No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



The chicken in your soup should be tender and cooked enough to just fall off the bone…

(Robin) #162

Hey fellow carnivores… here’s something to ponder. Due to recent heart and stroke issues, I began adding small amounts of veggies and nuts. And lean cuts of meat. (Boy, did I miss my fatty brisket!)
Here’s what I’ve seen in the last month of straddling that line.
When carnivore, I had easy and infrequent poop. (Yep, more poop talk)
And when I added the veggies, I became terribly constipated with hard stools. I had forgotten when that was my norm! Ugh!

So, I’m hastening back to good old carnivore. And to this category.


It’s not a very carnivore comment, sorry. No specific item just groups so no blur.

It does that, yes :slight_smile: (Well, mostly. Some remained on the bone but I got them off and soon will fry them with spices. I have no Tandoori Masala :scream:. Oh well, I have other spice mixes. I almost only use them on chicken as that needs the help.) Chicken gets tender so quickly, even pork gets tender easily… Ruminants are chewier I think but surely it’s about the cut… I start to forget what beef is like, the last time I ate some was… IDK, very many months ago. It’s on sale on the supermarket we plan to visit tomorrow… Maybe we will get some.

It’s 5:40pm and I am still satiated. Yeah, carbs do that. It’s so odd, they aren’t satiating short term but super satiating long term. That’s why I can do OMAD days any time, I just need much carbs.

I had many coffees with egg milk though.

Today is carnivore (with coffee and tea, I bought tea, oh my beloved black tea, just cheap filtered one as I can’t get proper ones here, no problem, I sooo missed it), I am serious, didn’t even touch the eggs in purgatory. I usually allow this dish (occasionally and not much) as I can handle that little extra and it’s such an easy lunch and Alvaro loves it. But not today.

I got soaked to the bone today! :smiley: In the best way, in hot summer, just before I got home! I consider it a must now and then :wink: It was fun. But it was super heavy rain in the end, I barely saw anything and the road was underwater… Every cars wanted to pick me up, how nice. I told them I live near and smiled. My mood was good, even with a heavy backpack on me. But it had pork, turkey and sour cream so even that weight was a positive one.

@robintemplin: Welcome back then! :slight_smile: (Says the one who goes off all the time but it’s my actual comfortably best.)
My stool is fine on every woe but it’s still best on/close to carnivore (I can’t imagine it getting any better, it’s just perfect there). Vegs don’t tempt me (not counting a little bit with my meats. very very little and occasional like a slice of cucumber. or a slice of my own tomato. I like juiciness and crunchiness), nuts sometimes, fruits are the worst despite the typically zero desire towards them (but they are there. in my garden. in my hand. I cut them up, pressure can them. they are pretty, nice smelling and they eventually wear me down. summer isn’t my most carnivore-ish time. but I still eat keto even then so there’s that)…

(Robin) #164

Thanks for the reminder, Shanita. I have blurred those words now.


I don’t blur such generic words anymore, just things like Williams pear, our season is at its end, finally… But I do try to behave and talk about all the lovely meats I eat. Even if it’s just fried green ham for the zillionth time this year… No way I get bored of it. I mean, surely I don’t want it for each and every meal forever but very nearly every day of the year sounds good… Or if not it’s just because I want fried pork chuck sometimes. Or roasted pork. Turkey and chicken and fish doesn’t matter as I still need my pork along with them. I may skip pork on particularly ruminant days though (if I had any :frowning: ).

(Judy Thompson) #166

@robintemplin I think you have to try everything when your health is at stake… Glad you’re back. Did the added veggies seem to improve your heart health in any way?

I look around at people and wonder sometimes how they’d look if they were carnivore, how different they would be. They all think what they’re eating is perfectly healthy response to hunger.

(Robin) #167

I didn’t stick with it long enough to find out if there were any heart health effects. I cannot abide constipation… too many years of that before keto then carnivore.
And I just didn’t feel great. Tummy aches and fatigue.
To me… Quality of life is as important as length of life.


I often clean the thingie below right before a shot so it’s wet :stuck_out_tongue:

I had an OMAD dinner. I left most of the pork but had half a sausage and some sour cream with my egg.
And my eggy coffees (all day, it wasn’t a good day regarding coffee).

The mess next to the scrambled egg is chicken, fried in its own fat (I got it off from the jellied soup), with a new, tasty spice mix.

Guesstimation says it was almost 1000 kcal. 100g protein, way less fat, 4g carbs… It balanced out my high-cal yesterday, surprising but it satiated me. I had a borderline hunger later but it passed.
Not one of my best meals (I strongly prefer fried/roasted meat with more fat) but it was nice enough.

No cheese today, yay! Carni too, the non-carni items were coffee, tea, spices and condiments (sausages require mustard and the chicken needed spice). I wasn’t this good since too long.
And only a few items. Now I just should skip the coffee too. At least before lunch. And after dinner.

(Geoffrey) #169

Eggs from the chickens and homemade bacon. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Then this afternoon I smoked some hamburgers with a little bit of extra sharp cheddar.
The burger was from some cattle that a friend raised and butchered. They gave us some of the hamburger. It was good but a little lean so next time I cook some up I’ll add some tallow to it.


Or chop up some bacon and mix it in. Cheese can be mixed in also. An egg to hold it all together. Everything is better with bacon. And cheese. Lol.

(Geoffrey) #171

You got that right.


