No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



If I hadn’t polished off my ribeye with some left in the fridge, I’d accuse you of stealing my steak. Mine was same. So good!

(Geoffrey) #122

Four eggs scrambled around noon but for this evening lamb.
The lamb chops are an inch and a half thick and that other slab of wonderfulness is a shoulder roast.
Put them all on the smoker.
The chops came out nice.

It was late when the roast was done and I neglected to get a pic of it. Maybe tomorrow.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #123

I also had lamb chops, we call these double ones Barnsley chops


Though I am late here, I advise you eat whatever you wish if you have no other good reason to choose one over the other… Sometimes it’s both. Sometimes that wouldn’t work. I only can combine meats when I am not totally enamored of the idea of having a lot of one… Like the first day of some lovely fried or roasted pork…


The tiny supermarket was pathetic. I had a little shopping list, only bought dishwasher sponges… Even the vinegar (for cleaning) and salt wasn’t good enough (the vinegar was fine for cleaning, it was expensive and I haven’t completely run out of it yet)! All the meat was some deli meat (surely overpriced as nearly everything in the shop).
A LIDL in the edge of the city is ~8km away! Perfect cycle road and everything. Next time I will go there, it’s close! But I am still rusty with my bike, the biggest problem is that it’s painful to sit on my bike for long. I can get used to that.

But we bought some super fatty smoked pork. Ribs. VERY fatty but there wasn’t any other option and we can make it work. It’s way too fatty for Alvaro to eat even after I cut off the fatty part. He could make scrambled eggs with it but it’s MINE to eat with sponge cakes (it was quite satiating with some eggs. Alvaro’s dish took its sweet time so we didn’t eat that). The fatty part… He can’t do ANYTHING with that, I can eat scrambled eggs with it (and some sausage or normal meat, I do like a bit more fat than a minuscule amount in the fatty part…)
The market had very many free books. We checked out some but in the end we just brought a Jules Verne and Asimov book, we know them well, they won’t disappoint.

Alvaro’s Mom visited us, wondered about what to bring for us, apple tart or chicken… She made the right decision and brought chicken! :+1: (Even Alvaro needs NO extra fruits now, he eats several pears a day.) So my meat troubles disappeared. Especially that my weekend was very much non-carni. I prefer carni but the freedom (I didn’t track, that probably was a big part… but I just can’t resist not to do it normally) and having cute nutty wafers was nice. Alvaro’s dish is fine but not nearly as blissfully amazing as in the past. I could just eat some normal food and enjoy it just as much or more. Oh well, I am back now and soon this bothersome pressure canning fruit season is over too. And I get back my freezer. It’s fine now but I will want lots of meat into it.

We have a guinea pig now, temporarily. She has no name. I remember some YT video where many people commented about a badly kept sheep and their hearts apparently broke when they learned poor thing had no name. Like it matters nearly as much as living a proper life… It’s just a name, the animal doesn’t even care. Well, lil piggie simply has no “official” name, I of course couldn’t help but giving her some work in progress name when I saw her but it doesn’t feel like a proper one.

Alvaro’s Mom talked about an acquaintance who needed her gallbladder removed. And now she can eat ANYTHING… While the younger others with gallbladder have zillion problems…
I still am the luckiest, I have my gallbladder and I can eat anything somewhat edible for humans except sugars in more than very small quantities. Of course I am way younger but why would it change? It’s not like I go and damage my health, I only have some off days here and there and even those aren’t too bad.
And my bm (it’s such an odd term for stool but if it is the polite term, so be it) is perfect or close to that all my life (with extremely rare exceptions, like once per 10-20 years. way too often if you ask me, I tend to get upset with my body when it happens). My body is stubborn. I am not on the Bristol scale though but still no problem whatsoever. (But carbs ruin my ghost wipe.)


Though maybe monsters may taste good too? :wink:

I had 3 meals (or 2 where one had a 30 minute break in it?) in a 3 hour eating window. I overate, I mostly blame the dairy. The vast majority of my calories came from not meat but I ate about a pound of meat still. Way too much dairy, about 4 kinds, wow 6.6 eggs, I barely even thought about them… But that’s fine, I just shouldn’t eat this much dairy. It seemed and felt very little but it still was much. I will be more careful. And skip lunch if I can. And why couldn’t I?

This is my first and second lunch (it’s eggs and cheese in the bowl, I fancied that. it was fun with the melted cheese. I almost never eat melted cheese):

Alvaro didn’t want the chicken as he had his carby, very filling soup still… So I ate it all.

I had fried pork, a cheese whisp, mascarpone mixed with sour cream as dessert (I had to use the mascarpone up already) and some milky coffees for dinner.
Alvaro brought me milk after such a long time… Mascarpone that had to be consumed… My cheesy fancy… Yes, it was a dairy heavy day. But it won’t happen all the time :wink: I still will be careful.

(Karen) #125

Exciting times x


Of course I got hungry at noon then… But I am careful with dairy. And lack meat.
We have hot weather again :frowning: I don’t go out, Alvaro hopefully will find some lean pork for me. Today will be fine with my little leftover, a sausage and whatever non-meat carni items I have.
My small early lunch had everything. I really enjoy the smoked pork belly (almost pure fat tissue at this point, we ate up the meaty part), made another batch of sponge cake to go with it. Great for the role of bread despite not even being remotely similar :wink: I made some cheesy ones, I won’t let the grated Grana Padano to spoil again! But every dish needs only a little bit. Alvaro could eat Grana Padano pieces but not in grated form. I just put it into things, cheesy fluffs, on top of scrambled eggs, pizza… But only a bit as it’s very flavorful and wouldn’t work as a standalone cheese so well or it would be a waste. Gouda is the volume, Grana Padano is the extra flavor. We like mixing cheeses anyway. 4 cheese pizza was one of our favs. Alas, we barely ever have blue cheese. It’s expensive and I can’t buy a little enough piece. I only can eat morsels, so very flavorful! Good but too intense in bigger amounts. But it was so long ago, I will grab some next time and use it in everything :slight_smile: Alvaro helps eating it anyway, he can eat it properly.

I think I make some fattier experiments. This fatty smoked pork belly feels very satiating and satisfying. And I lack meat anyway.

(Geoffrey) #127

Ohhh! Those are nice.

(Karen) #128

Hi guys sorry I’ve been offline for a few days… this weekend’s been pretty bad my sore throat or throaty something and nothing and cough turned into a virus which mimics the signs and symptoms of stroke so I was not sure whether I’d had a stroke this weekend been a bit scary. ended up on the orders of my doctor to go to hospital yesterday and my daughter came along and I saw the stroke consutant who was lovely and said yes think it’s a virus, we’ll keep an eye on you and see you again in six weeks. he said that I’ll be feeling the effects of it for four to six weeks so I have to rest up. the symptoms are being,I think, more like what the usual type of stroke could be like when you get the fast symptoms I’ve been having problems speaking and my left side’s being very clumsy. very emotional, crying at the drop of a hat. feel a bit relieved to think that it might be just a virus and not actually having had Stroke. my GP thought it was multiple Strokes so that’s why he had made me to go to the hospital we spent all day there yesterday, had a CT scan and went over the Ct scan and my previous 2 MRI scans. my daughter was very interested to see the damage from the first scan and how it’s still prevalent in the second scan that I had just a few weeks ago but I’m okay and it’s a bit of a Knockdown 3 steps forward 2 back but I’ll get there I’ll pick myself up, dust myself off and get on with it again I just have to be a bit inactive for a while which is quite hard. text really difficult because of the use of my left hand is a bit slow so my daughter showed me how to do the microphone I wish I’d knew known about that for a long time I could have done with knowing about that ever since I started texting. I think, because I’ve never been good at texting and I have a bit of FFS, fat finger syndrome so type in texting is always taking the ages too mind you using this microphone I think I’m as bad speaking into it as I am texting but hey ho!

food wise have been eating lots we went to Nando’s on the way home from the hospital my daughter’s loves it in Nando’s I’d never been before I’ve got the picture I’m putting the picture up but I’m sure it’s not quite the same as your Nando’s in America I should imagine your wings bigger and you get more on the plates than we doand it was a pretty expensive but she had been so lovely taken the day off to get me to hospital that I didn’t mind buying. yes I eaten plenty of other stuff as well. we’d stopped at Morrisons on Sunday because we took my son for a walk I’m managed a couple of miles even though I was a bit clumsy but in Morrisons I managed to pick up some nice beef ribs short ribs and some Lamb I’d put them in the fridge and I was going to have my beef ribs yesterday but of course being taken to the hospital I had to take a bag just in case I got kept in and so the beef ribs ended up in the freezer
never mind I can enjoy those another day but I can’t do anything that’s going to take long time at the minute I anything that’s cooking that’s got to take along time I even struggled making my omelet this morning and the the chicken that I put in it ended up on the floor so I’ve eaten chicken that’s probably got hairs and it from there the little mats and had to clean up where where it’s dropped, just clumsy but I’ll get there I will get there


Oh :cry: I hope you get better real soon!!!
I can’t type on a phone or tablet, only using a proper keyboard.

