No more eggs!

(John) #41

My non-egg go-to breakfast is some Fage Total plain Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts (pecans or walnuts). I use raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries, and occasionally blueberries. It’s a little higher in carbs, though, so you have to watch the portion sizes.

I like eggs, so I only eat the yogurt w/ nuts & berries a couple of days a week for some variety.

(Take time to smell the bacon) #42

You can have anything you want, whenever you want it. If you want steak and broccoli for breakfast, then have steak and broccoli. You are not limited to specific foods at specific times of day.

You don’t have to eat by the clock, either. If you are not hungry at breakfast-time, then wait to eat until you are hungry. For me, on most days, that’s sometime after noon. It’s better to eat according to hunger than according to the clock.


So saying that, what’s the pros of sticking to a strict 16/8 IF, compared to eating when hungry? I’ve done both recently and have found the scales move better when I ignore strict time windows and just eat when I need to. (a conversation for another thread I’m sure, but worth noting since you brought it up)

(Susan) #44

I have a smoothie in the morning. The only consistent ingredients are 2 eggs and a cup of HWC, ice, sweetener and flavor. If I have them I add half an avocado, which makes it very creamy, and I almost always add 2 leaves of kale, but they come from my garden and aren’t necessary. The point is it’s a way to eat 2 eggs and have no idea you’re eating eggs. I’ve researched it and the chances of getting sick from the raw eggs is negligible. If you’re still worried you can pasteurize them yourself. (google it)

For flavoring, my favorite are all the 0 calorie Torani flavors - currently on Peach. Also, all the flavored Stevias - chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, another fruit flavor I can’t remember which - all from Amazon or my local health food store. You’d never know there were eggs in it!

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #45

Well, this morning for breakfast I had 3 eggs, but loaded with butter and sharp cheddar cheese, + 2 slices of keto bread grilled with a bunch of butter, and finally a 12 oz Picanha steak… an extra SV’d a couple nights ago :slightly_smiling_face: …heated in the pan with more butter and a little more soy sauce.

And my coffee with no kind of butter or fat in it :grinning: lol


How about a chaffle sandwich ?

(Bob M) #47

Do what the Germans do and eat deli meats and cheeses for breakfast.

Or do what I do and skip it, waiting until sometime around “lunch”, which could for me be anywhere from 10am until 2pm.

(Susan) #48

My other ‘eggs without tasting like eggs’ breakfast is pancakes. I’ve seen the same recipe without the sweetener as a suggestion for taco shells. I make 2 or 3 of the following
Per pancake:
1 oz cream cheese, soft
1 egg
1-2 packets sweetener (Truvia for me) - helps me have less of the syrup that has potentially bad sugar alcohols.)
LOTS of butter to cook with and put on top.
Preheat pan on medium, melt butter, cook for 2 minutes on first side and 1 minute on the other (I actually time it because that seems just right.)
No egg taste and it helps curb my sweet tooth later in the day.


We’ve been eating eggs for breakfast every day for the past 10 years, and for some weird reason never really get tired of them. Are we weird? hehe. Anyways Ive read that eggs are extremely nutritious, whole eggs that is not egg whites … it’s a complete baby chicken, so it has everything in it for life. Maybe that’s why we never get tired of them? Maybe its our gut microbomes demanding them… communicating to brain via the vagus nerve via the neuropod cells? Clever mind controlling bacteria! (excuse me I just recently learned about the gut brain axis).

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #50

I do the 1egg:1oz cream cheese recipe, but make them thin like crepes. I originally added sweetener, but don’t really notice any difference without it, so just quit using it. I do add cinnamon and vanilla if I have them. But I make them thin like crepes, stack 'em high and eat with a plate of bacon. If you can eat berries, Raspberries heated on the pan and smooshed up a bit make and excellent sauce, without adding any other ingredients.

(Bob M) #51

Some people believe egg whites aren’t great. Paul Saladino for instance, who does not eat the whites and instead only eats the (raw) yolks.

Personally, I eat both.

(Susan) #52

Yeah, I forgot about the cinnamon and vanilla! The raspberries sound great. I’m going to start testing the various sweeteners. I’ll test berries after that.

Just to be sure, to test foods, wait a few hours after last food, test blood glucose (and ketones?) just before eating, eat food you’re testing, test every 15 min until blood glucose returns to normal. If blood glucose drops significantly, it’s a food that raises your insulin. Does that sound right? Thanks! Susan

(Tim Cee) #53

Could the desire for a cold breakfast be related to being thirsty? I used to add cereal and milk until thirst quenched. Didn’t even realize I was eating for thirst not hunger.


That is a very interesting post Tim and one I can agree with in that the liquid could be the draw…again, very interesting thought on it. Like that!

for me eggs were useless but so valuable. I ate a ton of eggs til the day they didn’t give me anything at all for satiaty. I found I did fine on them for my body but I also found down the line that I can eat 12 eggs and not even feel like I ate anything. I require dense meat protein but in the end, I keep eggs as ‘my go to’ when eating out at a place that has no great carnivore options but darn I can always get a 3 egg omelet, double bacon and some cheese and feel like I ate something, yes the double bacon and cheese is key here but found that almost all joints will make me an omelet if I request it.

(Fran adkins) #55

Have you considered Greek yogurt for breakfast or even snacks? Two Good yogurt only has 2gr net carbs per serving…and it tastes good.

(KCKO, KCFO) #56

Lots of cereal alternatives on the web. And Costco carries Keto Blueberry Cinnamon Granola, that is terrific with yogurt or plain if you don’t want to make up anything yourself…

Start with these: