No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



New week, new experiments. We almost completely run out of eggs (I already mostly spared them yesterday) and while we could buy more but what’s the fun in that? (It would include cycling or walking in the heat, nope. I just don’t wake up early enough lately.) :slight_smile:I am ready for some mostly meat days, they surely would do great to my satiation and macros for sure. It’s very apparent that eating several eggs and lots of dairy boosts my calories (both fat and protein unless I go for excessive amounts of cream or sour cream) while doesn’t do much for my satiation. It’s way better to focus on meat more if I can. And now I am better with much meat. I just need to listen less to the siren song of dairy items. But now I have no eggs (or very few, I plan 0 for Monday, 1 for Tuesday) so eggs and dairy won’t combine their forces! I don’t even need to minimize dairy, it probably wouldn’t be so good anyway, I do need my fat intake from something and my pork is lean again.

It will be a tad tricky. I normally eat my fattiest items with sponge cake though I can snack on both butter and smoked raw pork fat tissue now… :wink: And anyway, lean meat with them works too.

It will be interesting to see what happens if I really stop eating eggs and dairy galore (while trying to minimize them, I know I should do that and I attempt it but these things add up quickly and almost surreptiously). I expect good things. I have supplies, variety, it should work.
And we get eggs from the usual lady on Wednesday. She was on holiday and we didn’t get any from her for 2 weeks. Our other good source needs extra travel therefore some better weather, not the usual too hot summer one.

As my items are more restricted, I don’t think I need to skip lunch or anything but of course, as usual, I will do it when it’s easy and not when it’s hard… But I won’t push it when it’s in-between. I do like eating lunch together with Alvaro at 3pm when I am already borderline hungry.

I had coffee with butter in the morning, I try to stop it already. I definitely don’t like coffee with butter much but it’s better than black.

So, 3 carni meaty days, I should be able to do it easily, right? I have various processed meats if my normal one gets boring. I only will add dairy if I can’t do it without. Or if I get too tempted. Or need my dessert. I am very clingy to my desserts lately but I probably always am. Except when I manage to eat my fill from some really nice meat. My pork is on the lean side now though, we will see.


I have been waiting for others to come but I suppose I just write again.

Yesterday was TMAD, I ate my… late lunch? After 4pm and my dinner after 7pm. I tracked, oh yes, 110g protein for lunch, my bad. I ate until went over 130g and got satiated for good. Fat is just a tad less, I was aware I based my days on lean pork and pushed my fatty items but I actually really desired them (needed too, my body doesn’t work with low-cal), gladly would have eaten more… But it was enough so it was right to stop. One day I won’t try to hold back but that probably won’t be pretty… Just fun :wink:
6g carbs but that doesn’t matter anyway. I expected less but then I went and ate all that sour cream and cream… Instead of more butter and pork fat.

This is a big part of my lunch (sour cream in the cup):

I ate before I took the shot so there was a bit more pork, pork fat tissue, even butter and I had buttery and creamy coffees.

For dinner I had a sausage and a cheese whisp.

I think I would like to eat some fattier meat already… The sausages were wonderful but my main meat starts to get a tad boring. I only could eat it up easily using my not small amount of sour cream. Sour cream makes almost everything better, it’s like yolk regarding that…

0 egg for Monday as I planned. It was easy.

These 2 pound (minus the liquid it loses so it’s even less in the end) slabs are so small, they can’t even last for 2 days without adding lots of other meats. Fine, I need variety anyway. But I will buy 3kg pork chuck or something similar next time in the city and roast it all… Not like it’s a big slab, of course. But much more than 800-900g…

(Karen) #183

So i have just realised i haven’t posted for 3 days! … i am still here and getting better by the day.

On Sunday i couldn’t sit about so went out for a walk to a local coffee bistro in Attenborough. It was about 1.5 miles perhaps to the cafe. Took a book with me and had a coffee and read for half n hour. Decided to walk home through the nature reserve, stopped to pet a lovely greyhound who leant into my thighs for affection. She was lovely and i ended up chatting with her hoomans for about 20 mins or so. Carried on amd thought i would stop at the reserve cafe for a tea but waiting in the queue, got fidgity so left and continued home. On the way i passed some ripe for picking blackberries so popped in the house, got a container and went back to pick them. My SiL loves them so i took them straight over to drop off. Got a nagging from my daughter who was cross i had walked so far… she later apologised for nagging … because of Sunday service and a bus not due for half n hour i just walked home. Total of just over 8m.

