No one wants to hear it

(Old Baconian) #153

That’s got to hurt. I’m very sorry you have to deal with that.

I wanted to give your post a like, because I agree very much with the points you make, but it seems inappropriate, given your situation. So just know that we are with you.

(PJ) #154

40kg! Wow! That’s a lot of weight lost. Congratulations.

I am still big and always will be. I once wanted to buy a t-shirt to match my (at the time) weight lifting obsession, that said EAT CLEAN… TRAIN DIRTY and then I realized that fat people wearing clothes that advertise anything – a diet plan or a workout philosophy or anything – would surely make onlookers like in stores want to sneer. I also once avoided something about lowcarb on a shirt because I realized it would make lowcarb look bad if someone huge were wearing it lol – and I feel like that’s a life and death thing for a lot of people, I don’t want to be responsible for helping put someone off it. Anyway, so… I understand. I’m sorry about the sitch with your mom. It must be very frustrating.

(hottie turned hag) #155

Just curious about why you think you always shall be big?
There’re some fascinating cases on here of folk who started at really big sizes, like 600lbs no lie, who have normalized their weight.

(engineer Lu) #156

Try to find Dr Ken Berry talking about “powdered butt syndrome,” He explains it well and with humor. Basically, nobody who has ever changed your diaper will ever take your advice.

Sigh. It’s too bad but it’s true- sometimes the only way to get through to parents is make and end run around them if you can. Get someone she admires to hand her a copy of his book or another good one on keto. Other ideas, anyone?

(Susan) #157

Noooo you won’t always be big, Neither will I! I am right now, I have lost 38.6 pounds, but still have probably 130 or more to go, Keto will get us slim, trim, fit and healthy =).

It is so accessible, it just takes patience, time and dedication to yourself! You can do this, I know I can and will, and you can too!!

(Susan) #158

He should say it is hard to get people who you have changed their diapers for, to take your advice once they are “grown up” as well.

None of my kids will listen to me about Keto, they all keep telling me how dangerous it is, and how I am missing out on so many nutrients and stuff… they will not listen or watch any podcasts, etc.

(PJ) #159

I honestly appreciate you guys and your encouragement. For most people – this is good, ok. But I carried around 300-400 pounds for 25 years. My entire skeletal structure is larger! Wider and denser. My feet grew 2.5 sizes – in BONE. I have a ton of extra skin now (making up for all the hair that fell out, sigh) – never mind if I should manage to lose another 150# (at age 54). That adds weight too.

I am ok with this. My goal is to get to about 220 – that may be unreasonable but I hope so. I would be ecstatic to reach that – without so forking my metabolism it can’t be maintained. :smiley:

(Patrick L Anderson) #160

I keep finding the “unreasonable” to be reasonable with this WOE. I never thought I would weigh what I did in high school, 34 years ago, when I couldn’t gain enough weight to make my football coach happy. Keep at it. You will most likely be shocked at the (good) results.

(Susan) #161

I am 54 as well and am going to lose another 130 or more and you can too! I will take time, but it can happen. Before I found this amazing forum, I was doing Keto and watching all these Youtube videos of women who have lost 100-200 and sometimes more weight on Keto. It motivated me to think, “if that lady can do it, I can too!” and since I joined this incredible forum, I am even more encouraged and more determined to make that happen. I want the same for you so you can live a long happy, healthy life and feel amazing too =).

(charlie3) #162

My credibility comes from how I look. I’ve got some muscle, 13% body fat, good skin tone, energetic, etc. Even when I was young I hated disclosing my age. I decided to get over that. I’m 70 and want people to know it if we are talking lifestyle (I’m told a few times I look about 50). At best people want to hear how I did it. They want the right to be non commital, no pushing. May be a month later they’ll have a follow up question. That tells me they’ve been thinking about it. Progress.

(Susan) #163

If I was you I would be proud to boast about being 70 if you look 50, that is awesome!

(mole person) #164

My family is giving me a bit of grief over going carnivore for similar reasons. They think I need some nutrients that I won’t get from meat only. I’ve tried explaining the science but decades of dogma and common knowledge are difficult to battle and my family is already anti meat.

Now I’m mostly just letting the results speak for themselves. Before keto I was extremely ill and very depressed after years of illness and pain and had an opioid addiction from the pain medication. For most of the last decade I’ve been unable to really enjoy life because my favorite things have always involved backcountry canoing and camping trips.

I went on keto to lose 20 lbs that piled on with menopause and it’s saved my life. Carnivore is making things even better.

I’m off all three of my pain drugs now. My migraines are nearly entirely cleared up, as is my trigeminal neuralgia. My weight is the lowest since I was a teenager. My skin conditions have both cleared up completely. My blood pressure has gone from 160/110 to 110/80. My heart rate from 100 bpm to 55. After two years on keto and carnivore is this really what nutrient deficiencies are supposed to look like?

I just came back from a seven day challenging canoe trip to Georgian Bay. My first of more than two nights in nearly a decade. While all the people around me get fatter and sicker and go on more and more drugs and are able to do less and less of the activities they loved in their youth, I’m going in reverse. The results speak for themselves, I will let my family come to see it at their own speed.

I sent my mom this picture from that canoe trip. She hasn’t seen my husband in the two years since we started keto. She can’t get over how he looks. She’s been marvelling over it for days. He’s 55 this year. I’m 53. Keto forever, baby.

(Susan) #165

Wow, you both look fantastic and younger then you are. More importantly, you both look radiant, healthy, and happy. That is a lovely picture of the two of you =). I am so impressed with all the changes for the positive that Keto has done for you, that is really amazing, and awesome. I am so happy for you, and it is certainly an inspiration to myself and I am sure many other people too. Congrats on all your Keto victories =).

(mole person) #166

Thank you! After two years I’m still reeling over how a simple dietary change has so monumentally changed everything in my life.

(Susan) #167

I still have about 130 pounds to go, and have eliminated things, trying to figure out why I am stalled, so hoping the scale moves again soon, just on proteins with a bit of vegetables now, and no coconut oil, no coffee, no artificial sweeteners (got rid of them a while back) and no dairy (missing the cheese) but trying to just do the protein and a bit of dark green vegetables for now.


Been there and it is tough trying to care for someone so far gone. The only thing that had any impact on my father before he went into skilled nursing was the cost of his insulin would be less if he ate less sugar. He was constantly complaining about the price and how it wasn’t covered by insurance any more. During the time I did have some control over his meals, he got somewhat better mentally but that just made him more independent and more likely to eat donuts and crap. And if you think insulin is expensive, look at the price tag on nursing homes some time.

(Murphy Kismet) #169

Planting a seed, and then letting it germinate. Sometimes this can take a few years (it did for me). If it’s a viable seed in an arable mind it ought to take root at some point.

(mole person) #170

I’m convinced you’ll ultimately reach your goal. You have an amazing attitude towards this an have had since day one.

(hottie turned hag) #171

You guys look like an ad for some outdoorsy magazine! :smiley:

(mole person) #172

I’m planning an 11 day trip now for next week. I’m ridiculously happy to being back to doing my favorite thing which I’d honestly thought for years and years that I was just past due to aging and decrepitude. :grinning: