No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



Is this a saying? I never heard/read it :slight_smile: But it’s obvious what it means :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that dessert recipes always have salt while I hate that. I even have problems that yolks have too much sodium and make my ice cream and similar things annoyingly salty. What crazy sensitivity do I have?! :smiley:
I keep forgetting trying your kind of ice cream, mine is more than half yolk, adding more cream surely would help with the salt… We plan to go shopping to the nearby big town on Saturday (by bike. I need to wake up early or face the hot weather) and get cream! I only have mascarpone now.

Yesterday was an okay day macro wise but I got hungry at night :frowning: I wonder why. Multiple meals? Too early first one? Too little meat? (I don’t think so but I was below a pound.) I kept my dairy and egg consumption very very good. And indeed, it almost worked. But I ended up eating up my leftover pork in the end, YUM! It felt WAY more enjoyable cold. Not because it was cold, my appetite and food enjoyment tends to be greatest when it’s late. But it was some nice, fatty (for the cut, I mean but I noticed such pieces) green ham. The lean part goes into my soup today! I will need some sauce with it or some sausage.

So I hope I won’t get hungry way too early today, that’s not convenient for me.

Guinea pig apparently can eat a huge amount of leaves in no time. I am not used to this as she is rarely here, it’s amazing… She seems to have a great appetite all day long. I am almost envious but if I had such a great appetite, I would eat too much, my food is way more dense :smiley: And she is cute in her plump body (as far as I know, she has an okay weight), I am not.

I gave up roasted chicken. Not tasty enough that way, it needs to be some stew or curry or something like that, flavors soaked into small pieces! Even chicken breast gets nice that way and I really, really dislike chicken breast under most circumstances. Of course, Alvaro uses vegs so maybe I need to make my own experiments at some point…? But I rather don’t bother and eat pork, that’s much better. We will see. I am a bit lost at such carnivore dishes, we always used a lot of vegs (and almost never any meat but putting meat into it was an easy, straightforward step). Except for stew but I want something different. Stew isn’t even good for leaner meat. Once I made chicken breast stew :smiley: It was edible but not exactly good.
I probably need to mix meats for carnivore stews… Chicken with chicken heart and maybe liver sounds nice. Heart and liver stew is already great but that was normal stew with onion. I probably don’t worry about our amounts, it’s truly tiny… But I am curious and want to try without. Maybe it will be good. I always liked fried liver with plenty of onions and I easily dropped it on carni, it turned out it’s good without.


I enjoy this comedian who pretends to be a 50 year old south East Asian uncle. In this short clip he commentates on steak cooked in 3 sticks of butter. Unfortunately some vegetables shown. So, it may not be a clip to everyone’s taste. But when the steak is cut…yum!


That was a bit scary, that cooking :smiley: I would burn the butter anyway… Isn’t it better to snack on it? :smiley:

I am so bored of people saying such eating causes a heart attack (it’s not fun even as a joke). Or when they say you only can eat such fatty food if you are a mountain of a man fighting bears and doing heavy physical work all the time. I saw that once and nope, you can eat quite fatty meat being me. Not a TON of it every day but pretty much, actually. In the eyes of normal folks, not mine. 1 kg of fatty pork sounds an enjoyable amount for me but alas, I can’t afford it (along with my numerous eggs and lots of dairy, of course).

But maybe one day I go and eat as much fatty meat as I want (well maybe a bit less but my brakes are still in)… I am curious if the amount will drop, it surely will to some extent… I can’t see myself eating 1kg pork shoulder every day for a week :smiley: But it was nice those 2 times I did.

But first I need to GET enough meat. I am still low. And the supermarket we plan to visit on Saturday isn’t the right one for it. They run out quickly, they use too much plastic etc. They have tasty smoked pork hock though…

(Judy Thompson) #144

Funny video!!

(Geoffrey) #145

I have watched Uncle Roger many times, he is funny.

(Geoffrey) #146

Smoked my bacon yesterday and after sitting in the refrigerator overnight to harden it was Tim to get busy slicing.
This is a little over ten pounds of bacon all sliced up and I slice mine pretty thick.

Now the best part. When I’m through slicing it, I fry up all the end pieces, scraps and the slices that just aren’t pretty enough and they are my treat for my labors.

Now it’s time for my wife to bag up the bacon into one pound bags. Some will be frozen for later use. Some will be give to close friends and trust me, you’ve got to be very near and dear to our hearts to share this delicacy :wink:. And then some will be given to a couple of our elderly neighbors who we watch over.