Yesterday i thought i would go to CrossFit for the first part of the wod so i did 10 stair runs, slow run to the box and did the rig work then stopped and didn’t do 2nd part… i knew i wasn’t ready. So after chatting and catching up i walked back home and then walked to Beeston to meet Raymond. Had a lovely cheese omelette. Not as dry and hard to eat as the last one i ate at that cafe. Checked my balances at the bank and low and behold shock of all shocks the pension money had gone in… finally! That lifted my spirits! Thought i would get bus home but there were delays to the timetable and no trams either because a lorry had taken down overhead tram cables in town. I started to walk home and as per, a couple of buses passed as i was in between stops but managed to catch one half way home. Ended up doing nearly 9m!

This morning i have to admit i felt a bit stiff! I had decided to go to the open gym session at CrossFit and just do a little abs work. No stair runs but ran there … well almost there … i got a bit complacent and stopped focussing on my left leg lifting high enough and on the last stretch took a tumble and i now sport grazed hands elbow wrist and legs. I was so annoyed with myself. I still did some abs work but the heart wasn’t in the workout…it will come back. Just have to remember i am not 100pc right yet. Brain fog gone but not connecting with my left side properly yet. Speech is so much improved and i don’t sound drunk now. I sometimes struggle to form words but overall it is much better.
Food pics

If anyone is wondering… the 2nd pic is leftover pork chops, cold and congealed in the fat and jelly! I ate 4 of them hot the previous day…only 1 pic of hot and there was a large and small chop leftover cold. Only £2.25 for 6 chops , reduced in The Company Shop.

(Karen) #184

Eaten another burger since the one pictured in last post. That one was with the leftover fat and jelly from the pork chops and this second one i had with butter. Also cooked up a tray of spicy wings… a bit dry but i ate them all. They were quite small. Also earlier had some ham.with mayo and just eaten a hard boiled egg. Haven’t done anything this afternoon except read and done some codewords and i suppose rested. Knee is bruised and a bit sore… silly me!


I started to write it earlier but now I can say I am done with eating for today for sure.

@Karen18: You are so amazing, doing your exercise (even if less than usual) instead of just lazing around as some of us would do if any health problem arose… I surely would… It takes some proper state to bring myself to do my workouts but now I take them seriously enough that some too hot weather won’t keep me (I do it in the room with A/C but the heat still affects me). When I was sick (just some very subtle but stubborn cold or something? we never figured out if it was Covid), I stopped doing my workouts for weeks… :frowning: It wasn’t serious but still killed my mood and possibly energy too.
I need my walks so I don’t completely stop them ever. Now I skipped multiple days due to summer. Too hot. But I bravely went out and mowed the lawn a bit, Alvaro was so impressed :smiley: But it isn’t too bad, today it’s not even super humid like yesterday! That was awful. Just hot, I can easily survive for some minutes.

I just had my lunch :slight_smile: I was hungry earlier so ate lil bites, butter, a cheese whisp, smoked pork fat tissue :wink: It hasn’t even a tiny meat and I still can eat it alone, wow. I have changed. Though I can eat fat when hungry, I know that…

I forgot the milk or sour cream soaked cooking of liver so I made it normal. I wasn’t into it but ate some with spices and sour cream (only one of them at one time). As I had little pork and that was quite lean (but nice) too. I still hadn’t enough protein, not even with the sausage (I planned 2 but then I saw it’s very much fat. planning is important for me now, my body doesn’t help as I feel similarly satiated if I eat 120 or 220g fat, I just don’t notice a thing. but I actually rarely want 2 sausages, I just needed more protein) so I ate some quark with cream. And sour cream as it lacked the nice sourness I liked. I thought cream will make it a real dessert but I missed the sourness. Even with the sour cream as it’s not my fav brand. Not sour enough.
And yes, I just need a bite of cheese and the very last mini-portion of my collagen peptides to reach 130g protein. If I get hungry later, that’s not due to the lack of protein and I will act accordingly :slight_smile:

It felt a very small lunch, volume wise I mean.

Did you know plants have haploid and diploid forms? It was very new to me today…

I still can’t wrap my head around the BBQ spices I have. I mean that the 33g (with 15g salt in it) is supposed to used up for 800g meat. Alvaro doesn’t get it either. It’s many times more than what I can handle. Is it really a thing to use it like this? Or when it gets mixed with oil and used as marinade, much spicy oil will be left…?

Oh well, they are tasty and I use them in tiny amounts.

And I only have 250 videos in my watch later list on YT :smiley: Once upon a time it was 416… It’s hard work (as I put in new ones all the time and need to watch so many others) but it goes down steadily when I put my mind into it. So, I skimmed over one. It was about why restaurants make better fried vegs than us (I liked mine but was curious how on earth can people mess it up) and what did they say as 2 tips? Use SALT and FAT. What. :flushed: Don’t people do that? :scream: Okay, I heard about housewives who didn’t know the first thing about cooking (but can’t they learn? it’s not skill, it’s basic knowledge) but that so many people mess it up… Wow. And indeed, commenters talked about acquaintances who were amazed by some super simple dish just because it had salt and fat… But felt upset when they learned about that fact because they don’t want to eat much salt (well it didn’t contain a ton…) and fat has many calories (ditto and anyway, I NEED calories to function. Never understood this problems with calories especially when it’s calorie density only. don’t eat a ton of it if you don’t need, that’s it).
People actually OMIT salt from everything…? But why? We need salt. We don’t need a ton for our dish tasting salty enough… Well apart from people like Fangs :smiley:
By the way, I still don’t know what is the case with the sick who need saltless food. Old cookbooks talk about that and have recipes. But it’s like protein: we all need some, not even very minuscule amounts. The low protein folks are odd to me too. The ones who truly get sick from a normal amount, I mean… How they function? Probably some very sparing way… I am just glad I am not like that though it would be neat if my body would accept only 100g protein a day. But it only does it like once per a season. So I need to eat really lean now that I take fat-loss seriously. For me. I had 9g pork fat tissue and 10g butter, it’s MINIMAL. And I needed sour cream for my lean food… And the sausage for protein.
62% and 106g fat today this far, it’s really low :slight_smile: It may change later.
I actually am not satiated yet, I go for my cheese whisp and peptid enhanced coffee!

(I plan to quit coffee tomorrow. I really plan to. What will happen is anyone’s guess. I HAD coffeeless days and I am kind of determined again. As much as my summer zombie mind allows.)

It’s almost 10pm now and I am SUPER satiated since I finished my meal at 16:20. Eating all my food at once is very effective, it’s convenient and brings the highest level of satiation. There is a reason I go for OMAD quite often. Yesterday was okay with TMAD but it’s riskier and I need to suffer more hunger and/or lack of satiation. A biggish meal and I am content (food wise) for a day! Neat.

A pound of meat, almost an egg and a modest amount of dairy. Minimal protein, perfect amount of fat and calories, moderate food joy (I need my fattier pork soon, I keep saying and it’s very true) but perfect satiation… Good day.

I almost melted today though. My room is super hot, being here is definitely suffering in my books but I have my computer here and I can do sacrifices to get access to it…
Thankfully, summer will end soon :smiley: And Sunday may be cooler, weather forecast says.

