No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023


(Judy Thompson) #101

I was just there for 6 weeks in 1975. But I did go to the BX.

(Geoffrey) #102

Ahhh, now in 75 I was going through basic training at Ft. Polk in Louisiana.


@Fangs always said eat in this way until you feel satisfied.

Last night I ate two scotch fillet steaks. I probably could have stopped at about one and a half. It was about 650g beef in one meal. I pan fried them in butter.

Saw the doctor yesterday as I have had gradually worsening knee pain over a few weeks. They noted I had lost some weight. I hadn’t noticed, and they were further impressed to the point of puzzled by my unexpected great results form the cardiologist. The doc pressed my knees and said it was arthritis. I asked, what type? He reckons osteoarthritis. But I think he hasn’t listened to the history. I’ll go for X-rays. They will find arthritis. I was a football player. Meantime the best approach not advised by the doc is to eat as clean as possible. Aches and pains are rare on this way of eating. So, when they show up, they are very motivational.

3 egg omelette in butter for breakfast times, beef bone broth for amino acids and salt. Cheese, sometimes. But not holding to plan well while at work. So, can improve there. The food environment on a university campus is crap.

Beach walk today with Mrs. Bear and Billie the Labrador. Apparently sore joints need to be kept moving. Mrs.Bear is a yoga instructor with multiple science degrees.

(Judy Thompson) #104

“Meantime the best approach not advised by the doc is to eat as clean as possible. Aches and pains are rare on this way of eating.”
When I started ZC in Jan 2022 my arthritis was pretty bad, hubby said “I can’t stand to see you gimping around here.” For sciatica I was applying Lidocaine patches every night and there were many nights the bed was too hard and I ended up on the soft leather couch to ease the pain.
I can’t honestly say there’s no arthritis left (even Dr. Chaffee says you can’t regrow cartilage), without the inflammation, the crippling arthritis symptoms are pretty much a thing of the past. I take gabapentin and a muscle relaxant for sciatica at night, but no other meds ever. Docs will never get this. But we know!
Very impressive about Mrs Bear and her multiple science degrees! With my nursing school background (and Dr Google :rofl:) I’m the “Dr” in this house. Hubby hasn’t had a checkup since he retired from the Army in 2001,and we’ve gotten him through some tough times!

Yesterday morning I took the pork spareribs out of the sous vide box and ate one. Yummy and tender but am hour later, Big D with cramping, I don’t think I digest heavy fats well… Family history of gall bladder disease and lots of cholesysectomies… Not me and never me! But I run into high fat issues time and again.

So for lunch I had the 2 leftover chicken thighs

and will be enjoying grassfed burger while hubby makes his way thru this tray of ribs!

@Geezy56 You were at Ft. Polk! We played Barksdale AFB many times, near Shreveport.

(Judy Thompson) #105

@Geezy56 I did copy out your bacon recipe… I’ll buy the belly this Monday at HEB. I don’t have a deep fryer so probably will get the trimmed if they have it.

(Geoffrey) #106

Excellent. I think you’ll enjoy it.


I am at a total loss about people’s statements regarding gall blader and fats. I had my gallbladder out some 30 years ago. I eat a LOT of fat, every day. All animal fats, and more than needed probably, I don’t count. I have started to like my bacon soft fried, leaving a lot of the fat intact. I like smothering everything in butter and fatty cheeses. I eat all the fat that comes with my meat, and I buy the fatty cuts. I am yet to encounter an issue, 3 years into this woe.

(Judy Thompson) #108

Before you had the cholecystectomy, did you have a sensitivity to fats?


I don’t really know. I had gall stones backed up in the gall bladder, one exceptionally huge. I was sick, sick, sick when I went to the hospital. I just woke up super sick and ready to die. I had IBS since I was a teen, and it didn’t stop until Keto some 3 years ago. I ate fats that were buried in carbs up until then, not actual animal fats. If I was sensitive to fats, I would not have known. I ate willy nilly. I was morbidly obese.

