No-Patatas Bravas

(Richard Morris) #1

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January is Tapas month at the 2KetoDudes test kitchen.

In blue we have Albóndigas en Salsa: Carl’s Keto Tapas Meatballs (navy), Pork Belly bites (sky blue) with mayonnaise with a dash of horseradish (white), an this recipe (red) Patatas Bravas without the Potatoes. The trick was to use red radishes instead of potatoes. This recipe also uses the Smoked tomato sauce.

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]No-Patatas Bravas - - Chorizo sausage, Smoked tomato sauce, Red radishes, dry red wine (for deglazing the pan), Slice chorizo into battons; Dice chorizo into 1cm chunks; Fry Chorizo and remove from the pan putting at the base of your plating bowls. Leave in the pan the oil that rendered out of the sausage; Slice and dice the radishes into a 1cm dice; Fry in the rendered out chorizo oil, then remove the radishes and place them on top of the chorizo chunks in the bowls.; Deglaze the fond in the pan, with a little red wine and the tomato sauce, reducing the sauce a little. ; Pour the sauce over the radishes.; - [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

(TJ Borden) #2

I had assumed, being a root veggie, that radishes were higher carb, but they’re actually really low. That’s awesome. Radishes would be awesome textural replacements for potatoes in many dishes and soups. I wonder how they would work instead of cauliflower in @carl’s clam chowder.

(Karen) #3

That looks delish. Who says keto is boring?


(betsy.rome) #4

@richard - which kind of chorizo? There’s the Portuguese / Carribean kind, which is firm like salami, and the Mexican, which is soft & cooks like ground (minced) hamburger but spicy & porky.

(Todd Allen) #5

And some people think potatoes and onions are root vegetables when potatoes are stem tissue and onions are a mix of stem and leaf tissue.

(Karen) #6

Thank @brownfat! I love learning something new. I did think potatoes were root veggies. What about sweet potatoes? Same?


(Darlene Horsley) #7

I used radishes instead of potatoes in beef stew the other day and it was wonderful. I had tried using turnips before but didn’t care for it much. I like them roasted as well. Who knew?!!

(Sarah ) #8

I live in an area where chorizo (the softer ground kind) is sold in every store, but I gotta say I’m not a fan. But this general recipe sounds great. I’m thinking what else might work with this.

(Richard Morris) #9

This is Portuguese Chorizo but it’s fresh so it’s moist and hasn’t been hung to dry. I haven’t seen Mexican style Chorizo in Australia, but I tasted it at Carl’s place. I think it has Chinese 5 spice or some other weird flavour to it.

(Todd Allen) #10

Sweet potatoes are true root vegetables. And in general are considered healthier/lower glycemic/better nutritional profile than white potatoes though both should be avoided or heavily restricted on keto.

(Marian Diaz) #11

I’ve been putting radishes in soups for a potato substitute for a while, but this recipe is a great idea! Do you get your radishes to come out crunchy? I steamed mine a bit before frying them to start the cooking process, but I can’t get them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside like I want them. I made this into a breakfast scramble and threw in an egg instead of making the sauce.

(Aimee Moisa) #12

I just tried the radishes pan fried in bacon fat. It was SO DELISH! No taste of radish at all!

(Queen of Weirdness ) #13

And how can you not love the taste of radishes? :rofl:

(Aimee Moisa) #14

Radishes are yucky! BLECH! :slight_smile:

(Queen of Weirdness ) #15

So guessing you don’t like horseradish? I like spicy stuff. Can’t deal with chilis, (for GI reasons) but can deal with the head blown off by horseradish thing! Guess I love living on the edge.

(Aimee Moisa) #16

I enjoy the head blow off thing, so I subject myself to small portions of horseradish and spicy chinese mustard. I like spicy but I dont like flavorless spicy. Cholula instead of tabasco, Thai instead of Cajun. That kind of thing.