Tomorrow should be great food wise.
I got out my last lean pork slab from the freezer, I will enjoy the few fatty pieces…
Alvaro got a phone call from the egg lady, he will bring 40 eggs, that’s PLENTY for a week now that I learned to use eggs very sparingly (I used 1 in the last 2 days and it was fine!) and I have 5 eggs and I will make an eggy dessert tomorrow… The jellied fluff with cream I like.
And I realized I totally forgot about my bacon ends but I have 400g… I can make some lovely bacon scrambled eggs too!
I need to figure out how many eggs I can add without messing with my satiation (or my energy intake. I get high level satiation on every woe, after all, I got it on high-carb, I just had to overeat quite seriously and of course, I needed very high fat and high protein. I could drop the fat when I went low-carb. somewhat. I got satiated but I missed fat, sometimes I still do. but my protein must stay high. I obviously go for as little as possible, 130g a day. it works very well with the right amount of fat - and not using too much chicken :wink: ).
Not like these are specific things, I am a living being with somewhat changing circumstances but I still like experiments and there is a chance I figure out things. I just know that almost no eggs, moderate dairy and much meat (close to a pound from proper, satiating meat) works wonderfully. And eating much meat, several eggs and lots of dairy doesn’t.
I don’t even know why I have those 5MAD days when it was no big deal to have a nice OMAD today… I need several good carni days and maybe I figure out something.
But I really feel my 7 eggs a day on average times are over. I just don’t need so many eggs anymore. No wonder considering I can eat more meat now but the low egg times really showed me this. As I CAN eat many eggs with lots of meat and I gladly do, I just don’t need to. And it’s better not to.

I hope I get OMAD for a while, it makes experimenting easier (less factors) but it has a bunch of benefits. I try to make it clean. Today I had some pre-meal bites and creamy coffees. After all this time I finally went and figured out how much coffee and cream I need for a good cup :wink: I don’t want to mess it up and fix afterwards anymore. It turns out my tiny cup needs 1/4 tsp instant coffee and a bit less cream. Sometimes more (much more… I am sure I can have it 100 times as much too if I whip it :smiley: ) cream is welcomed but for my usual coffee, I am fine with some flavored warm water :wink:

(Geoffrey) #186

No pictures today guys, sorry. Just been so busy that it slipped my mind.
But…here’s a recap of what I’ve eaten in the last two days.
My son was in town so him and me did some cooking.
We smoked two briskets. A huge rack of Dino Ribs, also known as beef ribs, two racks of pork spareribs, a large chuck roast, eight tilapia fillets and finally two pounds of lamb stew meat.
After the lamb was finished smoking I make my smoked lamb savory stew.
I fasted all day just in preparation for the feast. It was all so good.
I didn’t eat any of the lamb stew until today. I cooked that up just to eat on it throughout the week.
What we didn’t finish my son took with him when he went back to work in the oil fields. He will eat on that for the next two weeks on the job. He’s carnivore also.


Never heard about such a thing but I started to think… I ate legume soup with smoked meat before and it was amazing… Why I never tried to make pork soup with some smoked pork in it? I only put smoked skin and bones into my chicken+pork soup… What would happen with some proper amount of smoked pork? Not too fatty as I dislike fatty soups (though I can get it off when it’s cold but what if I want to taste it warm?) but not too lean, of course…
I have all those bacon ends, maybe I can cut a leaner piece. But it’s nicely fatty AND meaty, mine, Alvaro had a super lean one, most of it (what he ate) was almost pure meat, I still don’t fully get it… That’s why I can’t even track my packaged stuff with a label. That fat content was for the average, maybe, not that lean piece! But mine is fatty enough to use the info. I know I can’t track accurately anyway…

I just think about Alvaro’s and my macros and satiation in the following parts.

My food is too simple to track, I went and did it with Alvaro’s day. Without the dinner as I have no idea what he will eat. I knew it will be carby like hell as he made his sweet breakfast and he will make his lunch dessert too but still, 57% carbs… I didn’t know he can go that far under normal circumstances (eating a whole watermelon in 3 days only happens once a year…) but probably he can’t, the dinner will balance it out…? We will see.

I actually want to track his Friday when I plan to bake something he likes (I have these baking desires, I like baking, it’s fun and I can’t just do it with the same bread every week) but keeps complaining about it, he apparently eats it up and overeats and his pure figure may get harmed! He can’t just overeat once in a blue moon, he must be active and eat as little as he semi-comfortably* can all the time, apparently. Poor soul. I couldn’t live like that.
*He has hungry hours every day as far as I know, sometimes several. He handles it well.

Me being me tried to figure out if he has a diet where he can be satiated all day but apparently it can’t happen. Low-carb is the absolute worst as it doesn’t satiate him well unlike almost anything else and he overeats and gets unwell. It’s at least a small wonder that I managed to find 1-2 low-carb dishes he is fine with. But that’s one meal from his 3. He nearly always eats 3 meals. He is a disciplined one very unlike me. Sometimes it’s 2 because he need to do something in mid-afternoon so he comes home very late. Or maybe if he eats at 4pm and it’s big enough to act as lunch+dinner. But usually he just eats at 6am, 4pm and 6-7pm on those days. Normally it’s 6am, 3pm, 6-7pm. His ideal lunchtime is around noon so he has that on weekends and sometimes I join him, sometimes I don’t. it mostly depends on if he cooked something irresistible just before that. maybe it wasn’t grammatically correct but I had no other idea.

Meanwhile if I eat at 3pm, I often just can’t wait until 6pm, I get hungry earlier… I had 3 hours between my meals on low-carb and keto but now it’s different. In extreme cases it’s even 4-6 hours (I suppose my body gets confused when I eat a biggish lunch but when it counts its macros, it realizes it wants more… :smiley: seriously, no idea what my body does but I get hungry if my macros aren’t right, it’s very predictable. that’s why tracking helps me so much now) but usually 1-3. Okay, sometimes 30 minutes but I consider that a break in a meal. Satiation feelings can be unrealiable. It’s one benefit of OMAD, I eat my food (minimum protein and calories using the right items) and all is well. At least it is this far, yesterday was OMAD day #1… I probably will need a bigger eating window or at least more fat soon. But that’s what weekends are for if you ask me.

(Geoffrey) #188

I smoke a lot of meats. It’s kind of a Texas thing. I started smoking roasts and stew meats a few years ago just to try something different and really liked the results. Just adds a really good flavor profile. I’ve got a recipe for a green chili pork stew that is really good but when you smoke the pork meat it’s fantastic. Takes it to a whole other level.


I never ate green chili… But smoked pork is close to my heart, even my SO is into it lately. And I complain about ending up with all the fat and skin from smoked pork hock as he only wants the meat and lots of it (for the big pot of carbs he cooked it in)… I do get meat, of course but not much enough. But I can’t take his meat away… Stupid pork hock has too much skin and I am lazy to clean my grinder often… But it’s super tasty food even from the supermarket! Nostalgic too. I had a very tasty childhood then I went vegetarian, later I stopped but barely touched meat ever and now I have all these nostalgic feelings regarding meat. Mostly pork as we ate chicken and pork and chicken is usually boring. We even had a neighbour who kept pigs… That was the best tasting food possible if you ask my tastebuds.

But I came to quickly talk about my day! (Of course, it didn’t happen. It only surprises me I suppose.)
I was out twice, walk and cycle riding, good! I almost melted when we arrived home at 3pm, the cold shower was totally blissful afterwards! Can’t wait this summer to end!

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s carnivore quick satiation kicking in but my lunch was super tiny. My main meal happened after 5pm and it was quite nice. I still want fattier meat but it was nice, I only ate the fattiest parts, now I have a few lean slices (so many things can happen to them. I plan to make pâté with some and Alvaro probably will eat the rest. or I will do that with something fatty) and some raw pork that becomes meatballs tomorrow (I use a little bit of the last smoked pork hock skin too… sigh. one day I will use it all and then we buy another pork hock. or two and I will eat one, all the meat along with the fat! and then I will grind all the skin with a bigger machine and make a TON of meatballs. even if I don’t want it so often. I still will like it. or I just do what I do with food I don’t want, feed it to Alvaro).

Oops I promised quick. So, I had fried pork green ham as usual, a little chicken liver, scrambled eggs with sausage, quark with sour cream and creamy and egg milky coffees (I didn’t fancy quitting it in the morning… maybe tomorrow. I am horrible but my macros are great, my eating window is tiny, I am impressed!). And a cheese whisp as I was still hungry. Oh so I overdid protein but lack calories? Some more smoked pork fat tissue then.

145g protein, 100g fat, guesstimation says. Not fully satiated but it’s to be expected with TMAD, this little food only fills me really well on OMAD. But I hope it will be fine long term especially that my subtantial meal happened now and not at lunch. It has a big chance it will be fine. But I better keep my calories over 1600 kcal, my body has problems with going below (not like I can be sure I am below, I am so close and I can’t track accurately, not even eating leanish meat). Sometimes I can pull it off but it’s tricky. And no one wants me to eat a not small meal after midnight. (But I would fight to be fine with a little now. I am determined. I am not even 75.0kg in the morning anymore but a tad less! It may or may not mean something. My old mechanical scales isn’t an accurate thing anyway :upside_down_face: But I had my protein so I would try to eat mere fat if the need arose. I used to want meat too but this week I really like pure fat too.)


Listening to a vegetarian, possibly vegan, English environmental activist redesign the world food systems to exclude meat production and replace meat with 3D printable bacterial protein. It’s interesting stuff, this glimpse into the future. Oh, he is also promoting his new book.

(Geoffrey) #191

I’ve got no problem with someone having different views from me and eating however they want but when you try to force me to change then I’m going to have some extremely serious issues with you.


I reckon that is the key point @Geezy56 Geoffrey. Presented like a clear thinking carnivore.
That was the vibe of the conversation, what we are doing with ‘food’ production for humans has problems. Vegan activists remove meat very quickly from food production systems as a solution. Unfortunately they intimate that should be done for all. Mr. Monbiot, the activist, erroneously speaks of feeding the human world in terms of calories. That is, producing enough calories from growing food.

This misses the other key thing that the obesity epidemic appears to be from an over abundance of energy (calories) combined with a lack of nutrients.

Fermentation as a ‘technology’ is interesting, however. It leads to food preservation in the absence of refrigeration. That is interesting to talk about, preserving meat. I do like biltong.

There was no mention of the interconnected food farming system, currently known as regenerative farming, where meat and animal product producing animals are included in a healthy soil production system that is sustainable.


I totally would try new things. (Though I am still at the phase where I am just waiting a not so very new one, crickets. Without flour.)
I have watched a video where someone tried a 3d printed chicken-like thing but that was actually animal based I think and he said it was good. And super expensive now, obviously… I just care about the taste/texture/other things we experience and the health/nutrients part. Allegedly that thing was fine at both.

Bacterial protein sounds interesting, I am curious :slight_smile:

I am with @Geezy56, one shouldn’t force their views on others and it’s not so black and white regarding eating meat as too many vegans seem to think.

Indeed. The calories are more important where it’s about mere survival (even so, obviously the essential nutrients are needed too. but calories still are precious as there isn’t enough of them) but those countries won’t eat innovative new food any time soon. Maybe later, who knows, rich countries make the production cheap and send the food there. Or give machines. IDK how these things work let alone how they will work in some decades.
(I can’t get my pure, starchless crickets and I have been reading about them since many years :frowning: And it’s Europe, somewhere about 2nd world, close to 1st? Not 3rd :smiley: I don’t know how easy to buy crickets elsewhere though. I just know I would need to order online - surely the capital city has everything but ordering is easier and cheaper - and it’s insanely expensive.)

Now I miffed about my non-existent crickets. I can be very stubborn, I have a goal and when too many years pass without fulfillment… Sigh. Not one my first 1000 problems for sure but still :smiley:

I plan a long life so I probably can try 3d printed food one day.


The calorie deficit had its impact, I got hungry early. But I made scratchings galore! :smiley: Dangerous but I could stop myself… After quite much (it didn’t feel so, it was a few lovely minutes, eating time was way less) but I need a fattier day already :wink:
Alvaro probably would be sick now. He definitely felt bad after a tiny keto dessert containing 100g fat. I told him… And he had lots of fat in his lunch just before… He need to be cautious (if I manage to make a tempting super fatty dessert, otherwise he is fine, he dislikes most super fatty food. all the scratchings are mine, same for pork belly unless it’s a leaner little piece for scrambled eggs). It’s quite hard for me to overeat fat to the point of feeling sick. I don’t think I ever did. Nausea due to too fatty food (for volume) is another thing but I don’t have that either anymore. And once upon a time I felt that 150g fat in one sitting is my limit. Not like I often want to go beyond but I probably easily could without problems sometimes. I mean, always without problems but I couldn’t do it any time, far from it. I easily get satiated before.