I am inspired to have a wonderful bacon and eggs breakfast! :fried_egg:

There must be extra satisfaction with eggs from your own chooks and that excellent home-made bacon.

Best I can do is produce from the local farmers. But it tastes pretty good.

(Geoffrey) #173

That’s still farm fresh and much better than the industrialized goods from the grocery stores. :+1:

(Karen) #174

I just recently had lamb macon which is supposed to be bacon and i quite like turkey rashers.

(Karen) #175

It is always good to try the old habits when you need confirmation of what you were doing was right. Glad you are back.

(Karen) #176

Food pics

todays chicken livers 370g spiced with some jerk spice and fried. Very nice… that’s this weeks offal.

I can’t remember what i ate yesterday! I spent the whole day resting up. Feel as though the baby steps are progressing nicely. Feel good in myself today, no foggy brain and i walked to CrossFit just to sit, watch have a little catch up with the guys and get motivation. I am not slurring quite so much… don’t sound like i have drank half a gallon of whiskey! Then walked to The Company Shop for some meaty bargains and Holland & Barrett for some magnesium citrate… they usually have a deal on and today it was buy one get one half price.
Got the bus home because pulling the trolley behind me is causing a little back ache when it gets a bit heavier. I think it is because my balance is off the mark and i am over compensating. It is quite strange cos when i am walking i get an overwhelming urge to start running but sense and sensibility kick in and i just keep walking … i know i’m not ready to run yet!

I have a few packets of cold meat now and some packs of big beef burgers, sirloin steaks and some chicken wings so enough to keep me going… no fear of going hungry in my neck of the woods. I have some pork chops in the oven slowly cooking with some all purpose seasoning on and they smell nice. I think i will be enjoying them later.


Everything is better with a yolk and cream cheese for me but I bought 700g bacon ends… The less fatty pieces I could find, Alvaro was excited as “his” is quite lean (for bacon), he will eat it with eggs :slight_smile: “Mine” is fattier as it should but not excessively so :slight_smile:

The supermarket run out of smoked pork hocks but we went by car due to the possible rain (and yes, it happened the way back, it wouldn’t have been fun on a bike, it’s already a too tiring trip for me after yesterday’s long walk. and my right heel is aching on and off since months. it starts to get annoying, I should heal it somehow) so we could buy a lot of stuff! :smiley:
The price cap era is over but now there are mandatory sales (a certain percentage for every item in zillion groups…?) and almost half of the carnivore items were on sale. I got ham for a great price.
I gave up on pâté as they are either a bit too watery or contains dextrose and MSG… I really should figure out how to make some really good pâté myself. I have chicken and pork liver now :slight_smile: And hake fish!
We bought some Gouda, Alvaro is choosy but it still helps us out a bit so I can eat a little cheese here and there too, no need to spare them all for him. I still will be careful. My satiation is better if I focus on meat with some eggs and only really little dairy.

And my fav emergency sausages (soft and tasty) went on some very surprisingly good sale too :smiley: The packet is 1kg but sausages are perfect for freezing, at least this type :slight_smile: They will help me out with their joyful little 50g bodies for several weeks to come!

So our shopping was a huge success. And Alvaro got his “joy of summer” on a spectacular sale too (watermelon). He only eats it this once in 2023.


Never get in the way of Mrs. Bear with a chainsaw.

We were out and about cutting down some woody weed wattle for next winter’s firewood and other projects. I also took an axe. The bears with axe and chainsaw.

Sore leg is still there but slowly getting better.

I hit a few weed trees wth the axe.

By dinner time I was hungry and had a good size lamb chop and a large fillet of local dhufish.

(Doug) #179

Cheers, Robin - you make things better on this forum. Happy Anniversary - that’s a nice-looking steak you’re showing today.

(Judy Thompson) #180

@Geezy56 That bacon does look sensational!
Well, the weekend work is over and it’s rest time. Nice to get home and cook a little, survive the TV show alive, then curl up for the afternoon. We’re getting better but it can take 2 days to recover from weekend performances.

Yesterday a lady I know came up as I was packing up to leave the 1st gig of the day and she said, you guys are great but I was watching you - how do you not have arthritis? I said, I do, but the inflammation is so reduced by this “very low carb diet” , that my symptoms are reduced to nearly nothing.
I wonder sometimes, if not for this woe, if I’d even still be playing. There is arthritis in my left hand but it doesn’t bother me till after I finish playing (which is convenient!)

This week is a busy one. Tomorrow we take a friend to a neighboring town for a medical procedure, and lunch and I have students in the evening. Tuesday, students. Wednesday and Thursday we’re headed to nearby New Braunfels to ride inner tubes with friends on the river. Then we’re back to another weekend.

Today, fixing the chicken, I seared 2 breast slices for hubby. He said "that’s too much. " I told him to eat it first and then if he was still hungry, to eat the contraband! The rest is honestly just filler. (so he ended up eating it all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Here is some food-

After-gig meal

I just ate this straight after sous vide, didn’t bother searing.
Thursday night we went to dinner with a friend in San Antonio. Their special on Thursdays is beef tripeaks. I had them put the BBQ sauce, which usually smothers it, on the side. I did dip a bit. Once I ate it completely dry and it really wasn’t great that way, not most and tender like the meat I cook. Sides were to go for hubby’s weekend. I love how it saves me labor to bring it home and he doesn’t care what he eats.