@JJFiddle so Judy, after trying this batch out, soaking the bacon for a half hour in water really helped take the saltiness down to a more palatable level. I liked it but without the sugars in the brine it was not as tasty and the color was a little different. Still good stuff though.
I generally use mesquite wood for smoking and even though is a very pungent smoke I like it. I’m from south Texan and that’s all we had growing up so I’m used to it. But, I think on my next batch I’ll see if I can find some apple wood. I think that might be good.

(Judy Thompson) #147

Congrats @Geezy56, it looks wonderful!
It’s an adjustment getting used to the new “purer” flavors for sure. And sometimes adjusting the food flavors is needed too - like the move to applewood or for my ice cream, the little bit of salt.
Can’t wait to get into a little bacon making myself! The Prague powder comes this week but we’re busy with social stuff, so the following week hopefully there’s time. Then I’ll freeze almost all of it because we’re traveling a lot of September and into October.


I can’t see anything bad with the beauty of bacon ends :smiley: I am a bit forgiving when it comes to food anyway :wink:

I just looked over the ad paper of the supermarket we will visit on Sunday. Bacon ends on sale! :slight_smile: I very rarely buy bacon but cheap bacon ends occasionally? Nice. The lovely smoked pork hocks are on sale too… And my fav brand of sour cream with the rare 25% fat content! We will have a nice shopping. Only one supermarket, it won’t even be tiring between two ~16 km bike rides with pretty view!

I don’t want to talk about my day, it started so well (with a very proper almost carni lunch… the tinned fish wasn’t carni but very few carbs and so tasty - I plan to make something vaguely similar one day. or better. and definitely lower-carb -, I made “pizza” with it as usual. egg, bacon powder and grated grana padano doesn’t make a good crust, oh well I tried and it was tasty) but I can’t resist certain things. I need to handle it somehow, it’s not the first time :frowning: I just… go away until I can do things right. I mean, I will come and comment but try not to write about what I eat unless it’s some lovely carni dish. I don’t even want to track if possible. I focus on my eating window, my food choices and when things are all right, I may track. It is almost pointless until then but it’s mildly annoying.

Tomorrow will be a strict carni day, I am determined. I liked my food so well, I don’t miss anything, I just have things with siren songs. And it’s summer.

We clearned the guinea piggie’s place and put her into the… Lawn is an incorrect word, I think, there were mostly clovers… Some dandelions but yes, grass too. Poor pig isn’t used to that, she seemed to be shocked for a while but then she stayed true to herself and started to munch on leaves… We can’t do anything about her circumstances as she isn’t ours but at least now we can put her outside occasionally. Ginger was around, looking outrageously, unfairly pleased with the world, cats are great at that… She always are where we are whenever we are in the garden. She needs the most attention among our cats. It’s not very much, the world is her entertainment but she does like getting attention from us. So much more expressive than the guinea pig.

Finally I made the soup, I will test it tomorrow. I already ate enough for today at lunch… it wasn’t satiating enough, I blame the (for me) excessive amount of cheese but I made “pizza”. I grated cheese… And ate some cheese. I baked the things… And ate some cheese whisps. And my tiny pizza-like thingie had cheese in and on it too… It adds up super easily, it didn’t even feel much… But cheese doesn’t really satiate me. I focus on meat tomorrow. Today I had less than a pound (with the fish and everything) and that isn’t quite enough nowadays.
I do enjoy cheese though. But as we rapidly run out of it and Alvaro can’t survive without some, I decided to stop eating it. It would mean NO DAIRY (butter is fat, it doesn’t count) but we buy sour cream tomorrow and on Saturday too :wink:
Alvaro misses quark, apparently. I don’t, I ate a ton this year. But it is nice here and there, in small amounts.

I wish to give almost no dairy a chance.

(Geoffrey) #149

@JJFiddle so this ice cream I hear a lot about, is this keto or carnivore or both? I assume you have to have a ice cream maker of some sort?
I gotta admit, the only sweet that hated to give up was my Blue Bell. Every thing else was easy but BB was tough.
For those not familiar with Blue Bell it’s a brand of ice cream made here in Texas and consider it to be just about the best there is. I will miss it dearly.

(Geoffrey) #150

I agree wholeheartedly but it’s my excuse to fry some up as a treat and when I give some bacon away I want it to be nice clean slices that are appealing.