So, here are my lovelies! Fatty, crunchy, warm!

I got a ton of lard :smiley: Enough for quite a few weeks! This “70/30 scrap meat” was fattier than usual I am sure. I got some nicely fatty meat from it, a bunch of scratchlings and very much lard. The fat content was serious, great price/fat value and protein is precious especially satiating red meat.

It wasn’t quite enough so I had cheese and an egg too. Now I feel full and I am glad I didn’t eat more scratchings, it was enough fat for now.


Large rib eye steak tonight with beef bone broth to drink. 4-egg omelette with bacon and some grated Jarlsberg cheese this morning.

Then I sat down to some film editing.

Yesterday I had chicken wings from the University cafeteria They were coated in something spicy. Last night I had heart palpitations until about 2am. I’m drawing a direct causal line between the two. Everything is ticking away just fine now. But I’m tired. So, an early night for me.

Mrs Bear is away for a nephew’s birthday party. It’s just me, the pets, and carnivore meals for the weekend.


Tonight on the woodfire I’ll cook a couple of lamb shanks in tallow.

These two are a couple of local steers. I feel I’m being steered at.

(Judy Thompson) #197

@Geezy56 wow, what a cookout! Incredible amounts of fantastic smoking up there! I bet you could smell it a mile down the road and all the neighbors were jealous! Cool that there was enough for your son to take away a week’s worth too.

@Shinita you made me go to Google over haploid and diploid plants. Haha ya got me :rofl::+1:

@FrankoBear yeah, spices… None of that in our kitchens, it’s a foreign concept to our bodies these days. Pre carni, did spices bother you that way? And maybe you lost your adaptation to them over these years away from them? I tolerate a little spice if necessary but always whenever possible specify “clean and dry” when ordering wings.

This crazy week, so glad to be ZC, watching myself un-age and de-condition from conditions that were beginning to drag me down.
Monday we took our friend Waldo, the radio DJ, to Kerrville for a diagnostic procedure where he had to swallow a camera, due to sharp abdominal pains over the past months. Turned out he had ulcers.
Wednesday we went to New Braunfels for a planned overnight. Tubing on the Guadalupe River with the wife while the husbands went to local bars. A phone call 2 hours into our ride informed her that her husband had been taken to the ER with a suspected seizure just a beer and a half into their libations!
He’s diabetic with several related conditions but his wife said he won’t give up sweets. Luckily over 2 days of hospital diagnostics, he was sent home with a diagnosis of mini-stroke, a TIA.
Funny thing was that over our lunch of rotisserie chicken, he queried me extensively on my woe. I said, I don’t always like it, my favorite meal is a sprout salad with avocado-- but this woe has reversed my conditions and my aging, lengthened my life and enabled me to keep working. The 60 lbs weight loss is so secondary on the list - it’s the real health benefits that keep me here.

I am always observing everybody around and wondering what they’d look like if they ate better. There’s such a difference! The world would be a different place. But unlike the vegan author described by @FrankoBear, I should never - and would never - expect “The World” to change its evil ways and live as I do.

@Karen18 Congrats on the pension! Long time coming indeed! And OMG woman you are a machine.

Here is some food-

This was Tuesday I think. We ate quick on Monday before I taught and after coming home from Kerrville.

This was yesterday at a breakfast place In Fredericksburg. We were exhausted from the New Braunfels experience and in town to get passports updated and pick up the puppy from the sitter.

In New Braunfels we went to a German restaurant. I just got an overpriced sausage appetizer but I wish I had a pic, it was all cut up with toothpicks in each piece.

Anyway tbe river tubing was fun albeit shallow over rocks (because of the drought). Good exercise pushing ourselves off the rocks when we got stuck!


This would have to be the best unsolicited YouTube advert ever!

(Geoffrey) #199

It’s been many decades since I tubed the Guadeloupe. Me and my buddies used to hang out at a place in the river next to New Braunfels called Stinky Falls. It was the site of an old mill. Fun times.

(Judy Thompson) #200

We went in high school too. And it’s been an age! My siblings remembered sunburns. At least we had some sunscreen and no burn!