power for 4 eggs (be sure to break the yolks). They slide right out.
  • Sausages (Farmer John Hot Links) or hot dogs (Nathan’s)
  • Frozen chicken wings (Foster Farm Hot & Spicy)
  • Frozen meatballs (Farm Rich Original). Great topped with Rao’s Marinara and a shredded Italian blend cheese.
  • Frozen sausage patties, either as a stand-alone or used as a “meatza”
  • Quesadillas or “hot pockets”, using low carb tortillas.
  • Pizza or Meatza
  • Pizza pepperoni (Armour) for pepperoni crisps.
  • Cheese crisps.
  • Bacon. Several slices on a paper towel, then cover with a paper towel. 2 to 4 minutes in the microwave, depending on how many slices and how thick the bacon.
  • Keto Breads and “Muffin-in-a-Minute”
  • Simple chili recipe using leftover meats.
  • Stuffed mushrooms! I only buy and make them 6 to 8 at a time. So good.

I use this microwave bowl to make:

Some other options:

  • Tuna salad
  • Chicken salad
  • “Spam”, as a salad or fried
  • Chicken thighs, hot or cold.
  • Meat and cheese sticks or meat/cheese roll-ups
  • Chef’s salad, with meat, cheese. I use mayo and spicy mustard as my dressing.


My latest favorite meal is cut up broccoli (microwave it a little, or use frozen broccoli defrosted), then put a ton of cheese on it, stick it back in microwave. Broccoli+melted cheese=yum.

  • Packaged hard boiled eggs

(Laurie) #8

Thanks for all the great ideas and links!

I hadn’t thought of microwaving as “no cook.” But it sure does simplify things, with less cleanup, etc. I decided recently that I wanted to cut way back on cooking. My boyfriend basically can’t/won’t cook, and we got a microwave so he wouldn’t starve. Now I’m loving it too.

Tonight I had store-bought frozen meatballs, microwaved with cheese on top. 5 meatballs = 5 net carbs, and with the cheese I had a full meal’s protein and fat.

(Laurie) #9

I don’t live near any fast food places, but when I do go to one for a burger patty (no bun), I order some extra cooked patties to take home. Not wonderful, but nice for a change–especially with mayo and hot sauce. And no cooking!

The fast food workers are fine with it; they’ve heard every kind of weird order. Sometimes they ask “Is it for your dog?” They ask this because if it’s for a dog they won’t put seasoning salt on it.


That’s really interesting!


Broccoli with canned tuna, and some oil. Boring, but cheap.

I’ll also toss leftovers in the mivrowave, with extra cheese on top. I don’t coubt leftovers as prep, they can be frozen for whenever you’re too lazy.

The super lazy breakfast is coffee with coconut oil, almond milk or water, and a scoop or two of protein powder i a shaker. Almond milk is added after the oil melts, to cool down the drink before powder is added.

Sausage on a fork is also a favorite of mine. Microwave, add cheese if wanted, and some mustard. If I have salad, I’ll use that to hold the sausage, and add sour cream as well.


I haven’t read the thread so someone might have beat me to this, but I like them with sour cream + hot sauce.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #13

I totally bought sardines instead of what I meant to buy–anchovies. I never had a sardine in my life. Sardines always reminded me of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure when he meets the hobo on the train and offers him a sardine. Shit looked nasty.

But I didn’t want to waste money, so I gave the sardines a go. They were pretty good. I’ll buy em again fosho.

(traci simpson) #14

Celery and cream cheese
meat sticks
salami with a few pieces of spinach and cheese on top
red pepper bare naked (yummy)

(Marianne) #15

hard boiled eggs
cauliflower or broccoli dipped in bleu cheese
chicken or egg salad (just mayo and salt)

(Laurie) #16

I’ve sworn off cooking for good. Too much work!

I’m living in a tent for the summer, so I’m extra motivated to not cook. I have a cooler and buy ice for the cooler every few days.

I eat the following:

Canned salmon and mackerel
Canned ham (not often)
Cooked sausage
Pickled eggs from Costco
Rotisserie chicken (not often)
Sometimes fast food beef patties when I’m in town

Raw veg, preferably ones that are already bite size, or leafy greens for wraps

Avocado mayonnaise

I have access to a kettle, so I make instant coffee. To keep things simple, I now drink it black instead of with cream. Mostly I drink water though.

Thanks for all the ideas, folks! Keep them coming.


If you like these items they might be easy to add:

Pre-cooked bacon strips


Canned chicken w/ fresh broccoli florets/bacon/mayo for a chicken salad

Avocado cut in half stuffed with canned chicken topped with bacon bits and cheese

(Laurie) #18

Thanks, I did forget to mention canned chicken!