The food looks nice as usual :slight_smile:

(Robin) #130

Sure sounds like stroke, maybe a small one? I’ve had 2 strokes that showed up on an MRI from two years ago. Pretty sure I’ve had 2 more in the last couple months. Mine are embolic and originate in my heart. So now a cardiologist is the most active detective in my care.

Curious, do have ongoing dizziness? And is your blood pressure and pulse normally ok?

You are probably the most informed about what your body is experiencing. And if you ARE having stokes, believe what your gut is telling you. And don’t put off seeing the cardiologist or whomever helped with your previous stroke/s.

Just my thinking. You are so strong and active, that has to be in your favor!
Hope you figure this out and get better soon.


Salty beef bone broth to start the rainy winter’s days at work. I’m a big mug. A big mug of bone broth.

Watching the vegan and vegetarian workmates mentally unravel. They are cold. I don’t seem to feel the temperature in the same way. I work in the same space in a short sleeved shirt and find the cool air refreshing. I find a calmness extends from the morning bone broth into the 10-hour work day.


I never felt cold as a vegetarian, not even when I was starving in 8C (but that had to be something mental, normally I start to feel cold below 16C and I am always cold below 13C). I was a healthy vegetarian eating good food and being nicely satiated about all the time (not when I was starved but I wasn’t hungry. it only lasted for 11 days and I was fat, no harm was done). It’s another matter I did it through overeating but I had food joy galore for sure… And troubles now due to me being used to eating a ton of everything…
IDK why many vegetarians do it so wrong! (I did it wrong too but at least I ate well and felt good) I just skipped meat and ate whatever I liked. It was very nutritious :slight_smile: Meat has nothing we can’t get elsewhere - until we still allow some carbs, I need meat for extreme low-carb… I always liked meat. I just almost never ate it until a few years ago (but ate plenty of other stuff. I can’t eat everything. If I have my ways with meat and eggs, very little room is left for other things :D).

Coldness is very individual, it seems. So many ketoers talk about it too especially while fasting. I never felt cold while fasting.

It’s hot summer here. 2 weeks more and it’s almost over, I can’t wait! We have hot weather since a few days now but I had enough already… In September the temperature slowly gets better and better! And I will run. I want to run now too, in the mornings and evenings but it rarely happens. I keep waking too late now and IDK why, I don’t go to bed very late now :frowning:

Stupid weather. It was so humid and gloomy yesterday, weather rarely affects me seriously but sometimes it happens and I become an all day zombie, even worse than my morning zombieness. And my room got hot too… I had a bad headache (well, a normal one but it was stubborn, I needed 2 painkillers and finally I got rid of it after several hours).

Eating wise yesterday was… Not sooo bad but not so good either. I kept getting kind of hungry, more like peckish but I can’t ignore that for long, fortunately I could handle it with tiny things like a cheese whisp and a little pudding. I have a pudding phase. I always made them with konjac flour as it gives me a nice texture and it’s ready in a few minutes. Now I experiment with gelatin and various dairy items as I run out of them all eventually… Not the butter, it’s hard to run out of that, we have a lot. But it’s hardly good enough for my pudding. I will still try. Of course I use yolk (usually, not always but it always make it better and richer).

But today is a new day and I am ready to use all my knowledge and methods to make my day very convenient and enjoyable eating wise. The plan is fried lean pork but with some extra fat so I won’t just eat and eat and eat and end up zillion protein and little fat, not like I can’t add fat ridiculously easily but balance right from the start sounds better.

I try to stay away from dairy and eggs as much as I can first. They can be used if I want something more after my meat. But I run out of even sour cream now so I only need to be careful with cheese :slight_smile: Good. It’s more substantial and solid, harder to overeat accidentally than some creamy stuff or milk.

(Karen) #133

I spoke to my GP this morning, i thought perhaps a blood test would show up with a virus but he said it probably wouldnt, ’ he said that with my current Stroke like symptoms which are presenting as more Front lobal symptoms if it had been a stroke it would have shown up on the ct scan…whereas the stroke in the cerabella which i had last time wouldn’t have been shown on a ct. So from that he thought i could trust the stroke consultant. But everyone keeping an eye on me. Just hate these symptoms… i feel so clumsy and i hate not being able to speak correctly. Plus crying at the drop of a hat is such a nuisance.