(Geoffrey) #110

I know that prior to having my gallbladder out in 97 I had no gastrointestinal issues other than a bout of peritonitis one time.
But after it was removed I developed IBS. I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say that I carried t-paper in every vehicle including my motorcycle. My system would range from one end of the spectrum to the other and rarely in between. All of my research showed that this could be common among people without gallbladders. Many of my friends had no issues with it and some did.
After I quit eating Adkins I ate whatever I wanted and I never watched my fat intake nor my carb intake. So, were my issues related to my fat consumption, carb consumption, combination of both, who knows? I always figured it was because of my fat intake and not having a gallbladder to help regulate things. The only thing I can come up with now is that we are all built different and everything affects us in our own personal way.
The one thing that I do know for certain is that because of this WOE I have been completely cured of all intestinal issues including crohn’s.


Well, I had IBS since I was a teen and went to a boarding school, totally different diet from back home. I was slender then. My diet back home was more fatty than boarding school. I really don’t know, all I know is that now I have no gall bladder for a long time, and since Keto, my IBS has completely gone. And I love animal fats and eat them galore.

(Judy Thompson) #112

In the year and a half of ZC I’ve had more issues with d than ever… I seem to nail it down to fatty meats like brisket and pork shoulder but still hope to strengthen that organ with this woe. I have to believe my ability to handle fats has improved.

Growing up I was heavy but chronically constipated. I followed keto for 10 years before carnivore, but never had an issue with d until I started this.

At the beginning of ZC I did not have a solid bm for 60 days. I can relate to @Geezy56 's carrying tp everywhere!


I have a much bigger issue today - which should I have for dinner? A huge, well marbled ribeye or a huge, fatty country rib? I need help! :ox: :pig2:

(Geoffrey) #114

That’s a tough choice. I say go for both.


THIS! and what I love about your statement…you just ate what the body wanted. there was no, hmm, I am craving more food in a bad way, or I wanted to eat crap so I ate more meat, or any part of that statement was just SO natural Carnivore lifestyle. Just a normal day with a normal zc meal and ya wanted a bit more so you had at it and felt wonderful wtih no guilt trip from some dieting plan nightmare. Love this FB!

Great post!! Sorry on the arthritis kicking in, darn sure I got some of it happening a bit now too. I got one big toe that is arthritic and I sure feel it in it LOL darn toe, cut that off and I would be wonderful…well, few aches in the knees and joints but manageable, lucky that is all heading into year 62 fro this ol’ gal HA

==========SO MOVE in day for Uni went well. easy peasy, but stressful but her dorm room is great.

so next morning, crack of dawn she opens up the rv door, scares the hell out of me, and is basically starting to cry saying ‘she can’t do this’ and wants US to move up near the college to be near her and blah blah. I handled that best I could HA omg, crazy…so got her back to dorm after a while and we leave today to go home and leave her at college and will see how today goes. Her roommate moved in last night late but I think the roommate will now help her adjust. first night she had no roommate to chat with so I think that lonliness kicked her butt. AHHH, she is having it hard and so am I but tough love and suck it up buttercup comes into play here for all of us :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Will see how today goes.

holding zc easily. ate some chick wings out. eh, ok and did the trick but hmm, ate some naked cheeseburgers out as usual. zc food less than stellar but now my mind is get home, flash fry a honkin’ big azz ribeye steak and chill out :slight_smile:

keep on carnivore…best lifestyle as we all know here!!




Too late. I reached into the fridge blindly and pulled out the pork. It was very nice. Steak tonight!

I couldn’t possibly have eaten all of both, and while it’s still nothing to sneeze at, I always pity leftover steak. Fresh it’s just soooo juicy. Looking forward to it for tonight.

(Robin) #118

Have you tried magnesium citrate in water or tea or coffee. Keeps me regular and you can adjust the amount till you find your happy place.

(Judy Thompson) #119

Citrate… Is a laxative.

I take mg glycinate.


Glycine is the ‘sweet’ amino acid. it’s also very good for arthritic pain as it is part of the cartilage matrix, it’s a building block for joint repair.

I take magnesium citrate mainly. The citrate is to minimise the risk of Calcium oxalate crystals and kidney stones. I did that once, passed a kidney stone, and that pain experience will last a lifetime. It is the only time that I took OxyContin. Still have half a packet somewhere. Never finished the prescription. Yes, magnesium citrate can act as a laxative. That attribute can be used to advantage.

I’m pretty sure it is fine to say diarrhoea in polite company. In the King’s English it has a nice diphthong, unlike the way Mr. Webster spelled it in the USA.

Last night I ate something called a “monster steak”. It was about two inches thick and the size of dinner plate. It tasted more like steak than monster.