No Angst Animal August - 31 day Carnivore Challenge - 2023



Sometimes simple takes the prize. I diced the left-over rotisserie chicken breast, added a little water, and stuck it in the micro. It’s delicious. You could call it chicken soup, but it’s solid chicken, barely covered with broth. So good.

(Geoffrey) #82

Well now you’ve got to tell me what school.
I went to John Jay, class of 74.

(Geoffrey) #83

Made my pig skin cracklins today.
I started off rendering the fat down but it was really starting to stick to the pot no matter how much I stirred them so I put them in the oven at 500° for about 20 minutes to finish rendering then I deep fried them in lard at 400° to make them pop and get crunchy.

Good snacks

(Karen) #84

Gosh 23 posts … sorry folks i have scrolled quickly down just catching the great pics you’ve been posting.

The something snd nothing throaty business became a cough last night though i did manage to get some sleep. I cancelled todays CrossFit, though it was a hard decision as it looked great but trying to be kind to myself and the coughing eased off by this afternoon… just sporadic bouts into the evening. Feel better than yesterday. Did a covid test which was negative…thought it would be and that it was just a common cold n cough. I have been praying a lot for healing and i guess He has been answering as per usual! Feeling loved :slightly_smiling_face:

Meals yeaterday and today…

2 additions to the garden courtesy of Lidl


Your lilies are always so pretty… I want such ones myself now. I have lilies but scrawnier ones. Grandma’s garden had these very majestic ones, they were white with those adorable lil dark dots…

(Judy Thompson) #86

You’re my sister’s age. I graduated MacArthur 1970.

(Judy Thompson) #87

@Karen18 Incredible flowers and beautiful food! You may be sick but it’s not affecting your appetite for dinner OR beauty in nature :heart_eyes:

(Judy Thompson) #88

@Geezy56 beautiful cracklins!

(Geoffrey) #89

Well I’ll be, that’s too cool. We were in the same district then. Northside Independent. There was Jay, Mac and Holmes. Rivals.
Small world.

(Judy Thompson) #90

@Geezy56 Mac is in NE, I can’t remember the other schools - I went to Roosevelt for 1 semester in 10th grade, then we bought a house off Perrin-Beitel. Just after you get off 35S onto Loop 410.

Not THAT far though!

(Karen) #91

Not much affects my appetite lol… except Covid and when i was taken into Hospital with my Stroke! :wink:


I fried up more than 1000g nicely fatty pork (but cut off more than 500g mostly fat tissue, it was super fatty this time!), I go for simplicity at lunch today! Let’s see if I can get satiated and satisfied eating JUST this lovely dish. Maybe 1-2 eggs or coffee with egg milk if I can’t help myself, it would be still unusually good from me :smiley:

It’s still hopelessly undercooked on average (far from raw though :wink: it IS very much edible already) but several little pieces are completely crunchy and a deep warm color so I will only warm it up, maybe a tad more frying and eat the crunchy parts first :slight_smile: The rest will get another round. Yum.
It’s the last of my meat until who knows when so I won’t try to get satiated only by meat all day. That will be a nice experiment for another day - but I want a bigger variety for it anyway.


@JJFiddle, yea, that is kinda it, I do feel like I am not that center of the universe anymore, kinda sad huh? but like ya said I fully expect that to go away and I will be happy as a clam in my full on retirement while the kiddo starts ‘it all’ about being a real ol’ grown up LOL,ahh,
political stuff, that is something our family wont chat much about, it is a killer for sure. yikes. I get ya on that.

-----------------FAST UPDATE

We are at Uni. Moving kiddo into dorm today at 12.
It is here.

when home in a few days I will be back on the thread chatting away as I did thru the years. I feel SO behind with ya’ll :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Eating is zc fine. Feel zc wonderful still.

(Judy Thompson) #94

@Fangs You rock! So great to hear from you. Good luck with school, the dorm, etc. Joy and tears!


So happy to hear from you! I hope moving kiddo into the dorm goes well!!! Hugs!!! SB

(Geoffrey) #96

I stand corrected. It’s been so long. Lol.
I do know your area though. I grew up in the Meadow Village / Valley High area right outside Lackland AFB.
It’s so good to connect with you.


Good luck to both of you, Fangs! :smiley: I am looking forward to see you more here :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I broke my personal record and ate ~684g pork, fried. (I could have easily eaten more but I will need the leftovers later and it should have been enough.) With a half hour break, it’s odd sometimes, I feel I had enough but I need to resume eating real soon, I am used to multiple course meals, maybe that’s why…?
But I am not hungry anymore, not satiated either and I surely need some more food to call it a day, I plan a few eggs. My appetite is lowish nowadays so I just ate because I was hungry (quite much at 3pm when Alvaro arrived… with 50 eggs, yay!), the pork was nice as always but not as spectacular as typically. Good enough.

I barely had any meat left - and I deleted a few paragraphs here as things got non-carnivore there. Though I wrote much about the meat situation here… My usual ways are off until Tuesday. But I still have some meat… Not enough until then, most probably but it’s August and Alvaro has some too tempting plans involving some tasty, protein rich, meaty, carby food so I just go somewhat off for the weekend. But who knows what my body will accept? Whatever, my stomach is full with pork so I am very content now, leaving future’s potential troubles to tomorrow! (It will be fine, one way or another.)

(Judy Thompson) #98

Lackland is where I went to basic. Amazing I didn’t see you!

(Geoffrey) #99

I was there all the time. Swam at the pool with the swim team “Aqua Brats”, went to to movies, delivered pizza for Caparelli’s and did most of my shopping at the BX. I even worked at Wilford Hall Medical Center while studying medicine.
Big place and in training you don’t get around much.
I hope to be able to meet you in person someday.


150g protein for today, somewhat less fat. Okay. But I really hope I will reach OMAD or do it a tad more balanced, my dinner was super tiny… Such things are way worse for satiation than just eating everything at once. But alas, I can’t do that every day. But it works sometimes.
Meat was 690g (I ate a bit of dry sausage too ;)).

I feel nice with a full enough belly now. I consider today a success eating wise. (Even though I drank too many coffees from the morning until the evening. Very tiny ones. With mascarpone and sometimes egg milk.)

I will come back in some days. Do what I can until then, maybe I can get some non-smoked meat tomorrow! I imagine a particularly eggy, cheesy weekend otherwise. No matter how much I can eat from Alvaro’s dish, I need lots of carni or close carni food too…
(The results of my carnivore-ish times are quite apparent on my off days nowadays.)