Another humid zombie day… And I forgot about this wonderful invention we have, the A/C… That is the problem with mind affecting problems, I am not in a good enough shape to find the solution or something that mitigates the effect.

I fried my pork, didn’t eat much of it as I got hungry way earlier and ate whatever else I had: eggs, leftover sausage, sponge cake with smoked raw pork belly fat and many coffees with egg milk. My pre-lunch happened at 13:30, my normal is in the usual time, 3pm. I ate as much as I could, absent-mindedly… And I got a stop sign. Now I am full. I usually dislike being full, yes it lowers my already low energy even more but it’s still nice now after I had satiation troubles lately… Tracking says I ate almost but not quite enough so I will get hungry later (my body is simple like that). Sigh. Hopefully it will be all good. I dislike tiny extra meals, they rarely are effective. But we will see, now I am fine satiation wise.

Tomorrow is meat soup day! :smiley: Lots of chicken and pork for a soup made from bones :wink:

The little guinea pig we have for a while eats her leaves like no tomorrow. I had to get more and did exactly that during my walk.
And her owner (Alvaro’s Mom) phoned, she got 3kg lean pork for me, it’s on a huge sale in the city now. That’s good, there is still a very low amount limit for that stuff so we can’t even get much when we do our shopping. I buy some from different supermarkets but not all has it right (package, price, they run out…). And as I wrote several times, I prefer the fattier slabs in LIDL… The local one is way leaner. I can add fat, even fat tissue but that’s not as good.

(Robin) #135

Well, you are allowed to be emotional. It’s scary stuff!

Sometimes life jumps up and reminds us we are mere mortals.
BUT… you have so much good happening in your health. All that work will help you get through this.


It’s just no good that you have those symptoms. It’s one of those one step at a time times, maybe? It’s good to have the concerned watchers, I think. It is.

(Karen) #137

Well it is quite coincidential but my nephew has just had a brain infection 3 weeks ago… had similar symptoms to what i’ve got and has just recovered and done some hill/mountain walking! He had posted it on fb today. He lives down in Devon so i only catch up with what is happening in his life on fb. Gives me hope.

Food …

(Judy Thompson) #138

@Karen18 hope all this is sorted and you’re back to normal soon! Your food is amazing, I could fall into it.
@Geezy56 I got pork belly but may throw it in the freezer for awhile with life ramping up the way it is right now. Looking forward to trying out the meat slicer to see if it works. My bacon will be very plain. The kind a carnivore wishes she could buy in the store but can’t. Salt, most likely, is all I’ll use, just like the rest of my meat.

Today my ice cream was even better because I added a pinch of salt, then put the finished dessert into a cup already loaded with a shot of espresso. This was cream, 2 eggs, vanilla and a pinch of salt for the 2 of us.

@Fangs college separation anxiety! Very sweet. Proof you’ve done a good job raising her!
@Shinita Guinea pigs are fun. Congrats!

I’ve been eating eggs and grassfed burger most of the time, till hubby finishes those pork ribs. Tomorrow night I’ll sous vide a chicken to eat this weekend.
Made dog food this morning, it’s so quick now in the food processor. Also found out Mimsy loves my ice cream. She got a little bowl of it too.
Started the 24 hour yogurt, and though I don’t actually eat more than a bite while making his smoothies, it’s much better without the lactose.

(Geoffrey) #139

I smoked my bacon this morning and I’ll slice it tomorrow.
I made this version carnivore friendly. No sugars or sweetener. Just salt, pepper and curing salts.
When rinsing off the pork belly after the cure the black pepper is removed.
Since this batch was my first to not use any sugar I wanted to test the saltiness so after the rinse I sliced off an end piece and fried it up. It wasn’t bad but it was a tad salty so I soaked it in a water bath to draw some of it out. I then smoked it and tomorrow, when I’m slicing it, I’ll try it again and let you know how the finished product came out.

Meanwhile, my noon meal was eggs and smoked lamb chop. Yum, yum.

Got hungry just a little bit ago but didn’t feel like fixing anything so I just heated up some roasted chicken and slathered it in butter. That the only way I can make it half way satisfying.

(Judy Thompson) #140

Yes I better stash the pork belly in the freezer. Didn’t realize about the curing salt! Just ordered it. Probably 2 weeks before I can get to it.
Your food looks fantastic!