(Karen) #151

Food that i have remembered to photo

also eaten another burger ( angus steak) and small ribeye steak plus lunch at cafe with Raymond which was just 2 sausage and 1 fried egg, then later 2 hard boiled eggs and a jar of pickled mussels. Had to go into Beeston for hair appt so met him for an hour only…i had walked to my daughters house earlier which is a 2 mile walk… 2 miles was plenty enough as my thighs felt heavy and tired. I needed the exercise though. I caught the bus home and into Beeston and home again. Lovely hot sunny day would have been nice to have felt able to walk home. I don’t think it will be too long before feeling better, my foggy head started to clear with the hair clippings on the floor lol

(Judy Thompson) #152

@Geezy56 when I was keto I added Bocha Sweet but no longer use sweeteners. Other than that pure ice cream is just cream and eggs. Dr. Kiltz’s recipe is a pint of ice cream and either 4-6 yolks or 2 eggs. After the inundation of whites I switched to the 2 whole raw eggs and it tastes about the same.

My old keto recipe called for stirring the yolks and cream in a double boiler till thick, freezing to cool 2 hours, then running the ice cream maker. Kiltz’s recipe is - wisk cream and eggs and put into ice cream maker. 15 minutes later you’re serving it.

The pinch of salt is nice as is the shot of espresso. After the first bite you get used to the unsweet flavor and it’s really fantastic ice cream. I like Blue Bell too. This is at least as rich as Blue Bell.

For the non zcers, chocolate syrup and squirt whipped cream on the table are sufficient.

Hubby and I split the pint- no leftovers.
Yes, you need an ice cream maker. The small Cuisinart would be plenty.

This is the one I have:
Ice Cream Maker by Cuisinart, Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machine, 2-Qt. Double-Insulated Freezer Bowl, Silver, ICE30BCP1


Bacon ends are just fine. I have been known to buy 10 pounds of bacon ends when the budget was tight, putting batches in vacuum bags and freezing. I fry them up or use the real fatty parts as cooking fat and the lean parts in soups and stews. There is no such thing as an inferior piece of bacon in my book.


Lots of crispy chit-chat about bacon ends. As long as we are good and kind in our care toward pigs the bacon never ends.

Isn’t there other forms of meat bacon?



There is beef bacon for people who don’t eat pork, but I never tried any.

(Doug) #156

I got a big pack of it once - it was thick-cut, substantially peppered, and very good.


Last night’s dinner was roast beef.

My right knee remains sore. It has been a week for experiencing physical pain. On Tuesday I was chatting to the barista at the cafe at work. They said how they changed the heads on the coffee machine steamer and other adjustments. So they can make hotter coffees faster during rushes. They made my coffee, and I could feel it through the cup that it would take longer to cool down than Chernobyl. But I needed a sip before heading back to class. The lid on the transporting takeaway coffee cup was not secure. A generous tip of coffee went down the front of my shirt. I have quite the hot liquid burn stripe on the skin on my front. I am very glad I did not spill the coffee into my lap.

I’ll try to get my sore knee checked by a physiotherapist. I think the doctor’s ‘arthritis’ diagnosis isn’t accurate. If it is, I want to know why it would suddenly flare. My best self diagnoses is a sprain or strain of the inside supporting (collateral) knee ligament.

The mental health aspect to physical injury is interesting, as per the challenge this month. I find the carnivore way of eating results in general calm decision making, and calm reactions to minor day-to-day wear & tear trauma. The injury of living. It feels good not to catastrophise over physical pain and injury. I know the nutrition foundation is good with adequate repair building blocks for healing and supporting micronutrients.

Bacon and egg breakfast yesterday. I put an end to the bacon using my fork.

(Geoffrey) #158

Thanks, I’ll be checking into that.


My chicken/pork soup before I added the water and salt and cooked it :smiley:

I cooked it last evening and only tasted a bit, I couldn’t resist…
The leanest parts of an already leanish pork cut become super tender and the soup is fatty enough to help them out fat wise… It will be a lovely first course today.

I used some pork bones (almost nothing on them) and 4 big chicken “legs” (the full ones with part of the butt…? they have even some spine, pelvis and sometimes organs :smiley: this is very popular here. due to the extra parts… how do they cut this, only one from every chicken? I will look at them and wonder later). Last time I just cut off all the meat I could from the leg bones, plenty of meat remained, it’s no easy task. I don’t want to bother with that all the time, I plan to make just a few cuts and marinate the whole thing and cook it next time… Chicken thighs are on sale again, even more with my card for the local supermarket chain… And the extra tender chicken meat is nice here and there, I just need to make sure to use spices that soaks into everywhere.,… As simple roasting with tandoori masala on them didn’t work so well.

I will eat the soup with the pork pieces, I probably will try something with the chicken… A quick frying with spices in a pan I suppose.

(Robin) #160

I concur. There is a general feeling of peace and balance when staying on track with your eating.